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Getting Free

My Dear Friends,

The greatest ties between people are no ties at all.  Just a gentle allowing---  within and without.  Harm no one.  Do what thou wilt.  Let yourself be.  Let others be what they will be.   

It begins in chaos, because boundaries inevitably must be tested. Then, it moves to anxious introspect--as you learn to see yourself in the reflections of your "other."  Finally, it graduates into a single, harmonized self-examination turns to SELF KNOWLEDGE.....and projections of power and shadow expand into wild, ecstatic exploration of All, as SELF. 

In days past, your gaze has been intensely fixed upon those levels of being which were most dense, most compacted, most unyielding to your touch. The physical self.  An addiction to struggle. Other levels of Being--the higher, lighter, easier dimensions--were contacted only fleetingly, out of the corner of your eye. 

Why not turn that around?  Let your most intensive focus be INWARD, contemplating not just WHAT IS, but also WHAT COULD BE.  Place your deepest investment THERE, navigating physical reality fleetingly, out of the corner of your eye.  

It will be tricky at first---as you measure how much (or how little) struggle a person truly needs in order to get by in this world.  Look beyond that which screams for your attention.  Let it go.  Let go all vexation and despair.  Move your attention to the little things.......that whisper and wink and play happily before you.  Learn to appreciate the subtlety, the nuances of life.  

Little by little, dreams become reality, even as reality becomes a dream.  And you mix and mingle each level according to YOUR desire, YOUR sacred choosing.  And it begins.  The Age of Conscious Choice.  Your own World of Time/No-Time." 

<end transmission>

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Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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