"Flying Disks"

We spoke in the last segment about the etheric "download" that is in progress, bringing with it many new "files" containing forgotten knowledge and abilities from the cosmos, loading themselves into the consciousness of all those who have elected to receive the data. Such elective "surge-ery" <s> can only occur when the individuals involved have specifically contracted for the infusion and are in full cooperation with it.

The applications of terms such as "abduction" or "conspiracy" become moot points when the entire situation is viewed from a place of personal Oneness and Sovereignty. Of course, the Ego Self often creates mental blocks about remembering the contracts. Full acclimation to the energy needs to take place over time.

Many of us are using dreams today, in order to integrate and collate the diverse energies that are coming in to us. The full understanding of any dream is contingent upon the interpreter being willing to view him or herself as *every person, object and situation* that is seen within it. Since any dream is 100% the creation of the dreamer, and since all creators ultimately have only themselves to use as a reference point for their perception and communication, it is crucial that each of us own, not only our angels and happiness, but also our inner demons as well.

The download of these "files," as well as our personal and collective response to the information, is the source for many varieties of experience of this Strange Energy that is all about us during this time. Each new idea becomes an "alien" that is landing on our "home planet" and seeking to take up residence there. Each one carries with it an entire system of interpretation and perception that mandates change on the part of the person who receives it. The "programs" that accompany these etheric files (or what I call Flying Disks) interact with our existing database and, following the infusion, there are unique ramifications which inevitably take place.


One of the most ironic aspects about this "alien invasion" is the reaction of the citizenry on the planet at this time. The majority of people simply refuse to admit to themselves that anything unusual is taking place.

Even as we turn on our TVs to see the "X-Files" or "Roswell," and visit the movies to see "Contact" or "E.T.," we allow curtains of cynicism and amusement to close behind us as we depart the theater and return to what we call the "real world."

One man was overhead to say that: "I will not believe in the existence of Extraterrestrials until a space craft lands right on my front lawn!" One might think that *even then* the fellow could (if he so chose) construct a suitable rationalization to hide from fully dealing with the huge changes that are occurring.

From a Oneness Viewpoint, it is *all* occurring now, and it is *all* real. There's no separation that exists between the physical universe and the non-physical. The fifth and sixth dimensional craft that are being used by these thought-forms, what I have called "Flying Disks," are just as real as the Toyota out in your driveway! They just vibrate at different speeds and are, therefore, easier to "stack" on top of each other in the same space.


In 1951, a superb movie classic was released, called "The Day the Earth Stood Still." Anyone who loves science fiction has probably seen it a dozen times (at least!). The movie opens with an E.T. craft circling the globe at 4,000 mph. Folks are looking skyward, and radar was tracking the ship as it moved from time zone to time zone.

The revelations regarding the arrival of E.T.s into the "real" physical universe must be done very much different from what was portrayed back in the 50s. Though many of us feel that humankind is sufficiently "jaded" enough to handle a flying saucer landing on the lawn, Spirit tells me that the psychological trauma of such an event could be quite a stressor at this time on the planet.

The Masters and Guides to whom we have entrusted the task of awakening us from our slumber have agreed that they/we need to perform the process incrementally, and with much care and sensitivity. Rather than shocking us into realizing the presence of Extraterrestrials among us, they are choosing to slowly work the information into our daily life and experience via television, novels, motion pictures, and the like. Meanwhile, microscopic (and etheric) energies are infiltrating around and through our physical being and our planet, cradling us and gradually shaking us awake in order to buffer the reaction to the news.

Have you had any contact with these "alien" ideas? With "spirits?" What was/is your emotional response? Is it possible that a part of you is purposely HOLDING OFF your knowledge of the "other levels," for fear that your REALITY BUBBLE just might be burst, and leave a mess all over your life?

Do share. Your willingness to confide your INNER REALITY will help others come to grips with theirs.  If you don't wish to be quoted (even anonymously), please let me know that when you write in.


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