Glossary Of Reconnections Terms and Topical Index

If you linked to this page via some term used in one of the writings, look for the linked word or phrase to be defined in the list below.  Be sure to click on colored words or phrases because they contain hyperlinks to expansions of knowledge on various terms.

The appearance of the abbreviation "cp." behind a definition will refer the reader to COMPARE this definition with various other terms or transmissions which expand upon its meaning in additional ways.

Alchemy:  An ancient technique whereby a Practitioner (often called a "Wizard" or "Sorcerer") combined elements and performed a process which transformed base metals into gold.  That's the popular meaning.  But really, the term applies more specifically to personal transformation.  (cp. Transmutation

Allopathic Medicine:  A method of treating disease with remedies or surgery, with the goal of producing effects different from those caused by the disease itself.  The treatment of symptoms or malfunctions, with the end goal of restoring a body to an accepted definition of "normal."  (cp. "The Cure, Pt. 1" )

All That Is: A term that is frequently used by The Reconnections in addition to the term God or Goddess.  Recon Lazaris combines all three: "God/Goddess/All That Is."  Since the essence we are at that level cannot be described, named, or fully comprehended---this languaging makes it possible to speak of the Oneself in the most universal way.

Aware Self:  A Reconnected Aspect of Self who serves the role of the Watcher and the Knower in life's little melodramas.   An "audience" for all "sides" of life's interactions.  An observer who doesn't interfere, but who takes everything in with maximal interest---thereby making it possible for each individual to embrace all aspects of self and be made whole once again.  (See also Voice Dialogue

"Belt" or Belteshazzar One of The Reconnections Teaching Guides.  He is a Master Magician, one of the Magi of Olde.  His name was given to the Prophet Daniel, in the Bible...... as a nickname when he entered Babylon, to honor Daniel's ability to interpret dreams.  Belt was one of the original "5" who birthed Alchemy, long before it was popularized as a technique for transforming base metals into gold. 

Birth Trauma:   A term utilized by the inventors of Rebirthing (Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray) to describe the intense panic that comes upon an infant when he or she is removed from the safe surroundings of mother's womb.  When the umbilical cord is cut, the infant gets the clear feeling that he (or she) just might die.  Through the assistance of medical personnel the baby lives, but he forms what is called a "mucous block" which contains all the pre-verbal emotions that existed at that fateful moment when the cord was cut.  It is believed that this blockage is responsible for much of our anxiety and inhibition today.   

Bridge Concepts:  Certain bits of knowledge and abilities that come to us, which take us out of our 3D "Reality Box," and connect us to the vastness of the Multiverse.   We do not encounter them until we are ready.  But when we are ready, they seem as sweet as honey to our ears, and absolutely make sense to our Reconnected Mind.  

Bridge People (click here)

Blue Pill/Red Pill:  An expression from the movie "The Matrix," where the lead character gets to decide whether or not he really wants to know the "whole truth" about life or not.  He is told:  "If you take the blue pill, you wake up in your bed, and you get to believe whatever you want to believe.  If you take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes!"

Brighter Days Space Cafe:  An etheric chain of Burger Joint/Pub/Restaurants which originated at Chehala, the Crystal City, and are rapidly taking the Multiverse by storm!   Because it is not unusual for the Danimal to frequent one of his establishments, during Astral Journeys, many gather in them so that, perchance a Conclave Discussion group might commence.  We understand that a new one may open on the moon, because Star Kid Traffic is becoming so dense up there during Dream Time Excursions.  It's only good business, you understand.  Reconnections is always interested in making a prophet.  More than one is even better! 

Central Sun:  The white-hot core of individual awareness and realization of SELF, as One with All.  Inner Illumination.  Touchstone of Multiversal Connection.  

Channeling: The focused utilization of one's body (voice, gestures, postures) to replicate the messages and/or intentions that are generated from a being or group of beings existing or communicating from BEYOND the limits of our normal perception in this physical context.

Styles of Channeling:

  1. Conscious: Mediums who retain conscious control of their physical vehicle, choosing rather to serve as "interpreters" or "translators" for the personality essence and message of the speaker who exists at another level of vibration. cp. Welcome to the Multiverse
  2. Unconscious: "Trance Mediums" who must go into a state of deep relaxation, wherein the conscious mind of the channel will actually "go away somewhere" while the entity who is speaking has control of the voice and/or body.
  3. Automatic Writing: A variation on #2 above, this style uses another medium of expression, such as playing the piano, writing, or painting to convey the ideas of someone or something that exists "elsewhere." It is an Old Paradigm concept, but still useful.

Chaos Energy:  This which tends to unravel or derange a person, object, or situation.  The introduction of a state of disorganization or disarray.  A State of Entropy. (See The Story of Theos and Chaos). 

Chaos Manifesto (The Ruling Principle of Chaos):  "All structure is bad.  Structure requires leadership, leadership bestows power, and power always corrupts."

Christing Process:  The alchemical transformation of humans into Sons of God--Hybrids--Bridges between realms natural and divine. 

Contracts, Contracted:  See "Soul Contracts" below.

Clairvoyance:  An Inner Sense.  Clear Seeing, or what is called "The Gift of Second Sight." 

Clairaudience:  An Inner Sense.  Clear Hearing of sounds and messages from the Inner Worlds.  

Clairsentience:  An Inner Sense:  Clear Feeling. 

Claircognizance:  An Inner Sense.  Clear Knowing.  The ability to KNOW, before you know HOW you know.

Conceptualizer/Conceptual:   Someone who has the ability to take abstract concepts, from beyond the Veil, and encapsulate or represent them in physical space.  A translater of expanded tones of energy into bite/byte-sized chunks, suitable for integration into human consciousness. (cp. Experiential) 

Condition:  A state of being, which is characterized by predictable symptoms or attributes. (cp. disease, pathology). Condition, a state of affairs or circumstance.

