Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"Families of the Heart"


My Dear Friends:

It is beginning.  Humanity is now awakening into The Age of Conscious Choice.  Your Veil of Forgetfulness wears quite thin at this time. Though the obligations and struggles of your former estate are not entirely gone--their intense domination over your time and attention recedes more with each passing day.

The nuclear family continues to explode.  We do not mean to sound facetious here, but a little humor often serves to soften a blow.  We speak, of course, about your definition of "family" that derives itself from connection through marriage, bloodline, political or religious tradition, and ancestry.  

In truth, these elements do have power, and will continue to hold power.  But their value exists primarily within the implicate order that they have provided for your life in 3D.  You might think of them as givens or starting equations that make up the "rules" for your Grand Game.  As such, they have served you well.  But, by no means, were they meant to dictate your entire physical journey.  

For every implicate order there must also be a voluntary commitment to nourish and support it.  Where there is no conscious choice, there is no genuine love.  There is only a sense of obligation and heaviness.  Though these qualities do provide a rudimentary sense of security and grounding, they often stand directly in the way of a person moving beyond his heritage into a whole new area of achievement and personal realization.   

It does take a village to raise a child.  And it does take a village to meet the emotional and sociological needs of those who live in society.  Humanity is getting to the place where you can no longer pretend otherwise.    

Mandates will continue to arise to officially accept same-sex marriages throughout the U.S. and in many key areas of the world.  To some extent, this topic will eventually define civilization as you know it.  Those who learn to embrace ALL FORMS that genuine love connections choose to take will flourish and begin to breathe again.  Those who do not will eventually wither and die.

The key confrontation here is not really with the issue of homosexuality, though it will seem so. Underlying this emphasis on the honoring of same-sex marriage rests a great need humanity now has to remove the "religious overtones" that have been wrapped around marriage for the last 2000 years.       

Any successful "marriage"--whether it be a merge of business partners, living partners, project participants, players of team sports, or whatever--needs to be built upon common goals, common circumstance, and a common perspective.  When your sense of commonality departs, the marriage is over--whether or not the official partnership has been dissolved.  In some cases, what is being called a "marriage union" in your society energetically bears resemblance to a person who has died, but has refused to fall down.     

There is a reason that "God and Government" need to be separate in society.  For the last 2000 years, religion has largely been a divider of peoples, not a unifier of them.  That is because your relationship to God/Goddess/All That Is was designed to be a personal connection, not a corporate one. This has always been true of marriage as well.  In fact, successful marriages--ones that are kept vital and current--will eventually become the only government you will ever need.  More will be said about this in days to come.        

A mandate for the acceptance of gay marriage brings all of this to the forefront, and opens the door for some powerful sharing indeed, among the Earth's peoples, focused upon what a marriage is really supposed to be.  This is most excellent, because it will open your eyes to what the institution of marriage has become.  Changes in society and personal commitment will begin to shift rapidly at that point.  

There are many more things we could tell you about "Families of the Heart" to comfort you about the days ahead.  But indeed, some of you may not be comforted at all!  Hang onto your hats.  There are great changes coming, if your vibrations are to be sufficiently transmuted to take you consciously through "The Eye of the Needle" and into the Fourth Dimension.  Many of these changes will express themselves in how you "do business" in the 3D World of Form.   MORE



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