By Daniel Jacob

Many of us have been aware of this incredible sense of "impendingness" that has been hanging over the planet for quite some time now.  Either we feel as though something wonderful is about to happen, or we feel like the bottom is about to drop out.  As our mind phase shifts, back and forth between those extremes, we are conditioning ourselves to believe that EITHER SITUATION would be just fine.

Folks are tired of CONTROL, and all the hassles that it brings when it tries to center itself at the Ego Level.  Therefore, we are either trying to let go of the Ego entirely (not possible if we wish to stay aboard this journey).......or we are seeking to expand the Ego so that it feels sufficient to handle an increasing "load" of concerns, during this highly volatile time.

The Reconnections tell us that one of the primary purposes of the Form Ego is to function as a Multiversal AUDIENCE for the 3D Journey, as well as function as the UNIFYING SYMBOL for each particular You-niverse.  We are assured that a smarter, more expanded "version" of this viewpoint is already engaged in the design and dispatch of "order" within the You-niverse.  There is no need to (mentally) second-guess things.  All we need to do is relax, and enjoy our Tour through relevant reality contexts-- gathering info, enjoying the sights, and framing them within an ever-expanding realization of the vastness of who we all are.

Now, it appears to me that there is some kind of non-descript "goo" that is seeping in from the Other side of the Veil.  For lack of a better term, I am calling it "Flubber"........in honor of that delightful series of Walt Disney movies, starring Fred MacMurray and (more recently) Robin Williams.

If you recall the story plot, Flubber was this magical "stuff" which was accidently created in this absent-minded professor's lab.  He could attach it to the bottom of his shoes, and it would enable him to bounce high in the sky.  Eventually, he was even able to harness the energy of "Flubber" (flying rubber).......so that he could make his automobile fly.

We Empaths and Grid Workers have learned, from early in life, to be voluntary "hosts" for new and unusual energies in our universe.  Like Elliott, in the movie "E.T., The Extraterrestrial"........we always seem to be picking up interesting new "visitors" that come to Planet Earth.........bringing them home, and then announcing to our amazed family:  " He came to me.  I'm keeping him!"

This all seems quite metaphorical or symbolic as I write it, but I am very aware that there are also those among us whose "visitations" have been VERY REAL, and very EXPERIENTIAL.

Whether one is used to dealing with non-conventional "thought forms and viewpoints" or whether he has actually been touched with Alien Contact...........(I once heard a complete narrative of a woman's experience of having sex with an E.T.)........the propensity to "host" such energies into our perceptual field can be huge.

The arrival of this "Flubber" (non-descript, potentiated etheric GOO)........at this time..... appears to be an energy infusion from the Multiverse---a downloading of "booster-ware" to upgrade our perceptual and manifestation technology.  We can attach it to the bottom of our "shoes" (or belief systems) and it makes whatever we focus upon appear BIGGER, more crucial, more REAL.

If a person's life focus is upon 3D problems, the problems will seem to GROW IN SIZE, in some cases to the tenth power!   If our focus is upon joy or bliss........the bliss will seem heavenly and vast.

All of this, it seems, is a training exercise for souls who have already determined to make their Journey through 4D and Beyond.  The issues that "bounce" by our lives can sometimes seem DEVASTATING in their implications.  But do they make any sense?

Think back, over the last several weeks, as this energy has begun expanding all around us.  If you are like me, you can probably pick one or two main themes (of apparent concern).......and several sub-themes that have come and gone as "impending emergencies."

Sometimes we are grieving over a lost relationship.  At other times, we may be fretting over a lack of funds, or words that have been spoken that we wish we could take back.  Maybe life seems devoid of passion, and we earnestly desire a change.

The point is..........the main themes of our discontent keep CHANGING..........as our focus of energy moves around the environment in which we live.  With each new "crisis," the old ones seem to minimize, and fade into the background.  For a time, the issue of our current discontent seems 100 feet tall, and plastered all over a billboard in our mind.  Then, the next day or week.......something else takes its place as the "drama du jour."   Isn't that how it goes on CNN and other news shows?  At one moment, a particular issue is blown up and splattered over every station.  Then, at the drop of a hat, something else takes center stage.


Those whose perceptual orientation has been primarily Intellectual will experience the arrival of "Flubber" as a sense of being ALONE, with no one who understands life in the same way they do.  Those who primarily process from the

Emotional Body may experience exactly the opposite.  They may find themselves in a continual state of OVERWHELM, as their empathic perception is potentiated x 100, and it feels as though the world is closing in on them.

