Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"An Expanding World"

"As Heart Energy expands, the vibratory pitch of your planet will rise.  If your physical vibration reaches a certain level, and your body remains intact, pre-designed software programs will install themselves, and begin working within your consciousness.  These programs are sourced from a balanced mixture of "mind and emotion," though it may not seem so.  For many of you, the expression of emotion seems quite foreign.  In fact, it's downright scary!  The opening up of these energy centers will make some of you feel as though you're going crazy.  In truth, you are simply being reborn--pecking your way out of the ancient, primordial "egg."  You're not cracking up, you're breaking out!

The outworking of this process will look different for each person.  Its effects, however, will be quite similar.  Some or all of the symptoms of Global Acceleration Syndrome may be in effect.  You'll go to doctors, and they won't know what to tell you (unless they are opening up in their consciousness as well).  If you can get relief by visiting doctors or other health care practitioners, do so. Everything about this unfoldment is timed.  Let your intuition tell you which counsel to follow, which treatments to allow. Avoid applying labels to your condition, even though doctors tend to do this. Seek help for as long as you feel you need it, and then let it go. We are speaking about NEW BIRTH here, not diagnoses and treatments.  All disease processes are Gateways to Transformation.  When a newborn babe is ready to come forth from the womb, all restraints to that process are thrown by the wayside. All you can do is let it happen!  

The Three Commitments will be of great help to you during this time.  Follow them as far as your heart takes you.  Stay Free, Stay in the Moment, and Follow Your Energy.  You are now, or soon will be connecting multidimensionally.  Each moment is a world unto itself.  Though it seems to belong to some pre-set sequence of past-present-future, those images and memories are only there to embellish and stimulate that moment in a particular direction. They give color and texture to your NOW, like frames give character to the pictures that are hung within them.  

Each sequence of events that is started in the Now Moment will be completed, somewhere within the Multiverse.  You don't have to fret that efforts will be wasted, or friendships will be lost.  It all goes on, and expands into every destined end.  Just keep your eye on the next step, and let the Multiverse handle all the details.  There is a place in the Multiverse where you will be able to review every possible/probable sequence, in detail, and find out how all the story plots work out.  It's all there for you, when the timing is right.  Trust that, and learn to let go."

"All One Again, Naturally"

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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