Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Feeling Your Way "

 My Dear Friends,

There are many of you.....more than you know........whose primary modality for spiritual connection is clairsentience---that sensorial connection to Earth and Spirit whose literal translation is "clear feeling." Clairsentience links Spirit primarily to your emotional body, often to the exclusion of other ways of perceiving.   

Some who operate from this gift may occasionally hold themselves as inferior or disconnected, because they can't brag to their friends about Visions of Grandeur, Physical Meetings with Interstellar Beings, Voices from God, or Ghostly Apparitions that move upon the stair.  What they experience is a myriad of expanding SENSATIONS about life, which can often seem quite frustrating and nebulous to them.   

You must remember that "signs" are given only to those who need them---or who have contracted to use their sensational stories as a means for bringing faith to those who cannot yet find it.  You might call them "billboards for spirit."  And that is certainly fine. But the work of the Intuitive Feeler is far more pervasive than that......and it, too, deserves respect.   

Our purpose in writing you today is to counteract this notion---the inferiority/superiority of certain gifts over others---and to encourage you, once again, to embrace fully the person you are, rather than deriding yourself for not being someone else.  Those sensations you experience are actually PEOPLE, unto themselves.  Guides, if you will.  They live and move and have their being IN YOU, as you host them into this dimension.   

Remember, it's ALL YOU---everything and everyone you see and feel---seen or unseen.  Why, then, would you concern yourself about a particular aspect of the "jewel" you inhabit?  Why question the wisdom of focusing on some things but not others?  The 3D experience is all about FOCUS, and about learning to appreciate and integrate specific elements of The Oneself alchemical process which requires VOIDS to be present at some levels of your being so that gifts and powers may be nurtured at other levels, as compensation for what is missing. 

Our definition of ILLUSION is as follows:  "The belief that what is seen, in any physical space, is ALL THERE IS that exists in that space."  If this be so, then there is NO ONE in your 3D universe who can physically manifest all traits and abilities, yet EVERYONE has them, because each of you is Holographic in nature.  What happens to one, happens to all. 


The Sense Modalities to which we are referring are doorways into the 4D Corridor and Beyond.  Sometimes the doors open in one direction, and sometimes they swing both ways.  In other transmissions, we have referred to you as "closets, with two doors." Gateways between worlds.  This brings to mind the story of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe," does it not? 

When you access a Sense Modality........Clairvoyance, for are "cutting and pasting" an image from some other dimension and transferring it HERE to the universe of your current perception.  A door opens, and an image appears on your view screen.  Some people can see them and some cannot.  The distribution of the gifts is according to need and conscious itinerary, not ego aggrandizement. 

A Clairsentient Person is able to penetrate the Veil and gather vast amounts of information into his (or her) sense receptacles--juggling tones, like orbs---examining first this one, and then that one.  The insights that are gleaned come quick, easy, and are amazingly accurate PROVIDED that the reader has confidence in his ability to perceive, and is willing to stand behind his perceptions with conviction, confidence, and clarity. 

Clairsentience moves like fog through a dark and restless night.  It flows beneath doorways, through keyholes, in and around windows.........touching, tasting, intuiting.......gathering sense impressions in tonal batches, rather than images or words. It takes everything in, and holds onto it for some appropriate time when the data can be down-stepped into words or thoughts. 

"In the higher vibrational dimensions, words and thoughts are replaced by clear unbroken tones.  If one picture is worth a thousand words, one tone is worth a million pictures.  They who can hear (or feel) these tones---high above all other sounds--can never be deceived.  Words can be obscured, thoughts can be misconstrued, but in unbroken tones here is no place to hide............."

The key to using this gift to its greatest advantage is using your whole body as an interpreter for the tones. Your sense of physical attraction or repulsion can serve as a guide.  If something draws you in, creating interest and desire, move towards it.  If something pushes you away, realize that BOTH SIDES of the energy stream are sourcing this.  A "no," that is spoken at any level of interaction is being spoken by all, even if it doesn't appear that way.  What you may feel as repulsion may simply be "pricklies" that are being extended out from the other person.  If you honor this, things will go well with you. 

For example.....In Oneness, there is no such thing as unrequited love.  Love that is felt on one side of a relationship is being generated from ALL SIDES, even though it is not always recognized by all.  Whenever love seems to be withheld, it is because those involved are more interested in exploring specific energy dynamics, rather than physically collaborating in 3D space.  In every dance, each manifestation belongs to BOTH.......and whatever dynamic plays itself out belongs to both as well.  There is no "me" and "you."  There is only THE ONESELF, WE. 

Using this knowledge, no one need ever feel "rejected" again.  Your overall worth and lovability, as a being, are never at issue.  Instead, what is being played out is an illustration of how certain energies relate within each "side" of the configuration.  Everything you experience OUT THERE is meant to help you understand more fully what is happening inside you.  The most powerful universal healing a person can generate is to consider the manifestation of SHADOW, as it reveals itself in the physical world, and apply that reflection to self---exploring, if only in a metaphorical way, how that reflection might apply to him or her.  


