Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Falling-Apart World"

 My Dear Friends,

"With regard to your daily walk and is important to remember that "falling apart" is the main process that is underway on Planet Earth at this time.  Transforming Beings all over the planet are doing it, in order to rid themselves of the effort and focus that has glued their attention into the world system (The "Matrix" if you will......) and has kept them from dancing and playing in spirit......with the soul of a Magical Child.

The three areas of primary disruption at this time are: health, finance, and relationships. Most people are deeply involved in holding together one or more of these areas. And if your CORE SELF is ready to reconnect with everything and will be busy about the tasking of SHAKING YOURSELF LOOSE from the "death grip" you hold (or that holds you) way of obligations to family, bills, reputation, social obligations, and such.

There is no one to "blame" for your situation, as it appears before you now. It is simply the result of your own inner resolve to LET GO......which is often quite difficult under favorable situations. So you attract in uncomfortable situations which make things HEAT UP inside......until finally your HUMAN WILL becomes ready to focus itself more into NOW.......and discover the DEPTH OF DESIRE which lurks underneath all these obligations.

Once the "responsible" and/or "addicted" will is shaken loose, it is important to spend time connecting to your ORGANIC CENTER.........body and a guide for your next moves here on the Earth. Use your body like a Geiger Counter, as you search for the "radiance" that will inspire your future. Move towards that which energizes and excites you, whether or not there seems to be any financial reward or prestige in it. Move away from those things which deaden you, even if it means breaking long-standing ties with individuals you care about. You don't have to eliminate them from your life. Simply find new formats for relating to them so the "deadness" is removed, and revitalization is returned to the relationship. It is hard to make a case for being in a place or a relationship if there is no energy moving there.

In the beginning stages, you will need to grant yourself considerable time which you can sort out the feelings and impulses in your Geiger Counter. Make no permanent commitments until you allow for this. Otherwise, your sense of perspective may still be somewhat distorted by the Old Paradigm thinking. You must be brutally honest with yourself about the difference between what is really important to you and what has been installed there, as social responsibility. Once you've given yourself this time may be surprised with the results. Some energies will establish themselves as TRULY IMPORTANT........even if you have previously judged them as "weights" around your neck.....while others that once seemed so bright...... suddenly grow dim, as the REBELLION ENERGY of WILLFUL LIVING is released.

As the process continues, and everyone begins to LET GO.......Love proves itself to be the easiest, most merciful energy of all.  It demands TRUTH and AUTHENTICITY........which is ever and only present in the NOW MOMENT. All truth lasts but for a moment, you know........ and then it is replaced by NEW truth.  And he or she who tries to hang onto yesterday's truth, like yesterday's manna.....will find themselves with a bellyache......because it has grown stale and/or rotten in their hands.

 Let the gifts of your heart lead the way, and all other, wealth, love, and affection.......will assume their proper perspective. Don't be afraid to work with your hands, or move yourself the call to economic opportunity is one way that prophets and healers are directed to their next spiritual tasks.

We are available to you 24 hours a day. Simply reach for us and we will be there, in whatever form you require. Be patient, be truly HONEST with yourself in all things. What others think of you is simply a projection of their own process into your living space. If you run your life to maintain their favor, you will always find yourself living in circles. You are not THEM, and they are not YOU..........not in the 3D space anyway. Beyond that, all are ONE. But is important to be 100% the reflections you bring each other are original and authentic, rather than plastic concoctions of your "socialized" self.

There are many bumps and pitfalls up ahead! But you are growing wings, and will be able to fly long before you fall seriously into them.  

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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