The Cacophony of these extremes of perception (think fingernails, scraping on a blackboard) are like energetic sheep-dogs, barking and gathering in those members of the "flock" who have wandered away from the ONESELF CORE-- trying to hide from its intensity (of thought or feeling) by embracing only one side of the spectrum.

As the abrasiveness of extremism increases, we automatically move ourselves more and more to the CENTER (integrating mind and emotion)..............and, as we do, we automatically receive a complete, updated operating manual for the use of "Flubber" to create and sustain any type of existence we choose.  The only requirement would be............you have to FULLY COMPREHEND AND FULLY FEEL (no cheating allowed!)...........what you are doing, or the navigational element in the software will not work properly.

Intense "peaks" of emotion are correspondent to seismic shifts at the Earth's core.  Expanded "Ahas" of insight are like solar flares, flying in at us from our Central Sun.........upgrading and expanding our experience of the ONEDER that is unfolding all around us.

Each time we experience a peak or a flare, our vibrational pitch is raised a bit........thereby allowing our body to "come online" in some new realm of perception.  Some of the internal "programs" and "attachments" we carry within us are safety sealed, so they won't activate or install themselves until our body reaches this "pitch."

At the risk of sounding like I am whistling in the dark, during what seems like a REALLY difficult time for our Planet..........I am sending this info out to all of you so that you can munch on it a bit.........and return any feedback to me that seems relevant.  I apologize that I may not be able to respond to each e-mail at this time, but I surely will consider it.  There is a portion of my own soul, and a majority of the Group Soul which is The Reconnections that is hanging out in our Laboratory 24/7, examining and studying the possibilities that are appearing all around us at this time.

Does it seem to you (outwardly) like nothing has changed in your world?   Do you feel alone and emotionally retarded, at times, because life seems to be going on without you..........as though you're the ONLY ONE going through all this?  Don't believe it!  There's a whole host of new "stuff" landing all around us. Gateways are opening, and energies are dancing furiously past us, as we go through each day.  It can give a person the feeling that he or she is walking through molasses.

Things appear "the same" because that's what our Emotional Bodies need them to be, in order to keep us stable during powerful, transitional times.  As Obi-Wan said to Luke Skywalker, during his Jedi Training:  "Your eyes can deceive you.  DON'T TRUST THEM."

In the E.T. Sector on the site, I draw reference to something I once read in a book by Lyssa Royal Holt, around the idea of "Preparing for Contact."  It seems particularly relevant now:

"What is going on now is similar to what the explorer Magellan encountered, when he landed his tall ship off the shore of various tropical islands.  Apparently, his tall ship created a "hole in reality," for the indigenous peoples which inhabited the islands.

As Magellan and his crew disembarked their huge vessel, they climbed into rowboats and headed for shore.  Because the rowboats resembled the native's canoes, they were able to easily perceive them and the men who were inside.  But the tall ship was NOT part of their everyday faire.  The natives had no familiar objects or ideas which which to compare it.  Because of this, most of them COULD NOT SEE THE SHIP AT ALL.  Their perceptual mechanisms simply de-selected the ship from view.  They only noticed the boats, and the direction from which they were coming."

In my opinion, what is illustrated above is EXACTLY why things appear to be "normal," even as our Emotions and Energy Consciousness is going right off the chart!   We are SENSING the presence of all this new "stuff," but it is so divergent from our accustomed reality that we have nothing with which to compare it.  Without a focus of comparison, perception is impossible.  Therefore, we are simply ASSUMING that we are on the very BRINK of disaster, and personalizing all this expanded energy to things we DO know.

IMPENDINGNESS.  That's the name of the Game right now.   Will it be doom or divinity?

In the book of Genesis, it says that God created all the animals and creatures of the Earth........and He paraded them past Adam, so Adam could give them names.  Whatsoever Adam called each living thing, that would be its name.

This is what it means to be Creator of your Own Reality.  You name a thing, and that's what it becomes.  Are you ready for this kind of power?  The Guides tell us that we're already exercising it.......in whatever ways we allow ourselves to expand.

Your input regarding all this would be greatly appreciated.  As always, we'll just have to take things as they come, until we learn to see things differently.  It seems that nothing accelerates learning like discomfort, unless it is the promise of hot and cold running BLISS.  Which will it be?

I mean......... we having fun or what?   :-)



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