If we were to view your conscious mind as a City, your Internal Sense Modalities represent Gateways into the heart of that City.  Though all will eventually reach the heart, many will use different paths to get there.

If you are Clairsentient by nature, your whole being is a sensory "womb" of compassion and energy awareness.  Your body resonates with nearly all vibrations circulating through any given space.  You don't examine things with just your eyes or listen with your ears.  You surround them, or climb into them--intuiting what is there from the inside out.  Or, you leave them alone entirely.

Clairsentience is akin to Claircognizance (clear knowing), and will eventually turn into that (as will all Internal Sense Modalities).  However, because this particular branch of the Tree of Knowledge is highly experiential in nature, many choose to focus here for a considerable time---because they need personal intensity to fulfill their journey within the World of Form.

The world in which you live is still not completely "okay" with those who live their lives using feeling as a primary sense orientation.  People are entranced by "logic," and many of them still require "reasons" for everything they say and do. Giving voice to a feeling is so much more expansive than focusing only upon a single concept.  Ideas are "boxes," into which a certain measure of logic is poured. They are neat and concise, and they do have purpose, though they seldom take into account the total environment of the space in which they appear.

There can also be a clear difference between Clairsentience and practicing The Gift of Consolation, since the former is simply a Modality for perceiving while the latter is more of a Life Mission.  People who develop the modality, early in life, frequently do so to protect themselves in hostile home situations. Then, they carry it forward by habit.  Some forget they are even doing it.  Though it is rare to see a Clairsentient who is not a Consoler as well, the situation can occur. 


One of the accumulated powers of Clairsentience is the ability to practice Trans-Physicality, which is an advanced form of what indigenous peoples refer to as "Shapeshifting."  Intuitive Feelers put people on and take them off like coats, using their clear connection to their distinctive "First Person Essence" as a point of comparison for sorting through issues represented by the object of their interest---whether a person, a situation, or a physical locale.

Before they are completely awaken to their power and their importance in the Oneself Body, Clairsentients can experience weaknesses in their energy field, which makes it possible for needy or manipulative folks to pull them into uncomfortable situations.  For this reason, most Clairsentients eventually shut down until such time as they are ready to lay aside their human persona and begin functioning from a more Reconnected Format.

The first question a person must ask, when he or she begins to activate his Sense Modality might be:  "Is this person, object, or place" something I genuinely feel attracted to?"  In it someone or something you want to be with?  Keep in mind that a Clairsentient can FEEL the effects of a "tractor beam," whether or not the person emitting that beam seems desirable. Do you WANT to be there, or do you just think that you "should?" 

The passing of the Piscean Age also signals the passing of SELF-SACRIFICE as a theme for functioning within this paradigm.   We don't do things FOR others, but we can do things AS others--provided there is a genuine need (on our part) for making the exploration.  Look for the words "should" or "ought" in the command line of your motivational center.  If it's there, you are probably being "hacked" by someone outside your core.  The Clairsentient must learn to ignore and remove these cords or he or she will eventually shut down again. 

People absolutely HATE being pitied.  If pity is your motive for feeling into someone, you are functioning from a program of separation and it is probably a good idea to pass on the interaction.  However, if you genuinely resonate with the root vibration of a person or place---whether or not he/she looks or acts like you---then there may be some powerful lessons to learn. 


When you enter into someone's space, do you long to go further or are you inclined to pull back?  If the latter, we would advise you ALWAYS to pull least initially.  In that way, you can reposition your energy to move forward again.  Giving yourself permission to move in and out (like waves against a shore) is an excellent way to cushion your entry, building a bridge of respect between the feeler and the person or object being integrated.  During these powerful transitional times, you will want to clearly establish who is the SUBJECT, and who is the OBJECT.  In artistic parlance, this would be the establishment of what is known as FIGURE and GROUND. 

If what you feel seems too much like yourself, you will tend to be overly subjective in your interpretation of the essence.  If what you feel seems too unlike yourself, you will naturally hold it at a distance, and your impressions will seem too objective.  Getting off-center in either direction can be tenuous in regards to a pure soul connection.  If you're overly subjective, you may project things that really don't apply.  If too objective, you may become cool and dispassionate about what is being experienced---like a scientist in a white lab coat, examining rats in a cage. This is NOT the spirit of Clairsentience.  Respect and Compassion is always the key word here.   

The use of a certain languaging, called "The Oneself, WE" is a helpful addition at this point.  Many doctors do this when they enter a room where a patient is waiting.  They say:  "How are WE feeling today?"  By so doing, they create a rapport between the examiner and the person being examined.  They become a "we" instead of a "you" and a "me."  The energy OPENS, and all that is there can be laid bare.  It is only when the language shifts back to a pointy objectivism that the rapport is shattered.

Clairsentience is an outworking of an ancient spiritual adage:  "Love your neighbor as yourself."  In days past, this powerful concept has been down-stepped somewhat, by shifting the interpretation to "in the same way you want to be loved, that is how you should love your neighbor."  It's a nice idea, but it falls short.