Context of Reality:  A set-apart space, within the Multiverse, wherein a specific set of rules and physical laws are laid down in order that a Game Format might run smoothly and congruently.

Contracts, Sacred:  A pre-incarnate agreement between two or more human beings, which requires that certain services will be performed, injuries would be inflicted, or assistance rendered--to the end that some specified experience of mind and emotion might be attained.  In this regard, the Reconnections speak in linear concept, so as to nurture and support the context of past-present-future, to sustain the experiential space for the duration of the experience.     

Constellation, Inner:  If a Star Constellation is a configuration of stars, an Inner Constellation is a cluster of personality fragments, aligned together to form and sustain a "system" of internal perception and function.  It is a cluster of "selves," which form around specified functions and topics. 

Core Energy:  The intersection of desire and opportunity.  The "betwixt and between" place, which is neither this nor that, but a hybrid mixture of both.  Following one's Core Energy means to do whatever you do in a way that feels most representative to what you think, feel, and........ultimately......what you desire, at any given time.  There is no effort to impress, nor is there a concern about how one appears to others.  It is an essential of functioning well within your Inner Genius Aspect.

Chakras:  Spinning Vortexes of Energy which administrate the flow of Life Force throughout a physical body. 

Christing:  The manifestation of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness within an individual or Group of Individuals on Planet Earth.  Just as Jesus was called "Christ" by those who followed and learned from him, so do all of us have the privilege of bearing that title, if we are willing to own our personal connection to the Divine Creative Force.  There is really only ONE of us here.  As Jesus said, to those who followed:  "The things that I do, ye shall do also---and greater things, because I go to my Father."  A Christing in a human life is said to come to its fruition in about 30 years. 

Crystal Children:  A sub-division of Children of the New Earth or "New Kids," characterized by closeness to the energy of Mother Earth as well as acute emotional and spiritual sensitivity.  Crystals were originally called to public attention through materials published by Steve Rother and Dr. Doreen Virtue.    

Club Recon:  The slang word that is used by many to describe the Reconnections Discussion List on Yahoo Groups.  In the dictionary, the word "Recon" is short for "reconnaissance" which brings to mind the information-gathering missions that are done by military personnel before a war.  Also, a "recon" is a particle---the smallest genetic unit capable of recombination, changing from something to something else.  A very fitting word to describe the people attracted into this group. 

Danielverse, The:   A slang term I use to describe my own perceptual universe.  The Recons teach that we are each our own universe (uni=one), and everything and everyone within it are aspects of the creator of that reality.  

"Dark Side": This term is usually used when the Guides are speaking about an aspect of our Oneself that is not visible to us unless it becomes manifest as or in someone else. Of course, the term "someone else" is really illusion. There is only ONE of us here. This term is often used in the same way Carl Jung applied the term "Shadow Self." When used in reference to society as a whole, Jung used the term "Collective Shadow."

Dimension:  The measurement of a spatial relationship which exists, either within one object by itself or between two or more objects in space. It can either refer to the actual size and shape of an object, such as a man or a house---or to the location and arrangement of a number of objects or individuals that exist in relationship to it.  The former type of dimension is called a "measurement," while the latter type of spatial allocation is called a "configuration."  Reality is divided up into Dimensions.  The first dimension is height.  The second is width.  The third dimension is depth.  Fourth Dimension is time.  Fifth Dimension is space.  From there on, Dimensions are defined according to diminishing need for tangible, physical space. 

Disease:  A condition, set of symptoms or physical attributes---which is generally uncomfortable or challenging--that betrays the existence of a sub or unconscious intent to move from one's present reality context into an alternative dimension or universe.  It is an Energy Gate that has been left open, but through which the traveler has not fully escaped.  The Reconnections have described this in detail, within the Trans-Portal Transmissions.  They are Labor Pains of the New Humanity.  (cp. condition, pathology)

"Dream Team":  A group of individuals who are experimenting with a form of "Dream Healing," as described by Recon Beltshazzar, and practiced during the foundational, early days of Alchemy.  We actually GO IN to a person's Dream State or Meditation Planes and commune with parts of him or her that is not yet fully connected to the waking ego.  The process requires trust, and a good deal of desperation, it seems.  It doesn't always produce "break-throughs," but it certainly can do so if the timing and conditions are right.    

Duality:  A Dance of Polar Opposites, which takes place within a specified, physical plane---where each aspect can be explored in detail.  Iorder to do this properly, a person must filter out all knowledge and sensation about his theme or subject except those details he wishes to study.  When this happens, all "other" aspects of reality begin to gather around his "circle of focus" and present rebuttal or support to the "truths" he encounters there (whatever they might be). There will be "pros" and "cons" to every possible "conclusion" he considers, which is the origin of the term duality.      

Earth Experiment:  A commonly used expression to describe the Vacation in Limitation that each soul takes as it enters a Separation-Based Universe. We are not humans who have spiritual experiences.  We are really Spiritual Beings (Meta-Humans), who are having a HUMAN experience. And every bit of that experience is being recorded and archived within the Galleries of All That Is---ready and available for perusal, by any Citizen of the Multiverse who chooses to do so.   

Expanded Self: (See also "Oneself") A comprehensive expression (usually serving the purpose of a Cosmic Observer) who exists at a higher vibratory level than the universe which is His (or Her) embodiment. Also called a "Higher Power" or "God/Goddess," this particular expression is becoming very popular because it seeks to erase the separation that has always existed between the Ego Entity and its Oversoul.

