Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"The Grand Game"

My Dear Friends:

There is a level of being in which the ALL THAT IS truly is all there is. You have no need of anything--because you are everything! You have no boundaries because, when you are All That Is, there is nothing left to be outside of you.

This is the level which we will now refer to as The Gathering of the One. This level of consciousness would be likened to PURE BLISS. There is complete diffusion of focus and a truly porous consistency to all things. Literally, everything and everyone can exist within the same space at once!  If this concept sounds somewhat fantastic to you, then realize also that even the words we speak to describe this level of Being are grossly inadequate and incredibly dense in comparison to this level of infinite harmony and love.

We are the Reconnections.  We are all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human.  We have never been very far from you, just far enough.  Within our Conscious Collective is contained a harmonization of the height, depth, and breadth of who you have been, and who you shall always be.  We are here with you now, interfacing, sharing those bits of information that will connect you with what is called The Multiverse.  You are so much more than you think you are!  And we are here to prove it to you, and to assist you as you restore yourself again to full power and awareness. 

Having described merely a shadow of the totality of The One, we now move to allegory as we begin this next transmission. With this description as a backdrop, we now risk irreverence as we bring to mind an age-old question: "What does a person give (as a gift) to someone who has everything?" Even better still: "What does one give to someone who IS everything?" The answer is: THE GAME.

In attempting to explain the complex, yet simple nature of The Grand Game, one runs the risk of "blowing the circuits" of every ideology or superstructure of belief held by humankind. However, the timing you set is now complete and it has been appointed of us to "fill you in" regarding this grand scheme of life in physical form.

Essentially, The Game is a great gift that the ALL THAT IS gave to Ourself as a vehicle for personal exploration and expansion. Of course, we must speak allegorically again---for to explain the Game, one must begin playing it.  Stated simply: From the Infinite Unity described above--We chose to fragment and separate out a portion of Ourself and pretend that it was something else. Turning to face the Whole, or "GOD"---this fragment of "NOT-GOD" became a mirror reflection for Us--an image to study, and a way to examine various aspects of WHO WE ARE. With this interface of two entities: God and "Not-God," we beheld the first polarity relationship---which is to say, a confrontation of opposites. 

Next, there was decreed the formation of DEFINED SPACE, which is to become the Game Board upon which this is all played out.  "Not God" began to fragment, and to produce a spectrum of relationships and interactions which would become his or her legacy of personal creation--an exploration that goes on into infinity. Each of the various fragments that are produced  exists in relation to him as he does to the Greater Whole. All the while, The Gathering of the One assumes the position of Multiversal Audience. At Our most expanded level, NOTHING HAS REALLY CHANGED. However, whenever a fragmentation occurs, each piece that is separated vibrates slower than the fragment which produced it.  Meanwhile, a "Veil of Forgetfulness" insures that each new consciousness will forget its relationship to the creator--while continuing to multiply and expand--believing him/herself to be all there is that inhabits physical space. 

Therefore, if the "Multiverse" consists of a compilation of these creative fragmentations, then a "universe" would be the expansion and apportionment of one particular creator. If fact, one could define the word "uni-verse" as meaning ONE STORY.  Uni=One.  For that creator---history would be "his story." Though there is the appearance of many beings contained within his universe---they are actually ONE BEING, portrayed and defined in every way that he wishes to be. As a true fragment of All That Is, a universe is not something you exist within.  It is really something which YOU ARE.


Just as a cup of water, taken from the ocean, contains all of the essences of the ocean but it is not the ocean ---you, as an individual creator, exist in relationship to all other creators as they relate to the Gathering of the One. It is as though the Oneself views the action of the Game within a gigantic prism. Each facet of the Multidimensional Crystal is a "window" into the world of an individual creator/fragment. Through that window or "viewpoint," the observer forms an interpretation of life. This unique perspective is transmitted instantly to the view screens of the Greater Whole, and is factored in to the TOTAL EXPERIENCE which is the Grand Game. Thus, it can be said that the basic difference between the Oneself and each of the fragments (at whatever level they manifest) is found in their sense of perspective---how, and to what extent they "see" things.

