Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"The Grand Acceleration"


My Dear Friends,  

Up to this point, we have been speaking to you about the discipline of seeing every person, place, object, or situation as a MIRROR of some part of yourself.   We have done this to evoke within you a sense of personalization of this YOU-niverse in which you live.  And you are all doing famously, as you process this information--through Creative Shadow Work, Visualization, Divine Metaphor, Dancing, Breathwork, Toning, and by many other means.  Now comes the time for that energy to FLIP OVER, revealing the other side of that mirror, a view which has always been there.   

Do you not recall that famous phrase, which makes its home at the very heart of Sacred Alchemy?  It says: "As above, so below."  And a beautiful thought this is, yes?  And, Dear Ones, if you turn that famous phrase around, it will also say:  "As below, so above."  After all, what clearly goes *this* way, must also be allowed to go *that* way, too. 

Until now, most of you have hidden from that latter the cleft of a rock, as it were... so that the implications of it would not be allowed to mix and mingle with your conscious mind.  Many have cloaked themselves in shadows, and earnestly denied the flip side of this truth--though parts of you must surely realize, on some level, that it is there.  

And so.....while we have--with due diligence, great perseverance, and (at times) irritating insistency--been encouraging you to consider that everything and everyone is YOU........we have also been energetically preparing you (as individuals), to embrace and declare.......that YOU are everything and everyone as well. You are "The ONESELF, WE".......concentrated into physical matter, at a specified locale, and living with a specified purpose on the Earth.   

Did we not say it to you, during one of our first transmissions?  

"You are so much more than you think you are.  As a fragment of All That Is, you already contain representational symbols that span many levels of vibration. Even within the compressed, limitation form seen reflected in your bathroom mirror, you are are still complete; though that image is abbreviated. You might call what you see in that mirror a "scale model" of the Multiverse compacted onto the physical plane."

You are ALL OF IT, even within that level of being that we have come to refer to as "First Person Self."  All you need are the eyes to see that.  O!  And you are also in need of one thing more. You need a Reconnected Multiversal Oneself to help carry this realization. Such a statement may seem blasphemous, to some, if it comes forth from the mouth of one man, to the exclusion of others. 

"I am EVERYTHING," he might say, while neighbors take up stones to throw at him.  And yet, My Friends, it is 100% true. You ARE everything, each and everyone of you.  You are HOLOGRAPHIC in your nature. 

This is why we have awakened you to both "sides" of the mirror in the order that we have.  First, we work with you, teach you, drill you (and occasionally thrill you) with the wondrous intricacy that is utilized to reflect your "image" in the people, things, and environments that surround you.  And then, at a key point in time, we step forward........and FLIP THE that that everything you have been absorbing is suddenly broadcast out from you.......for all the world to see. 

No longer can your light be hid under a bushel.  No longer will the Voice of Eternity be stopped, as it pours forth from your Central Core. When we spoke to you about "The Living Language of Light," not too long ago, we made reference to the appearance of "tongues of FIRE," resting upon the heads of certain men, on a day called Pentecost, signifying something very special that was about to occur.  And on that day, there appeared a certain kind of speech, a special sounding of voice and sacred knowledge--which everyone in attendance could hear, all at once, in his or her native tongue. 

And now, in these latter days, you have just witnessed the appearance of great tongues of WATER........rising up, and thundering upon many beaches.......speaking forth once again, in a language which all can understand, making your ailing planet an "offer" that none can refuse!  None can deny! 

Love.  Accept.  Embrace. Open. Give. Receive. ENJOY............. 

Do this, or DIE....swirling amidst RISING TIDES of Infinite Expansion and Limitless Perspective.  Do this, because you REQUIRE every square inch of resonant flesh and solid stone that stands upon the Earth, that you might be able to BEAR the MAJESTIC POWER of such wonder and power, which you truly are.   