Empaths, Empathy:  For expanded definition, go HERE

Energetic Transposition The act of "trading places" with someone in an interactive process---taking on an alternative viewpoint, while they mirror your own (former viewpoints) back to you.  This tool is often utilized by parents and children, to re-visit the parents' formative processes, and break through ancestral patterns and familial blocks.  In certain situations, a parent will construct a situation where individuals will wear the personality and mannerisms of their own parents, while their (present) child wears aspects of their own consciousness when they were young.  In this way, old traumas can be understood and healed.  The key to effective usage of this tool is realizing that this is what is going on, rather than assuming that what is happening is brand new.  The completion of this work can only be accomplished from an  Aware Self (see above for definition) viewpoint.  Energetic Transpositions are also a form of Phase Shifting (see below), to allow access into the mind and emotions of your own parents--thereby dispelling the impression that they were "unapproachable Gods" who simply toyed with you, and had no feelings or needs of their own.  

Experiencer/Experiential: A word used to describe someone who has had a paranormal perception, or cognition.  Someone who has reached through the Veil, and has brought through or made contact with a "new" or "alien" essence or energy.    

Extracontextual:  Something foreign, that doesn't come "from here."  This word is often used by The Reconnections, when they are seeking to describe an attribute or influence that comes from the other side of whatever "veil" separates the current reality context from the rest of the Multiverse.  They often choose to use this term to escape the obvious "other planetary" concepts that are attached to the ET/ UFO Communities.  E.C.s may very well be Extraterrestrial, but they don't have to be.  This term can also encompass Ultraterrestrial or even Intraterrestrial Influences (beings who live inside the Earth).  

Eye of the Needle:  A meditation term.  This is the doorway out of 3D, through 4D and beyond.  It is the end of duality.  One can only pass through this Doorway if he or she is a fully Integrated Oneself Being.  Unlike Noah's Ark, people do not enter this portal two-by-two.  Duality is for exploration and containment within a solidified 3D exploratory format.  Oneness is our touchstone, our key to freedom from Time, Space, and Forgetfulness.    

Form Entity: the complete expression of an idea conceived in the Mind of the Higher Self and projected or "broadcast" (like a TV station) into a specific vibratory frequency of physical existence.  For even more information, click HERE.

Form Ego: Whenever a group of individuals (at whatever level they exist) gather for a common purpose, there is formed from that group ANOTHER COMPLETE INDIVIDUAL---which is called the SYNERGY of all those energies. This individual forms what is called the "Mass Mind" for all the workers. He is the Form Ego, and he makes up the Summary Consciousness that represents that Whole. For even more information, click HERE.

(4D)  Fourth Dimensional Corridor:   The Fourth Dimension deals with the element of TIME--the first three being height, width, and depth.  The Fourth Dimension is not a location, per se.  It is a corridor, through which we pass, that is filled with alternative doorways (Trans-Portals), which we can choose to enter if we so desire.  The purpose of moving through 4D is either to move further out, into 5D (the systematic surrender of space), and beyond---or, it is to move from one 3D context to another.  (see Dimensions, above) 

Fragmentation: The breaking apart of a congealed Whole into component parts, each of which is also a recognizable Whole unto itself.

"Fragging Out" Recon Slang for when a person conceptually chips off a portion of him or herself, and deputizes that fragment with a purpose or a viewpoint that can turn and feed the rest of the Oneself, when the time is right.  In truth, the Reconnections are simply fragments of our own Oneself, who have assumed the role of "Tour Guides" for this Grand Game we are now playing.

Fragments/Frags:  (See also "Selves")   Holographic Particles of consciousness, encapsulated in a Veil of Forgetfulness, who chip themselves off from the Oneself Whole, and explore various aspects of reality--recording and transmitting knowledge and sensory experience of each exploration back to the Oneself Whole. 

Game Board:  The environment in which a Game Format is played out.  They can be Universal, in nature (limited in scope and focus)......or Multiversal (more inclusive of all viewpoints).  The more Multiversal the Game Boards become, the more expansion occurs, within the Oneness of All That Is.  This is why the more expanded beings focus in upon 3D, to assist those who seem less evolved in their journey home.  Each expansion that occurs, on any level, expands the Whole, on every level.     

Game Format: A Limitation itinerary, within a specific universe, that is being played out by aspects of the Greater Oneself.  A dance of opposites, held together by "rules" or guidelines, with a stated objective for its achievement.  (see Game Piece) 

Game of Fragmentation (The Grand Game): The Reconnections frequently speak about physical life (physicality) as being constructed somewhat like a Video Game. The Creator of a universe allows himself to be divided (fragmented) into many pieces---each one with a specific viewpoint and purpose. Each individual fragment (Game Piece) interacts with the others, thereby building scenarios and situations. The Oneself learns much from these interactions. For more information about Fragmentation, see the Transmission called The Grand Game.

Game Piece:  An individual object, body, or icon that represents agenda and/or forward momentum on any Game Board. 

Grid:  A crisscross of lines and squares that are the foundational design template for all life.  The lines represent statements of "fact," while the spaces represent feelings or thoughts about that statement.  The form could not exist without the void which surrounds it.  It is a two-dimensional design (height, width) that has the capacity to be adopted into the Third Dimension through an attachment of depth (meaning and identification) that is supplied by the reader or viewer of the image. Without that connection, it remains merely a potential element, not an actual one. The vertical lines suggest connection to God, Goddess, All That Is.  It is the "as above, so below" element of the image.  The horizontal lines suggest a connection to everything and everyone upon the Earth Plane (i.e. "love your neighbor as yourself," and so forth).   

Ground Crew:  An expression used to describe those beings who will remain in 3D physical form, during the times of the Great Transformation.  They are also referred to as "Neo-Shamans" as well.  Many of them are of Angelic Origin.  This term also refers to that side of the "Meta-Human" Brain that is focused on 3D, and sustaining our presence there while we expand our contacts with other realities.  

Guardian Spirit:   A protectorate energy, governing The Reconnection (Oneness) Universe,  to insure that CHOICE will always win out in the lives of those who dwell therein.  FREE WILL.  Although much latitude will sometimes be given to one polarity aspect as it strives with another, during a period of Global Transformation--ultimate DOMINANCE by any one aspect will not be allowed for long.  This is the philosophical and energetic foundation upon which the Reconnection Universe is constructed.  To go beyond this principle is to "short yourself out" and lose connection with the Oneself, until such time as you have returned to a state of neutrality and simple allowing.      

