Equal Power, Equal Influence

At the heart of the Harmonic Convergence is the stipulation that the forces devoted to preserving and promoting *structure* within this context of reality, and those focused with preserving and promoting *freedom* (in a benign, anarchistic sense) will both agree to seed this universe.  Here they are allowed to experience and observe each other's essence, within humanity's physical expressions of natural diversity, as long as neither "side" is able to fully dominate over the other. This Agreement........this Stipulation.........entered into as a condition for the formation of the Reconnection Universe, is what has been known as THE GUARDIAN SPIRIT.

Meanwhile, other universes of separation continue to unfold as they will, with battles for dominion and purity of either Form or Chaos even as we perfect the idea of Oneness within this physical context. The end result of this gathering of forces becomes a base of reality that is built upon an irrevocable agreement. The requirement for habitation in that Universe becomes a complete surrender of *control* as a way of life, replacing that focus with *faith and trust.*

The foundation this is laid upon *the absolute need* for Oneness as the hub around which the "spokes of polarity experimentation" can turn. In Oneness, we trust, not because the other persons are trustworthy, but because they are all US. We know that there is nothing they could "do to us" that we have not chosen to do to ourselves. It is a perspective, a way of looking at things, a GRID through which all perceptions must pass. In short, it completes the picture for All That Is. Without Oneness, there can be no individuality---even as without individuality, Oneness is flat and meaningless.

This Strange Energy, therefore, appears to be a specific recipe, composed of several elements. It is several parts *panic,* which many are feeling as the borderlines that have separated our society begin to erode. To many, it appears as though a bridge they have been using to cross a deep abyss is suddenly disappearing out from under them.

Also included in the Strange Energy recipe is a gradual *dissolution of motivation* for carrying out many expressions of what was once believed to be *normal life,* including some elements of social protocol, family and community responsibility, and personal ambition.

In place of these usual human urges, there is arriving within the mass mind an inordinate curiosity with things of a spiritual, psychic or mystical nature--including innate knowledge of or pre- occupation with past cultures (such as Druid, Mayan, or Eastern , for example). My Guidance tells me this is occurring that we might begin to build a sense of continuity with all others who have gone through a similar process to the one we are experiencing now.

Equally prevalent is a growing sense of (seemingly) insatiable fascination with things extraterrestrial, magical, or abstractly philosophical. As this occurs, there appears to be a concert of expressions of many wonderful abilities---such as prophecy, divination, healing, pre-cognizance, and artistic expressions that
have hitherto been unused.

To date, there have not been overt revisions in how business is transacted or society is organized to match these inner shifts of reality. In fact, on the surface things appear to really be quite the same. This is probably the most disturbing element about the whole situation. There are vast levels of *change* and
*reorganization* that are happening upon the inner planes of reality, while most everyone is sitting around conducting business as usual with idiot grins on our faces. Maybe we're afraid of bringing back the 60s, do you think?

Though it is true that there still remains several elements of our society that claim to be totally oblivious to the things about which I speak, a vast majority of humankind seems to know *all too well* the kind of tempest that is stirring within the collective heart and soul. We haven't decided what we are going to do about it, but the collective awareness seems to be there.

The Internet provides a means whereby people can give voice to their new ideas and inner process in order to facilitate worldwide dialogue in an instant, as-it's-happening kind of fashion. It also is an example of the marriage between Form and Chaos about which I am speaking. The Net is loaded with cynics and pranksters, even as Greenwich Village and Picadilly are filled with kids out on a lark. However, there are also many thoughtful and eager researchers out here, watching the grand parade with a very curious eye.

This series is dedicated to those who wonder, those who fear, and those who speculate. I love to hear from you if you have questions about your process, your own ideas about what's happening, or if you also are getting information from the "other side" about the amazing shifts and changes that are going on.

Your voice can help determine which direction this series goes. It also gives insight about the next levels of worldwide transformation. We look forward to hearing from many of you, including lurkers out there who Oneder if they really have anything to say! You folks, especially, have a great surprise in store. Regardless of your philosophical training of background, there is an instantly rewarding feeling that comes to a person who calls, out of the shadows..........."Yes..........I, too, am feeling this. I, too, am HERE!


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