Another Transmission from The Reconnections..........

The God Self


My Dear Friends:

Integrating Personal Sovereignty and Divinity into one's concept of self does not have to be such a tall order.  It remains a difficulty for most humans because you have been taught (or rather, you have taught yourselves) to see God as the Universal Cause, while you were merely the effect.  He was the initiator, you are the responder.  He is the Bridegroom and you are the Bride.

The time for those images and attitudes, within this current universe, is now past.  The Wedding has already taken place.  You, of course, were RADIANT---and He was magnificent beyond belief.  Pictures are available upon request, as long as those that inquire are able to handle the energetic rush that will come from viewing them.  And that is just the point of this Transmission.  

You will notice that we speak of these things in a linear concept of reality---and that we describe the actual joining of Divinity and Humanity in the past tense.  It is extremely important that we do this if you are ever to get around to fully experiencing what you already are.    

In normal Earthly sequencing, being the bride always comes before being the wife.  There is a flash of glamour, a toast of celebration, and then the party is over.  The work begins.  Two people, who started out feeling so knit together by romance and anticipation, are thrust into a daily interface with life and with each other.  As time goes by, it becomes harder and harder to maintain the romance.  Eventually, only the really determined marriages survive.    

Joining with God is not like that.  To begin, you become a wife before you are able to experience yourself as the Bride.  Then, you become a Mother.  Your "children" are comprised of everyone and everything you see around you now.  They all came out of you---your belly, your soul.  You are co-creating this universe with God, the Father.  Though you are tangibly represented here in human form, your total "body" is more vast than you have ever imagined.  And you have designed yourself to grow into full consciousness even as it grows.        

Being steeped in Limitation Programming, humanity never really anticipated SURVIVING this wedding with God.  This is why there were so many predictions of disaster that are attached this concept of the Great Marriage.   You believe that your physical form is highly expendible, and expect to toss it away, along with your physical limitations.  After all, once The PRINCE arrives to carry away His Bride, there will be NO MORE NEED for Cinderella to toil among the embers, will there?  And there will be no more need for her to deal with those wicked step sisters either.  All will be bliss.    

But "all" is NOT bliss.  It's not any one thing, actually.  The idea of "all," by definition, has to include EVERYTHING .  Far more possibilities, in fact, than most Princesses can comprehend---as they fill their chests with hope, waiting for their Prince to come.  The universe calls out:  "Who wants to marry a millionaire?"  And immediately a trillion hands go up.  "I do!  I do!"    And so, The Wedding took place.  The marriage was completed, even before the Bride had a chance to see her Husband's face.  And even before her own Veil is lifted, she was made ONE with the God of all Creation.   

And now comes the living.  How do you do it?  How do you learn to exercise dominion in this universe of your creation?  How do you handle the incredible magnitude of who you really are?   This is a process of learning which you must go through before your Veil fully rise---before you can taste of being THE BRIDE.   


The whole focus of our instruction, concerning this transition from human to divine, pivots upon two small words:  "with" and "as."  Down through history, there have been many who have spoken about "becoming ONE WITH God."  

It's mentioned extensively in the Bible (John 17, for example), and writers have addressed the issue in a multitude of private texts as well.     But how can a person become ONE WITH something or someone?  The word "with" implies the presence of TWO or more beings.  The whole concept is incongruent.    

Your goal structure and terminology are SPLIT between universal and Multiversal concepts.  In the Multiverse, it is possible for you to be two (or more) places at once.  You can be MERGED with someone in one universe, and TOTALLY ESTRANGED from them in another universe.  And, you can even  ponder the difference between those relationships within the same consciousness, sitting in either universe.   

But each PLACE experiences itself as though it was the ONLY CONTEXT OF REALITY wherein those things are happening.  The presence of the Veil insures this, so as to preserve the integrity of the data that is being recorded there.  And, even now, most of you find yourself emotionally resting in the assumption (the illusion, really) that your current viewpoint of reality is built upon OBJECTIVE TRUTH, while all other ways of looking at things are merely shadows of speculation.          