Hermetic Oneself  A term used to describe an individual who has identified so closely and habitually with his or her various "mirrors" of self that there is very little mental or emotional focus left to project out upon people in 3D space.  Nearly all symbols and images decoded in 3D are instantly translated and perceived clearly as fragments of SELF.......and, therefore, are not considered separate at all.  This personality matrix is what proliferates following a full integration of the Oneness Paradigm into the Emotional Body.   

Hidden Parts:  Timed-Released Energy Essence, Aspects of Multiversal Character that have been forgotten or laid aside during a particular 3D incarnation.  Once reintroduced, they begin the dissolution of the Veil, and restoration of Multiversal Citizenship (Immortality).  They open and install themselves when one's universe reaches a certain "pitch" of vibration......being hidden, like Easter Eggs, so they can facilitate reconnection with All That Is, when the time is right.  (Their openings are often regulated or potentiated by the presence of implants or seeds, left by etheric "sponsors," during the unfoldment process) 

Hologram, Holographic:  A fragment of the Whole, which contains all the essential elements of that Whole, whether or not they are focused upon, or even visible.  A cup of water contains essential properties of the ocean, but it is not the ocean.  Such a person is like an heir to the throne in an established country.  He is not the King, but he has a promise to be King, and a lineage, if he desires to utilize that connection.  You might say that he is wired for it, even if the connection is not currently activated or apparent.

Holographic Oneness:  Every person, place, object, or situation is made up of tiny fragments, called "holons."  Each Holon is connected to every other Holon, everywhere.  This innate connectivity produces what has been called "The Butterfly Effect."  What happens in one cell, on one side of the world, ultimately affects every other cell, everywhere.  All we need are eyes to see those effects. 

Hosting:  The allowance of visitation in one's body, from beyond the Veil.  An opening to merge, so that an energy can temporarily see what it's like to be physical, while not having to put up with being anchored in 3D.  In exchange, the visitor often leaves "seeding" energies, which allow for personal expansion when the time is right.  Some also refer to these seeds as "implants," whether or not they come from Extraterrestrial Sources.  

Indigo, Indigo Children:  A classification of "New Kid," or "Children of the New Earth" which is characterized by open confrontation of the "status quo" in society.  Indigos want to know WHY things have to be the way they are. They were originally named and called to public attention in a book written by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, back in 1997.  They are said to be brilliant, very energetic, possessive of assorted mystical powers, and highly activated, spiritually.    

Innocent:  Free from agenda, bias, or predisposition.  Open. Available for new input.  (cp.  Innocence

Inner Planes:  The complete manifestation of reality that exists beyond the core of each physical body.  Where the tangible essence ends, the intangible begins.  The Gateway Inward expands out, from the body, via the Planes of the Imagination.  The physical body is said to be "a closet with two doors."    

Itinerary, Individual Life Itinerary The blueprint that is brought into a physical incarnation, outlining the experiences and essences that are to be integrated into that life context.  Think in terms of a travel itinerary that is laid out by a travel agent, to plan out a vacation.  Then realize that each person has one of these for his or her life journey.   

Kundalini:   A sanskrit word meaning "coiled up" or "serpentine."  It refers to a life force which, when activated, moves through the body in predictable ways. It is symbolized by two serpents, intertwined and moving up the spinal canal of the human body.  It is said to be "active" when the body is undergoing some form of bio-energetic phenomena.  The spinal canal is known as the "Sushumna," and it is the playground of passive and active energies that have made themselves a part of who we are.  Originally a yogic term, Kundalini has come to symbolize the blossoming of LIFE FORCE in a person.  The Cadeusus, or Staff of Hermes, presents an apt portrait of Kundalini in motion.  The dominance or submissiveness of the masculine-feminine forces determine the exact "setting" or "pitch" of one's Kundalini Fire. 

Learning Space:   An assigned territory, in physical space, where some method of exploration and/or collation of facts and details is being conducted.  The Reconnections use this term in a similar fashion to those in the Wiccan Tradition, when they speak about "calling a circle."  It declares a beginning, a middle, and an end to an area of knowledge or a specific experience.           

Life Contract:  (speaking in a linear reality format)   A pre-incarnate agreement that is made, between two or more souls--to act out various deeds or interactions, and create certain effects, designed to produce experiences that can be studied and recorded for later usage by the Oneself.     

"Light" and "Dark": These words, describing a true polarity configuration in physical life, are not assigned good/evil connotation by the Guides. In almost all Reconnections writings, "Light" refers to that which is visible or knowledge that is conscious. "Dark," on the other hand, refers to elements that are hidden or invisible, and which are confined to the sub or unconscious mind.

Limitation: All references to this term refer to the comparison between our lives as limitless etheric entities vs. the solidified form that we must take in order to come into physical being. By allowing ourselves to be defined (within a given context), we also are allowing ourselves to be CONfined. The Guides refer frequently to the physical plane as "Limitation," or the "Limitation Plane." This is not a slam against being physical. Rather, it is descriptive of how we appear to them when we are watched from the "other side." cp. Training.

Limitation Focus: The viewpoint of an Ego Entity that has been cloaked with the "blinders" of its Veil of Forgetfulness, thereby "hooked" into the Game Format that is running within that context of reality.

Linear Continuity:   The belief (and attachment) to "beginning, middle, and end," or "past, present, and future."   You wish to get from point "A" to point "D," on the map........and you continue to hold on to the belief that you must go through points "B and C" to get there.

