Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Feeling Stuck?"


My Dear Friends,

May he or she, for whom this message is intended, have ears to hear, and a heart to open!    

Feeling stuck in your life?  Frustrated?  Do you feel like you're going down for the third time?  

You are not stuck.  You are constrained.  There are unseen forces, holding you steady, as you continue to run a new kind of energy.  This energy is ONENESS............with everything and everyone.  It is a divine connection, being hosted in a human shell.  You chose to bring this through¹, long before you came into being.  Now is your time to fulfill that agreement.

Oneness Energy is powerful enough to burn up your nervous system if you try to be separated and willful.  This is the case with many  patients, suffering from nervous disorders today.  They are very willful........very determined people.  They want what they want when they want it.  You have to give that up, if you ever hope to make it through this.  In its place, there must be in God, Spirit, the Universe..........whatever you choose to call it.  Reach out for us, we will assist you. 

It is not possible for you to move forward, in EGO...........and make any progress.  The constraining forces will block your movement at every turn.  The power to be willful has been taken away from you.   If you keep trying to access it, you'll only end up hurting yourself more. It IS possible for SPIRIT to get you through this.  The same unseen forces that hold you steady can and will lift you up, out of your pits of despair. They just need to know that you won't use your power willfully...............out of ego.......rather than faithfully, from a place of trust and allowing.

You're living in a whole new world now.  The old life, with loved ones and hopes and dreams........will remain forever in the archives of All That Is. But now you are in THIS NEW LIFE...........and going back over those old lives......regretting or analyzing.... will not offer you any comfort here.

If you continue struggling, you'll find that life is like one of those little Chinese finger puzzles......the more you try and pull your finger out of the sheath, the more it clings to you.  Or, like quicksand......the more you wiggle to get yourself out of the hole, the faster you sink.

Look for new ways to do things.  Go inward.  Continue reading this Web Site.   Let the tones of the writings flow over you, even if they don't seem to make sense at the time.   Ask questions......we'll do our best to answer.  So will your world.  And FLOW with things........trusting that the answers will come, from whatever source.  Ask yourself WHAT you want, and WHY.......even as you let go of HOW you will get it.   If action is indicated, take it.  Move forward, as circumstances open before you.  If doors close, don't try to break through them.  Sometimes, you must spend time living in the question---letting go of the need to control, the need to understand.  During those periods, you may find that you'll benefit greatly if you WAIT, WATCH.......and be still.   

The whole world is going through a spin-cycle right now.  The purpose for that is the complete elimination of willfulness, and re-installation of trust, in the moment.  One day, things will make sense.  It's all there, inside you.   Until then, feel your feelings, take it one day, one moment at a time..........Trust and flow.................

You don't lack power.  You ARE the power.  What you lack is remembrance.  There is nothing wrong with you that complete remembrance will not heal.  More will be revealed.  We won't promise that it will end up all right.  It will simply be what it is, and you will be what you will be.......and that is enough.  More than enough.     

<end transmission>

 ¹ See "Soul Contracts" in the Recon Glossary.  Also, see "How to Figure Stuff Out."

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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