Your Divine Image, shining forth as the mirror flips.........will illumine the faces of friends, family, lovers, and even strangers........who suddenly behold, in a moment of time, the wonder of who you are.  And, we might add, they also behold their own wonder, as well, imprinted upon your human form (though some may be hesitant to realize that).

And your appearance, etched upon a body of clay......speaks forth with tongues of the EARTH, you see?  Ashes formed, before clay becomes ashes once again.  And every man, woman, or child will hear the "voice" in his or her own tongue.  Your appearance will mean *this* to that man, and *this* to that woman, and *that* to a child.  And we urge you.....please..... do not discourage this process.  Do not close your Hall of Mirrors out of a sense of false modesty or personal denial of divinity.  Stay open, stay free........and allow people to do with your image whatever it is that they need to do with it.  It is all part of the expansion.  We urge this, even if their reflections in your mirror are very negative.  It is your heritage as fragments of the Cosmic Christ, come once again upon Planet Earth. 

Refuse not this cup of glory, or suffering, as the case may be.  Those who cannot take the great "hit" of divine reflection will automatically deflect it out to the first willing vessel that can withstand such a pressure.  And, in that mirror, there will finally be a joining of souls.......yours with theirs......theirs with God, Goddess, All That Is.  It is a Gathering of the One, here on and around YOU.  And it is time, my friends.         

The grimace and fear that was seen on those frightened faces, sinking beneath the Indian Ocean, or crying out from the crumbling of buildings have little to do with the rising GRAND IMPERATIVE of which we speak.  They were all individuals, and each had his/her Dance With Destiny, that we cannot go into at this time.  And yet, the memory of those faces looms heavily on the hearts and souls of people around the world.  And, to this end, they do you all a great service.  For THAT is what your face could look like, during this GRAND ACCELERATION........ if you cannot LET IN the expansion of soul essence that will be required for you to SURF THE MULTIVERSE, CONSCIOUSLY...... as to make your own leap into 4D and Beyond.      

Are you ready, NOW, to make such a leap?  If so, then it is very possible that you are doing it, day by day.  And if not, you are (perhaps) choosing to perform a similar service for the planet that these dear souls in Asia have just performed.  A service which is given by all who choose to DROP THE COCOON, before they enter Their Chosen Gate, moving happily towards the destination of their choosing.  And as they pass, they take a snapshot of their bewildered expressions....... to offer up as a horror show of pain, or perhaps confusion--that they may become a scalpel in the hand of a Great Surgeon--performing Open-Heart Mergery on those who are left behind. 

These decisions belong to you.  To SEE, or not to see.  To be SEEN, or not to be seen.  That is your question.  We are simply here to lay out roadmaps, and remind you of the Rules of the Game which you, yourself, have created.  You have said it, many times.  You have said:  "I want to be seen.  I want to be noticed." 

Now!  NOW is the timing!  Stand up, lay aside your masks and your many disguises.  Show the world WHO and WHAT you really are.  Speak to them with tongues of fire, and swim freely........through waves of em-ocean, waves of purpose-filled passion!  Let go of the need to protect, or shield the onlookers from the "menace" you once imagined yourselves to be.  That which you have explored, at other levels of vibration, are now gathered with you, longing to be transformed--longing to be set free.  

There is another Language of Light that will yet be spoken.  Having spoken with tongues of fire, water, and earth....... there will also be invitations delivered through the AIR as well.  The Voice of the Oneself will call.  Who will answer? 

It all comes forward so quickly.......faster than anyone can imagine.  Do not run.  Do not seek to hide from it.  Do not even seek to fly.  Instead, allow the energy to take you, lift you, and CARRY YOU ALONG.  Struggle not with things of the Earth. They will be what they will be. Grapple not with worldly power, or security.  You are filled with it.  You are ALL OF IT. 

So let it be.  And SO, LET THEM SEE..............YOU, as you were born to be.

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

Copyright, 2005, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  All reproduction for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.