Masculine-Dominant:  Left-Brained.  Having an undue emphasis on logic and reason, to the exclusion of an acknowledgement of feelings that may also be present with the areas of knowledge that are being considered.  Androcracy-Based.  (for more information on this, the reader is encouraged to study "The Chalice and the Blade," an excellent study of the subject by Riane Eisler.     

Magus:  A Magician, Alchemist, or Sorcerer.

Master of Limitation:  An affectionate term that is used by the Reconnections, describing a person who has successfully managed to lay aside his or her divinity, and has leapt into a 3D "dream" state so deeply that profound emotional flux and sensory experience is produced--resulting in the edification and expansion of the heart of the Oneself, at all levels.  

Master of the Game:  The Oneself of All That Is, or the Deputy that has been appointed to represent that position in consciousness.

Matrix:  A Matrix is a womb--a context within which living and (ultimately) birthing takes place.  Most Matrices configurate themselves as a particular idea or group of ideas.  The beings who are attached to them are physically and psychically entrained with the core ideas they embody.  They all "spin" at the same speed and vibrate at the same frequency. Their Matrix is the "reality box" in which they exist.  

Merkaba:  A star tetrahedron.  A vehicle for spiritual transport.  (cp. Vortex Merkaba)

Modalities, Spiritual:  There are four Perceptual Modalities that are now being utilized by awakening individuals, as they go about their work of connecting 3D reality with 4D and beyond.  Many individuals function from more than one of these modalities, but all awakening individuals function from at least one.  They are as follows: 

  1. Clairvoyance:       An Inner Sense.  Clear Seeing, or what is called "The Gift of Second Sight." 
  2. Clairaudience:      An Inner Sense.  Clear Hearing of sounds and messages from the Inner Worlds.  
  3. Clairsentience:     An Inner Sense:  Clear Feeling. 
  4. Claircognizance:  An Inner Sense.  Clear Knowing.  The ability to KNOW, before you know HOW you know.

"Multi-D", or Multidimensionality: For complete exposition and expansion of this term, click here.

Multi-Linear (Multi-Linearity):  The core essence of what The Reconnections call a "Christword Puzzle."  Each core has the capacity to frag out aspects in any direction:  up, down, side to side, and diagonally.  Do you see that person over there?  Who is he to you?  What part of you is HE?  How about that woman up the stairs there?  What part of her are YOU?  Foreward in time, backwards in time.  Parallel Existence, a Citizen of the Omniverse.     

Multidimensional Ship/Craft:   A term used by the Guides to describe a person's entire perceptual universe.  To them, Our Ship is a Now-Moment Vehicle, which is in already in motion, in transit, and our personal intention serves as pilot.  You are moving from 3D Limitation to 4D Access and beyond.  It all depends on how you set your inner compass.  (cp. Merkaba, above)

New Age:  This is a term which has come to mean many things in contemporary society.  Astrologically, it makes reference to a natural rotation which humanity is taking through all the signs of the Zodiac---a collective exploration of dominant characteristics and attributes attributed to each sign.  Each "Age" encompasses just over 2,000 years, during which time humanity takes on primary focuses for living represented by that sign.  Currently, humanity is in transit from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Whereas Piscean dominance (symbolized by the fish) encouraged us to become "fishers of men"........containing and defining ourselves through philosophy, government, religion, and science........Aquarian dominance (symbolized by the water bearer) seeks to release us, to pour forth that which has been contained, so that a free flow of emotion, personal expression, and unbridled creativity can prevail. 

New Age Movement:  A compilation of "bastard children" from various cultures, traditions, religions, and philosophies who no longer feel accepted by or attached to the societal forms which gave birth to them.  New Agers represent the "first wave" of energy that pours forth from the above-mentioned Aquarian Evolution, and they carry within them all the chaos, joy, spontaneity, and fervor which symbolizes the arrival of new freedom within an individual or collective reality.     

Now Moment, Now Moment Vehicle:  (from Recon Belteshazzar, see above)  "The Now Moment is a Multidimensional Vehicle that can take you anywhere and anywhen you desire.  The only thing you must remember is to KEEP YOUR HANDS AND FEET INSIDE THE CAR!"   

OBE, "Out of Body Experience":    See also Astral Journeys Sector.

(from Wikipedia): 

An out-of-body experience (OBE or sometimes OOBE), sometimes explained as a Wake-initiated lucid dream, is an experience that typically involves a sensation of floating outside of one's body and, in some cases, seeing one's physical body from a place outside one's body (autoscopy). About one in ten people claim to have had an out-of-body experience at some time in their lives.[1]

In some cases the phenomenon appears to occur spontaneously; in others it is associated with a near-death experience, use of psychedelic drugs, or a dream-like state. It is possible to induce the experience deliberately, for example through visualization while in a relaxed, meditative state. Recent studies have shown that OBEs can be induced by direct brain stimulation. Relatively little is known for sure about OBEs.[1]   MORE


Oneself: (see also All That Is, Higher Self) This term seems to be very satisfying to the Reconnections right now (Spring, 1998). It is non-specific, but very personal. It can be applied to everyone of us individually, or it can encompass the multiplicity of all in a collaborative way. It gets away from a specific "God" or "Goddess"---and, therefore, it is not defined or confined. It is used in many of the current writings.

Oneness Track:  A life path that is destined to return the traveler to a State of Oneness with everything and everyone.

Other Side, The:  A description of all reality that is not encapsulated or defined within a current 3D context of being.  For example: The Reconnections comprise the "other side" of each person who interacts with them.  They represent all of the aspects of that person's Expanded Self that he had to forget about in order to become human.  In short, they are "other sides" of him or her, the "shadow self," that has not yet been seen or contacted.  This same definition is true of each "alternative" reality that begins to interface with one's current physical reality context.  A Universe is one side of the Veil, and the Multiverse is what exists on the "Other Side" of that Veil.   

Outer World The manifestation of reality that has taken place beyond the skin covering that surrounds a person's physical body, or "first person" level of existence.    