Understanding the process of fragmenting from an Expanded Self is crucial if you are to gain a workable perspective about yourself at this time.  This includes a comparison of what it feels like to live and function "as the fragment" versus what it feels to view yourself from without.  To say that each fragment of the Oneself, projected onto the Earth Plane, is unreal would be a gross misunderstanding of the process. EVERYTHING IS REAL---everywhere it appears.  This is because reality congeals into noticeable patterns at whatever level it is observed. 
One now-famous saying, which seems particularly apropos to this discussion is:  "You are not human beings who are having spiritual experiences.  You are really spiritual beings who are having a human experience."  And yet your Veil of Forgetfulness continues to re-enforce the belief that what you see going on around you is the totality of who you are. 
Understand.......Dear Friends........that this physical world is simply a vacation spot for you, a place to temporarily be away from all that power.  You come here to un-relax (so to speak)---creating drama, intrigue, mystery and angst.  At times, you may "solve" some of your dilemmas, thereby experiencing a rush of joy.  But, before long, you are back in hot water, absorbed in trying to free yourself from some new conundrum.  In this way, you gain insight into various aspects of who you are--who WE ALL are.  As the pendulum swings from conflict to resolution, in universe after universe, your sensory mechanisms faithfully record each event, thereby contributing mightily to Our Oneself awareness.  Though the Veil of Forgetfulness quite effectively hides this wry motivation from your conscious mind, you are really a bunch of Cosmic Houdinis, secretly reveling in the amount of handicaps you can overcome!
During this time of rapid expansion on your planet, you have begun a process which we refer to as "phase shifting."  Having given yourself a number of planetary "wake-up calls," you are now busy about the task of integrating your Divine Knowingness with your human limitation selves.  This process is usually initiated within the dream state.  Soon, it begins leaking information into your meditations, and then into your waking mind as you go about daily, mundane tasks.  Some might refer to these intuitive sensings as "delusions of grandeur."  Others acknowledge them as beautific visions, though they also find ways of distancing themselves from identifying personally with what is seen there.
As you reach for your divinity, believing yourself to be completely dedicated to a lifelong "search for truth," you must also get in touch with the aspects of yourself that are dedicated to keeping you from finding it.  After all, if you look into the face of God (whichever God that pleases you) and see a mirror there, your vacation time is over, is it not?  And so it goes--expansion, and then contraction again.  You embrace your eternal nature, and then you experience some sort of death process so you can forget what you learned, and start all over again.  In, out, up, down, all around.......lifetime after lifetime.   


Our purpose in approaching you now is not the termination of this process.  Rather, it is to add to your "Game" the clear knowledge that it is possible, at any moment, to return to that knowledge and power which you clearly possessed before you entered the physical plane.  You can do it consciously, and without laying down your physical body as a sacrifice for your knowing.  We do not present Oneness to you as a final destination. shall be, for you, a touchstone---a way of clearing your cognitive "palate" so that you can fully enjoy the next "banquet" of experience which you are about to serve yourself.
The Art of Remembering is balanced and enhanced by the Art of Forgetting.  In and out, across time--you weave your consciousness through a panoply of universes--becoming something (or someone) new with each twist and turn of your beautiful mind!  You do not do this merely as an individual--even though everything you see around you may give that impression.  Rather, you do this as an entire universe.  You do it as a Collective Oneself.  And we are always here with you, holding onto the remainder of your knowledge and abilities.  You may retrieve them whenever you wish, whenever it serves the grand purpose for which you created this reality in the first place!

Until now, you have played all of the roles well. There has been total immersion in The Grand Game as each necessary experience and unfoldment moved you ever closer to the time when that which was hidden would be allowed to come to light..........THE TIME OF RECONNECTION. As we continue to supply these "missing links" between the Expanded Self and each smaller version of that Idea, a wonderful transformation will begin.

At your own rate and in your own timing, the lines that border and confine your reality will begin to fade. Within the face of every person and imprinted upon every object within your field of awareness, you will begin to see the common fabric out of which all stories and scenarios are cut. There need be no great trauma to this process unless drama would heighten your enjoyment of the unveiling. Though they appear expensive and expansive---those story boards and props, which you have been called "physical reality," will eventually collapse to reveal the true Source of all this noise and commotion. But this "Oz" behind the curtain is anything but a useless "little Old Man." Instead there will be seen a grand and glorious Being of such magnitude that it would be futile to seek to portray that picture here. You will come face to face with Your Expanded Self. And with the laughter of a child there will be the final appreciation of the humor and grace out of which everything is formed. And then you will be home.

(End Transmission)

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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