The only way a person can effectively CLIMB INTO a person or place is by BECOMING that person or place.  Love your neighbor AS yourself.  Do you see?  And, once you are there, the decisions or observations that are made would be quite personal, since the two of you are now one.  This can be somewhat confusing if we consider the "subject, object" nature of our discussion so far.  How does a person maintain perspective while in the process of a merge?  Do let us explain. 

If you were in Greenwich, England, you could encounter a wondrous line which separates time zones for the world.  When you are on that line, you are in observance of "Universal Time" which is the gathering point, plus or minus, for hours and minutes on the Universal Clock.  In Clairsentient Connection, there is a place which one might call "Greenwich Mean Mind"......which takes the brightest and best of both YOU and ME and mixes them perfectly into WE.

When two (or more) souls set their consciousness to "Greenwich Mean Mind," .........blending soul, spirit, and emotions......the distinctive effect is the complete removal of DOUBT or FEAR.  As it was once written:  "Perfect love casts out fear."  This is true, and it is exactly what we are referencing.  It is also from this place that Conceptual Reframing becomes most effective. 

To the extent that he is able to effectively sidestep the "you" or the me," a Clairsentient Person can work freely and easily to solve any problem or find any solution.  It's a balancing act, to be sure.  How do I fully comprehend "you" without forgetting "me?"  As the poet Sandburg once put it:  "the fog creeps in on little cat feet."  When people FEEL THEIR WAY, there need be no POINTS of contention.  There is only soul resonance, and the comfort that it always provides. 

In these final days of your transition, let those "little cat feet" be yours.  Avoid pushing yourself, or allowing yourself to be pushed where your Inner Senses don't want to go.  Kitties are independent, and hate being told what to do.  If you feel strong enough to handle what may appear, and you ARE curious about what insights a person or situation may hold for you, try not to hold yourself back from going where your energy inclines.  As was once wisely channeled:  "If you don't follow your spirit without hesitation, you will end up following your hesitation without spirit."

And so it is.  A form of SPIRITUAL DARKNESS is descending at this time upon Planet Earth.  People feel confused, doubtful, and baffled about where to go next, or what to do.  At the same time, a sizeable infusion of "feeling energy" is being brought through to every heart.  To some, this will seem somewhat "toxic"--like an alien intruder from afar. Having lived most of their lives up "in their head," the idea of DEEP FEELING CONNECTION may initially crash their nervous systems, making them feel fatigued and listless. 

Depressed = DEEP REST.  If your system crashes, let that be a cue for you to allow the mind to REST for a season, will you?  Stop your planning, thinking, and considering.  Use the increase of emotion to feel your way through these next days and months.  Forget about how things in your life look or sound to you (or to your friends).  How do they feel?  How do they make YOU feel?

The first step towards feeling better is becoming better at feeling........ 

We are not saying that rationality is dead.  Not at all.  But like Adam, in the Book of Genesis, your logical human mind is now being asked to "go to sleep" for a that a "helpmeet" can be fashioned and installed.....a "twin flame" to help light the way on your Journey Home.  This "flame" is none other than your intuitive "Feminine Self"........bringing with her a nicely upgraded SENSORY CONNECTION to life on the planet.  Initially, the pain and discomfort of this upgrade is caused by pre-programmed resistance to this particular "side" of the energy spectrum.  Remember.........Pain = Resistance.

The Inner Critic and Pusher Selves are in the last throes of their reign as "chairmen" of your Motivational Core.  They are not necessarily being ousted.  Rather, their dominance will begin to be moderated by the contributions and feelings of ALL OTHER SELVES, which will begin to seat themselves around what appears to be a huge Round Table of Collaboration.  You can expect that this shift will produce changes in your feelings, behavior, and goals in life.  Roll with it.  The Guardian Spirit is firmly in place.  You will not ultimately be harmed by any of these shifts........though you may be in for a wild ride! 

Touch things.  Feel them with your hands, your feet, and that tender bare flesh around your arms.  When appropriate and possible, RUB UP AGAINST THEM (either physically or energetically) asking yourself "How are WE feeling today?"  You'll be surprised at the result.  Surprised and delighted.  You may even get hugged and kissed. 

If you are not, by nature, a Clairsentient or a Consoling Person---the upcoming exercises will involve an installation for some of those qualities, in order that your overall system might come into balance.  The Feelers have suffered much at the hands of Focused Thinkers, over the ages. The time for rebalancing is here. 

As always, we remain your friends and servants in this journey.  There are many truths we cannot tell you, lest we spoil the surprise!  There are other elements which truly remain hidden to ALL, save the "Gathering of the One." which level all "facts" become superfluous anyway.  Call upon us and we will come.  Share with us, and we will be expanded.  Most of all, stand with Partners in Spirit, that all may be edified and united.

Be well.  We are always here.

<end transmission>       


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


Copyright, 2006, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long as the above URL and this copyright are included.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.