Pathology:  A condition that develops within one human body that is directly connected to another body.  It is a projection (gift) from one or more bodies/personae, in order that its full impact may be experienced at a distance. Many physicians project and/or nurture pathology within their patients, so they might study the condition more closely, without being caught up in it.  As we have often pointed out, nothing can enter one's body or mind except by mutual contract.  And so it is that physicians and patients have a special dance relationship that is mutually satisfying and amusing, one with the other. (cp. disorder, schitzophrenia, bipolar disorder) Pathology:  A Gateway to Transformation, which is initiated when a portion of the Veil is opened or removed, allowing a merge of essence to occur--between two individuals or objects hosted within the same environment. (cp. disease, condition). 

P.E.C. Persons of Expanding Consciousness.  This term refers to an individual who has chosen the path of Reconnection to All That Is, including all the bumps and bruises that go along with letting go of our Veils of Forgetfulness and developing practical methods of interface with the rest of All That Is.   

Phase Shifting:  A term that is used by The Reconnections to describe the process of alternating consciousness between our human (limitation) self and our Expanded Self.....the "little picture" and the "Big Picture."   It's the "ground view" and the "bird's eye view".........flickering back and forth, as we go through our Now Moment experiences, which assists us in integrating the New Paradigm of Oneness as a fact and a part of life. 

Pitch:  The vibratory frequency of a person, object, or place. It carries with it the same essence and meaning as "signature vibration."   

Physicality: Another word for the state of being physical, or existing within the Limitation Plane.

Pilot Self:  A fragment of consciousness that is sent off to the Inner Planes, in order to make contact with alternative Soul Essences, living within alternative universes. A more complete description of this activity is laid out in the transmission Building Astral Bridges. 

Player in Limitation:  A term that is often used by the Guides to describe a 3D persona, acting out various scripts in physical form.  They often liken the 3D journey to playing a Video Game--so they will invoke this term, from time to time, as an expression of that analogy. 

Polarity, Polarized:  A magnetic field of attraction that is set up between two opposite energies or ideas. (see also the definition for Duality, above).  cp. Shadow Challenge 

Pranic Core:  The pneumatic "tube" that travels up and around the sushumna, or spinal canal, in Human Energy Anatomy.  It is a vortex of LIFE FORCE, that determines and/or influences the purpose and experience of the being represented each body. 

Primary Self:   A collection of characteristics and traits that function together to sustain an image of the First-Person Self that feels most congruent and, therefore, binds together the personality for optimal function in the physical world.  See "Primary Selves/Disowned Selves"

Prime, or Prime Factor:  A mathematical term, that denotes a number that can only be divided by itself and "1."   This term is often used by the Reconnections to denote a person who is in his "Christing" or "Reconnection Universe."  This is the incarnation where he (or she) gets to realize his Oneness with everything and everyone---and to integrate all these various wandering "aspects" back into his definition of who and what he is.   

Process, Processing:  A psychological term, borrowed from the World of Computer Technology, which refers to the act of considering, ruminating upon, feeling through, collating, classifying, and interpreting the experiences in one's life.    

Reality, Context of:  A set-apart space, within the Multiverse, wherein a specific set of rules and physical laws are laid down in order that a Game Format might run smoothly and congruently.

Reconnection Universe: Within the Multiverse (the wherehouse of alternative universes), there is a universe wherein everyone and everything that is seen there is prepared and ready to merge with All That Is. In that universe, the merge has not yet taken place---otherwise these conversations would not need to take place. This is an example of the condition which is referred to as being "on the verge," or "waiting to be ready." Truthfully, if you are reading this page right now, you have entered (albeit temporarily) the Reconnection Universe. Many come and go here. It's like a Grand Central Station of Transformation.  In this universe, we are exploring the twin concepts of Universal Oneness and Multidimensionality. Some think of it as a school.  But it is much more than that!  It is a UNIVERSE-ity, do you see?  A universe unto itself. 

Reconnection Process The process whereby a person in Limitation (physical form) begins to transform his or her image and perceptions of self from a 3D, separated being, to a multidimensional Oneself Being.   

Red Pill/Blue Pill:  An expression from the movie "The Matrix," where the lead character gets to decide whether or not he really wants to know the "truth" about life or not.  He is told:  "If you take the blue pill, you wake up in your bed, and you get to believe whatever you want to believe.  If you take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes!"

Santar, Recon Santar, The Santari (Extraterrestrial Race):  Shapeshifters.  Extremely loving beings.  Their indigenous state resembles what we know as a preying mantis.  Able to take on normal human form at will.  The Santari people are very active on Planet Earth at this time.  Recon Santar is an ambassador from this realm.  He was a contributor to the material on "The Extraterrestrial Factor in Human Consciousness."  I originally made contact with the Santari through the work of Sean Topping.

Seeds, Implants:  Time-Released Energetic Activators--hidden, like Easter Eggs, within a person's body.  They remain dormant until your universal vibration reaches a certain pitch.  When it does, the seed will open (like a computer program is opened), and install itself within your perceptual system.  It will be like an alternative self has sprung to life.  (cp. implants, modular personality constructs, walk-ins).  Terms used in this section come from different paradigms---ways of looking at life.  They are each quite relevant, when applied within the proper context.    

Selves:  (As utilized in conjunction with the healing modality known as "Voice Dialogue")  Holographic Fragments of human personality that are chipped off, sealed in a Veil of Forgetfulness, and deputized to perform certain observational and regulatory functions within a single individual.  (See also "Primary Selves")

Sense Modalities:  There are four Perceptual Modalities that are now being utilized by awakening individuals, as they go about their work of connecting 3D reality with 4D and beyond.  Many individuals function from more than one of these modalities, but all awakening individuals function from at least one.  They are as follows: 

  1. Clairvoyance:       An Inner Sense.  Clear Seeing, or what is called "The Gift of Second Sight." 
  2. Clairaudience:      An Inner Sense.  Clear Hearing of sounds and messages from the Inner Worlds.  
  3. Clairsentience:     An Inner Sense:  Clear Feeling. 
  4. Claircognizance:  An Inner Sense.  Clear Knowing.  The ability to KNOW, before you know HOW you know.

