By Daniel Jacob

'The eye with which I see God is the same eye with which God sees me'
~ Meister Eckhart ~


We're now "in the soup" again..........with some more Planetary Activations.  This will take us all the way through to almost mid-April.  And the hot plate is going to get hotter!  I would particularly draw your attention to where people are right now in the area of RELATIONSHIPS.  This carries some real picture lessons for us all.  
I am watching some interesting trends, whereby people are either charging forward into Relationships or they are pulling back (big time)......into a monastery or convent!  This is all part of the grounding/stabilizing effect that is needed with these new tones that are coming onto the Earth at this time.  No move is "right or wrong"..........they just are what they are.  We'll all be intuitively led to go and do what we need to get done.  Assuming a WATCHER SELF position, as the process unfolds, will give us a balanced perspective about how it's all playing out, at many levels.   In the meantime, many other internal "selves" may be jumping up and down--going through act and react--as we continue down this road.  If we choose, we can just notice them, integrate them, embrace them, and move forward. Or, we can bring in lots of drama, if we like.     

At the root of these Relationship conundrums, feels to be the urge to merge--which signifies that humanity is really moving into a 4D Interface.  We're approaching what is called The Eye of the Needle.  Many of you have been through it countless times.  You know how hard it is to get a thread through those things, right?  Well.....we can't get into 4D as a "group," even a really great group of two.  We can only go in as a Unified Oneself.  This means that, even though physical protocol still represents the Old Paradigm of "partners"...........(i.e.  "I'll play this part, and you play that part.")........there are really only WHOLENERS that are able to make this journey.

When I speak about "humanity," I am speaking about the Mass Consciousness.  I realize that there are many individuals who are doing this, and have been doing this, for some time now.  But the Mass Mind is just about to embrace it, and that will produce a tremendous upsurge for everyone.  We'll all be in the same Multidimensional Ship, and we'll be there consciously, as a whole. 

Even as some people are leaping forward into "committed relationships," others are working with the idea of polyamory (loving more than one person at the same time), and integrating multiple dances to their growth party.  In some cases, this is turning into the all the various "fragments" duke it out, and jockey for the lead position in the dance troupe. 

The thing that we must remember here is.........We are ALL ONE.  The desire to separate, either as an individual or as a couple, is very great at this time.  Many are saying to themselves---"I'm tired of this.  I want to go home."  To them, the idea of "home" might be a solitary island somewhere.  Or, it could be the sheltering embrace of another's arms.  Ultimately, home will show itself to be an internal energy "setting," whereby we realize that everything and everyone is part of who we are.  The Guides speak of this as the last, great "grounding cord" that will be used during the experience of Astral Travel. 


As we go through these next phases of our journey, The Reconnections invite us to begin looking at everything and everyone as a mirror of self.  Move internal with applying your meanings, not external.  Try to shift from wondering "What do I mean to him?" to......."What does all this mean about me?"  After all even HE is just a mirror of a part of you, yes?  In this way, we will be properly using the physical plane--as a microscope, a PRISM---instead of a prison.

The passion levels are high, and that's very good.  We need this kind of passion to invoke the highest amount of energy that we can get into our Now Moment Vehicle.  The engines are whirring, and the velocity is starting to climb.  We're doing it, folks! 

Here is what the Guides have to say concerning what they call "The Intimate Interface."  It's a healthy review for us at this time:

An "Intimate Interface" is produced through an weaving together of Separation Awareness and Conscious Reconnection.  Within it, a person exists, quite literally, between two worlds.  You get to *feel* what its like to be two separate people, even as you *know* that you are one.  We are not just talking philosophy here.  We are describing vivid, experiential bonding that can only be achieved when you have recognized and opened some of the powerful perceptual software that has already been downloaded into you.  In other words, this state of joy is available to you all, right now.    


We have already said that, in fragmentation, there is a dividing up of abilities and attributes between two distinct personalities.  It is as though you opened your wallet, took out half your money, and gave it to your friend.  When it comes time to pay all the bills, some funds must be contributed by each partner, if all the bases are going to be covered.  So it is with an Intimate Interface.  


When you stand and face your dance partner (any partner, in physical space), what you *see there* is a reflection of the fragment which is you.  It is your mirror image.  What that person appears to need, is what you need to give to yourself.  When you do that, the mirror changes.  The effect or tone of what he or she is wearing, is instantly applicable to you.  Anything that appears there has a meaning, if you wish to know it.  A little bit of imagination, and a clear exercise of creative metaphor will take you a long way in this regard. 


When all the visual assessment is done, you become ready to turn your attention inward, to your feelings.  When you are in Intimate Interface with your Other, what you *feel in your body* belongs to them, not you.  Understanding this crucial insight will immediately answer alot of problems some of you are having with certain relationships.  We are speaking about true empathic connection here.  Their hurts have become your hurts.  Their desires, in that moment, are your desires.  In fact, there may even be some clear comprehensions, when in the Interface, that involve desires or feelings your partner never knew were there.  Living in physical reality can distract a person.  Or, perhaps that individual has developed a kind of sensory "blind spot" regarding that subject.  


An Intimate Interface is a great gift you can give to him or her, if you share what you receive in a compassionate and tactful way.  And, as we have emphasized, a gift given to your "Other" is a gift given to Self.  You must remember, when you merge with another being at this depth, you have entered into the "Holy of Holies."   Behave that way.  Be respectful.  Move slowly, sharing only what seems constructive and/or indicated by your own inner guidance.  We speak here, half in Separation and half in Oneness.  This is the nature of the Intimate Interface.  


Should both partners be asleep in Separation, what would be mirrors for them become windows---allowing the awareness to dissipate out into space.   However, they still have plenty of reason to interact.  Others, not related to the Dance itself, can utilize the mirrors---interpreting what is seen there from a very empowering "third person" position.


Is it any wonder that, when two people are locked in a "conflict" of viewpoints, one of them is frequently overheard to say:   "Are you putting me on?"   Deep down they both know that the answer is a resounding:   "Yes!"   You're literally WEARING each other.


Technically, there can never be a conflict of viewpoints.   There is only a single viewpoint, that has failed to integrate and allow for its Other.  With the gradual arrival of Reconnection Processing, humankind will obtain a growing understanding of the real reason why you all struggle, the real reason why you don't have harmony in your perceived universe:  You have been doing battle with yourself.  


The Gift of  Relationship is to create a space where a Oneself can "come apart"---vividly experience what his differences are---and then pull himself back together again.   This is the Dance of Two As One.   It's a thrill a minute, and well-worth the effort. In days to come, our inner connection with you can expand these concepts into a powerful, workable re-framing of your entire world.  Your appreciation of your various Separations (your "Others") can be continually grounded and focused by a regular exposure to Oneness Processing.  The thrill of the Game of Separation can delight you, but it no longer needs to overwhelm you."


My friend Allie, the marvelous Star Child in Spielberg's "Taken," has a great turn on this process.  She says: 


"Why do people want so desperately not to be alone? Why is it more comforting to think you are being watched than to know that no one at all is watching? And why, really, does that make us any less alone? In the end, if there are others out there, then wouldn’t we be, all of us, still alone together?"

Regardless of where we are, or who we're with.........our trip through the Eye of the Needle will require us to be as alone as we were the day we were born, and as we'll be on the day we nod off in personal transition.  But as we do it, do you think we might set an intention to reconnect with our world, before we can, as Allie says, be alone together? 


Enjoy your day.  Enjoy the sharin' o' the green! 


March 17, 2004, St. Patrick's Day.