In days to come, speaking again in a linear sense, changes will occur in your consciousness that will augment and expand each of your "single" viewpoints to include many other focus options as well.  To verify this, you need only to examine all the new designs for computer software that are hitting the shelves in your retail stores at this time.  These "virtual reality" programs, and the machines that run them, are PRACTICE SIMULATIONS for the future transformation of your human consciousness.  They are a preview of what can be accomplished when one single viewpoint is given an "upgrade."  And then, after you have comfortably integrated all of those possibilities, you will realize that you no longer need those machines in order to see things in that way.  They were there all along.   

But now, in this place of your are still looking out at your world through two eyes, hearing with two ears, and grappling with one single view of reality.  How then, do you integrate Divinity?  The answer is simple.  Instead of attempting to be ONE WITH God, you must learn to be One AS God.  Please let us explain.    


Your Reconnected viewpoint of the world is now beginning to include at least a mental recognition that everything and everyone is you.  And, if this is true, where is there a place to integrate God Consciousness?     That is where the human ego comes in handy.  If everything and everyone within your perception is a reflection of YOU, then that leaves your own viewpoint, your PERSONAL EYES, as a marvelous nesting place for God.  THEY will be mirrors of YOU, and YOU stand in the position of GOD.  Do you see?  It's a whole new level of the Game.     

The whole thing is merely perceptual, of course.  It has to be.  Being in physical form means being individuated and living in a duality.  But now, instead of focusing that duality on "you vs. them,"  let's make the duality about YOU FACE TO FAITH WITH GOD.  Let's allow the entire physical world to wear for you exactly how you are responding to the initiations of your Higher Self.  At the same time, let's allow your own heart and sensibilities to begin to feel and perceive as God does.       

It's a tremendous challenge, to be sure.  And, in the beginning, you will forget far more than you will remember.  But the exercise sounds intriguing, does it not?  As you walk about your daily world, you simply begin to initiate.  You ask for what you want, and you allow yourself to believe that what you want is also what GOD wants.   

Let's forget about judgement for this exercise.  Let's let go of commandments and rules.  You are living in a whole new universe now.  This is a universe where your transformation comes from the inside out.  If you desire something, you deserve to have it.  After all, the word "de-sire" literally means "of the Father."  God doesn't do things because they are right.  Things are right because God does them---isn't that true?  The buck, as it were, begins and ends with HIM.  Now lets act as if it begins and end with you.  

Are you worried that your God Self will become a tyrant?  Are you afraid that you will abuse your power?  Upon whom would you exercise your tyranny?  Remember, everything and everyone out there is YOU.  Isn't that what it means to "love your neighbor as yourself?"  If God in THIS universe strikes out at someone, it will be HE who feels the blow.  Likewise, if there is resistance to authority present in the land, those who incite it will also be those who feel the results.  In a very real way, an impending Reconnection with All That Is surely produces an end of what you call "karma."  You are both the giver and the also the receiver.     


This phase of your transformation is about SEEING AND UNDERSTANDING, perhaps for the first time.  Into your ego structure, God will send an upgraded sense of His perceptual acuity and sensitivity.  He will send NEW EYES with which to look upon old circumstances and patterns.   

The activation of this new "software", by the way, is what is causing your heightened sense of physical anxiety and restlessness at this time.  Your personal "patterns" are playing out, right in front of you, with undeniable clarity.  And, even if your conscious mind is refusing to allow those realizations in, there is still a comprehension (on some level) of what is being shown to you.  You can run, but you will not be able to hide from this.   

And, once you have begun to see and to feel from this new perspective---you will finally appreciate the DIVINE DILEMMA that has always been with you.  It is simply this:  Nothing dies. Nothing ever really goes away.  Even as the God has already washed the Earth with flood waters, frozen it with polar icecaps, and now stands poised to incinerate it with a breath of rage and indignation---it all remains, just as it always has been.  Like any good Rorschach Test, the world may change shape and form---but, in the end, it will always remind us of who we really are and what it is we are trying to hide.  

Breaking the mirror will not change the reflection.   But seeing old things from a new perspective can turn even the most world-weary housewife into a blushing Heavenly Bride.  By the time you are ready SEE HER, you will also be ready to BE HER. 

(End Transmission)

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