Separation (Limitation Focus):  The conscious belief that what is experienced within any context of reality is NOT an aspect of "Self," but the embodiment of "Other".......thereby making it a point of interest, fear, judgment, love, hate, resentment, etc.  Anything which produces a flux of emotion in a person is being processed from a Separation Viewpoint.  

Shadow Challenge:   An exercise in faith and visualization power.  When a person discovers that he has "taken sides" in some polarity issue--he will, in order to clear his bias, attempt to explore the other side of the issue by arguing the case of his opponent.  Since the Multiverse contains a universe which honors every possible/probable manifestation of everything.........there is ample supply of "materials" that could be accessed to easily win ANY side of ANY debate.  All we have to do is become "clear" enough to get at them.   The S.C. is a way for a person to "walk in another person's shoes"........using only his mind as feet. 

Shadow Work:  The art of naming and claiming the hidden elements of your Oneself Nature, based upon the reflections that are provided by people, things, and situations that manifest around you.  You look at them and you react, or your judge, or you glow with delight!  Why?  Because they are your mirror.  They show you clearly what you could not see on your own.  The usage and perfection of this process represents a majority of the purpose for relationship in a person's life.  The rest--companionship, collaboration, life purpose, and several others--will flow from this practice. 

Solaris Homily:  A traditional greeting, used by The Santar--a race of beings who are currently assisting the planet, during its most powerful time of transition.  One of their powers is the ability to appear as humans.  When seen clearly, without the benefit of "cloaking," they appear similar to what we know as a Praying Mantis.  They are quite loving beings, and very wise.  There is a transmission from Recon Santar (one of my Guides) in one of the articles from "The ET Factor in Human Consciousness."  "Solaris Homily" is a wish for "peace and fellowship," and it is often accompanied by a hand sign, which is two curled fists held together, knuckles to knuckles, with thumbs up (as a Praying Mantis would naturally stand).     

Signature Vibration: The specific frequency (within a reality spectrum) at which an individual entity vibrates. Everyone has a slightly different one, very much like an energetic fingerprint. In a sense, it could be said that each of us has our own channel on the radio dial.

"Silver Cord" (Astral Projection):  An Old Paradigm term.  A "link" between an Astral Body and a Physical Body, which allows a traveler to journey forth into "other realms," while still maintaining a connection to the origin of the journey.  In Oneness Concept, the new "silver cord" consists of our realization that "it's all me."  Beyond that, no other "link" is needed when we travel.  We always find our way "home" when we are exploring self.  That is because we never really left.   

Soul Contracts:  A linear term, depicting the pre-incarnate agreements that players in Limitation make with each other before they begin their Game in Limitation.  In some philosophical systems, this term would be synonymous with "karma," except for the clear emphasis that each participant is absolutely aware (on some level) of each Contract before it is ever dispatched.  For more expansion on this, see "How to Figure Things Out."

Soul Train:  The primary method utilized by the soul-self for integrating non-normal (even non-linear) information or sensory data.  The infusion enters a person tonally, by means of the Spirit.  Then, it works it's way to the mind.  Through a personalized method of "spiritual translation," the mind down steps these tones into images, words, sounds, or other modalities of human expression.  As the body-mind comes in contact with this new idea, an emotional response will (usually) follow.  If the emotional body accepts what is there (i.e. on faith), there may be no further need for detailed expression.  If not, the mind may by-pass the emotions and go right to physical manifestation.  This has the tonal effect of taking a monaural sound and replaying it in "stereo."   

Sponsors/Sponsorship (Etheric):  The visitation of an unfolding human, as he or she is the process of remembrance.  They are friends, relatives, Oneself Fellows, who have contracted to visit you when it is time to reconnect--to experience you as being human, measure your ability to handle more information, and drop off etheric "seeds" that will assist you in your unfoldment process.   

Star Gate:  A channel (conduit) of connection between an Earth location and some Celestial Body or Archetypal Concept.  A Star Gate is the manifestation of that famous expression "As above, so Below," as set forth in the principles of Ancient Alchemy.    

Star Children:  A subset of "New Kids" or "Children of the New Earth," characterized by expanded intellect, alteration of DNA structure, and close identification with the viewpoint and perspective of "Father Sky."  Also possessing varying degrees of mystical and intuitive powers, Star Kids and their parents often report early contact with Extraterrestrial Energys or UFOs.  Some well-known writers, such as Dr. Richard Boylan, use the criteria of documented alien contact as a defining point for Stars---whereas others, such as myself, are more allowing for variance in explaining the origin and development of these traits.         

Summary Lifetime, Summary Existence:  The lifetime within which you encounter those Bridge Concepts which will eventually lead you to Reconnection with the Oneself.  Within that holographic, Meta-Human Form there will be connection points that can put you into direct interface with everything and everyone (depending upon your life itinerary).  It is a Tapestry of Being, which contains "patches" that form a unique recipe--ever- changing, ever-expanding........exploring the wonder you are, throughout time and eternity.   

Synergy: The formation of a discreet and unified consciousness from any number of smaller, less integrated fragments of consciousness. See "Form Ego."

Telempathy:  The power to receive and/or transmit emotions between individuals.  This is a power that is most often utilized by empaths.  

Telescopic Nature:  The image of expanding out, section by section, like the telescope that is held in the hands of a ship's Captain.

Test Pilot:  An Aspect of the Meta-Human Brain, or ONESELF, which constitutes a BRIDGE TONE......or linkage, between 3D reality and the rest of All That Is.  It is a doorway, a conduit, through which energies come and go.  There are five Spiritual Gifts, or Bridge Tones which make up this Aspect:  Imagination, Modulation, Calibration, Transposition, and Conciliation.  See links for more information about these Gifts. 

Theos Energy:  That which tends to build up, collate, organize, and sustain.  The WORD made flesh.  Chi.  Circular, Systematic, Organized Systems.   

The Three Dimensional (3D) Construct (3D Space):   A Game Board, or programming interface, made up of images, sounds, feelings, and other modalities...... arranged within a set space, to portray and explore certain ideas and themes which need to be worked out at more Expanded Levels of Consciousness.  The 3D Construct has also been called "The Sketchpad of the Almighty."  The three dimensions involved are height, width, and depth.  A "dimension" is a measurement (or experience) of distance between two or more points in any given space. 

Tones:   Energy infusions, which often touch humanity on many levels.  A "tone" can be emotional (as in "I don't like the tone of this conversation"), or it can refer to a color, or a musical pitch.   Grammatically, it is a contraction of two words= "to one."  It is a meeting place of ideas, images, and concepts which usually serves as an access key into another dimension, often through the access of a Trans-Portal.   

Trans-Physicality:  The art of being able to shift or expand one's definition of self from one physical body to another, thereby gaining enhanced perspective about the nature and scope of our neighbor's viewpoint and physical experience.  This power is distinguished from Remote Viewing, which only involves seeing at a distance, or Shapeshifting, which generally involves a human taking on the attributes and viewpoint of an animal or physical object.   

Transformational Track:  A Reconnection Path in progress.  It is taken by a person who is returning Home to an experience of Self as a Universal Soul--a Hermetic Oneself.  It is a journey that involves the retrieval of (lost) aspects of self, embracing and owning them all--while still leaving space for more and more expansion..........on and on, forever.  It moves a soul from the Realm of "I Am".........through the 4D Corridor of "Suppose I were," and on into an infinity of alternative possibilities.    

Twenty-Twelve (2012)  (The Grand Acceleration):  Originally set by a culmination of Mayan Prophecies, dating back to 3113 B.C., the Winter Solstice of 2012 (December 21) represents an end to the Mayan Calendar or "The End Time," which gives birth to a whole new way of being (December 22, 2012)  One primary characteristic of this shift will be a releasing of humanity from servitude to time and time constructs.  The Reconnections speak about this new way of being as "The World of Time/No-Time."  Many spiritual traditions have adopted the year 2012 as a herald for their own version of "The Great Shift," and most agree that the exact date varies from group to group, and individual to individual.  This point is explored in depth in my series "Timeline for Transformation."   Not all references to 2012 are positive. There are several "end of the world" scenarios centered around this time as well.  The variations of these anticipated outcomes are examined by The Reconnections in their transmission "What's Ahead for the Planet Earth?"  

Universal Joints:   Areas of knowledge and experience that have no need, within most contexts of reality, to be questioned or expanded upon.  In a court of law, these types of facts are referred to as "stipulated evidence."  They are issues upon which all people can agree, so there is no longer a need to dispute them, or present evidence to establish them in the record of proceedings. 

Universal Oversoul: The Oneself Consciousness that is utilized to observe and process the root themes and issues that are being played out within each specific reality context. This Level of Beingness is capable of processing several individuated universes at the same time (in other words, multi-tracking), and integrating what is observed there into meaningful conclusions and insights which are instantly transmitted into Data Central within the Heart of All That Is.

The Veil, or Veils of Forgetfulness:   Semi-permeable etheric "membranes" which surround the consciousness of every person before he or she enters into the physical world. Like blinders on a horse, being driven through a busy city, the Veil allows each soul fragment to focus without distraction on the context of reality into which he has incarnated. Some people have very thick Veils, while others are continually troubled by Veils so thin that perceptions of "the other side" leak through, creating an experience of reality that can be disruptive, or even scary. When the term "other side" is used, it refers to existence outside the immediate Veil (or Veils) which surround each person. cp. Welcome to the Multiverse,

Vicarious Appropriation: A focused (or sometimes spontaneous) shift of personal identification that is effected by an individual, within a specific context of physical reality, in order to temporarily merge with another person, place, or object within that same reality. Originally done as part of a magical ritual or shamanic healing process, this practice is becoming more and more common as humankind continues our merge to Oneness. While involved in it, said individual aligns his or her concept of SELF with one or more object(s) of interest, uploading or downloading energies between the various fragments of individual personna that are involved in the merge.

Vortex:  A swirling flow of energy that grabs hold of people or things in its path, and pulls them in to become one with what is present there.  A tornado or hurricane is an intense example of this.  Vortexes can move clockwise, to pull and object or person into its center, or counter-clockwise, to repel that object or person away from itself.  

Within and Without:  From a perspective of Universal Oneness, that which is considered "within" a person is made up of all people, places, objects, or situations which he/she considers to be SELF.  That which is considered "without" are orphans, which he/she has either forgotten or disowned.  No longer is a person's 3D body or predominant personality the sole representation of who he or she is.  We are so much more than we think we are!  And our understanding of this keeps growing as we continue to open ourselves, and remember.   

Worker in Oneness:  An alternative phrase to "Lightworker" or "Dark Lord."  A person on the Path of Reconnection is all of these things and much, much more.  He (or She) is all of God a person could ever need, and all of the Devil He would ever hope to meet.  See Children of Oneness.  A Bridge Person.  A Neo-Shaman.  In the Multiverse, the term "balance" does not necessarily refer to someone or something that exists in the "middle" of the energy spectrum.  Rather, it refers to an individual (or situation) that is capable of going to whatever extreme is necessary, in order to bring a situation back to its Oneself Center--its realization of Unity, completely and perfectly expressed through Infinite Diversity.   

Zeitgeist:  Often used to describe a Universal Archetype, during a period of history.  It literally means "The Spirit of the Age."  

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