Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"Living At Ground Zero"


My Dear Friends:

Now is a time of great upheaval upon Planet Earth.  Sabers are rattling, while tempers flare.  News cameras flash, and interviewers are toadying for their next big 'break' in the transformation story of the ages.  Their most common error is that they too often seek for "news" in the wrong direction!  They are looking outward, all around.  But the greater enactment of this process now lies within each of you.  And it is to those internal "screens" that we call you now, for the featured attraction is about to begin!

We once told you that the event, popularly known as "Armageddon," was already being fought, on the Planes of the Imagination, at the Gateway which leads to the Multiverse.  In essence, it has been a war of thought forms, a crisis of values and ideals.  It is as though the ruling elements of your internal realms have been battling over the PRIORITIES OF YOUR LIFE, so that the victor could seize control of your "Multidimensional Ship," and set its compass for the next destination in your journey across time and space.

We are the Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human.  We've never been very far from you--just far enough.  We are a Conscious Collective that has volunteered to serve humanity during this powerful time.  Upon request, we will function as a search engine into your own storehouse of ancient knowledge and wisdom. At other times, we may also act as Tour Guide, for your journey through the corridors of possible/probable existence.  

Soon will the outcome of this great battle be made known to all people!  Each of you, in your own way, and by your own hand-- has now risen or fallen upon that inner field.  It is already done. It is complete. What is seen here now is simply a revelation of choices which you have made.  There is no condemnation.  there is only learning.  And everything and everyone around you is playing out each facet of who you are.  You are not one of many.  You are really many of one!    

We speak now in the style of linear thought, so that your 3D mind can absorb and integrate these important lessons quickly and easily.  Rather than seeing your world, at this time, as an unfolding mystery that needs to be "solved," it is far more useful for you to engage with it as a motion picture that has already been filmed--a finished product that is now being premiered for your pleasure and enjoyment.  If you can do this, your personal stress levels will be held to manageable limits.  You will be activated and excited, without being injured or destroyed!  And so, we begin.  


We have explained previously that your entire Oneself Universe is laid out in three distinct levels.  These are grouped together as First-Person, Second-Person, and Third-Person Circles of Involvement.  You may want to review this material, called "Levels of Self" before proceeding.  These areas of focus begin with your physical body (1st Person Level), and move outward to encompass everything and everyone around you.  

At this powerful time, it is most important that each of you tune-in to your 3D experience from a Spectator (3rd Person) Level first--becoming more actively involved with what is unfolding in proportion to your ability to ride the energy, instead of trying to control or direct it.  If, at any time, you sense that you have become "hooked" by an outward situation, it is best for you to back off, leaving room to gain a new perspective before seeking to alter what is occurring.   

By attempting to live deliberately, you lose freedom (you DE-LIBERATE YOURSELF) and miss the spontaneity and joy that is your heritage.  By trying to protect yourself or others from what may come out of your mouth, or flow through your hands--you lock up vital energy centers, and jam internal "gears."  This, my friends, will hurt you more than help.  Things are moving too quickly now.  The Ego Level of Self was designed to ride in the passenger's seat.  It is not qualified to pilot the ship!       

Case in point.  The whole of your political system is reverberating with talk of "Weapons of Mass Destruction."  There is concern in your world, because huge changes are underway.  Always, in your Collective Memory, such changes have been a harbinger of doom for some society, some way of life.  Entire civilizations have gone under, in the blink of an eye--warned of their demise by nothing more than the same uneasiness that you feel within you now.  Is it any wonder that your sleep is troubled, and your minds are distracted?

The expression "Mass Destruction" has a deeper meaning than mere population control.  And, despite what may seem like malevolent intent, from certain individuals toward others--the process of "Mass Destruction" does not need to be a bad thing.  In fact, it is crucial if you are to realize the freedom that you have so craved in recent days.


What is it that weighs you down, holds you in chains, so that you cannot move and breathe freely?  Attachments?  Possessions?  Addictions to flesh and to substance?   Prepare to release it, for that is the price of your freedom.  

The feeling that such release will bring about death--especially to the planet--is a demon that indwells all who suffer the bondage of attachment.  And the Planet smiles, as it witnesses this touching (though terribly egocentric) attitude that is held by humanity.  The Earth Mother understands the need for the continual shifting and re-arrangement that comes with being eternal.  Soon, you will understand as well.      

Many times have you heard these words:  "I will surely die if __________ (thus and so) happens........"  

It has become quite normal and natural to be this way.  A person cannot picture life without a certain mate, a job, a child, a role, a reputation, a bank account, or whatever.  But life does go on!  To be without a COUNTRY is, for some, even more unthinkable.  The attachments to nationalistic "roots," tradition, and group responsibility have run strong for thousands of years, and they keep many people going.  People have fought and died for such things.  But never before have they been called upon to DIE TO these same things.  

It is what you cling to OUT THERE, what you use for your IDENTITY, which forms the MASS DENSITY that holds you tightly within this restricted vibratory format.  At your core essence, you are but a point-of-view.  But as such, you are irreplaceable.  You may share yourself with another, but your point of view can never be lost or stolen.  Do you get that?  And sometimes, you will be called upon to let go of your present form or "position," so that this precious point-of-view can be expanded, and accessed even more deeply by the Oneself than ever before.

The current situation is requiring every person to step to the "line" and admit what it is that makes him tick--what his values are.  As stock markets crumble, and jobs disappear, there will be new "choices" that must be made, concerning how you will define and focus yourselves.  Families will disintegrate, and will be replaced by newer, freer forms of community.  Philosophies and Religions are also being cast aside, in favor of simply allowing the Now Moment to expand and explain itself as it will.     

THIS is the essence of the "Armaggedon" of mind and heart.  For certain people, the battle was over long ago.  Having sold their souls to whatever "Master" gave the highest bid, there is really nothing much left to transform.  You will soon see them departing your reality EN MASSE.  So be it.  In this universe, they were "extras" (speaking in the motion picture sense), to offer reflection and to other gifts.  But in the universes of their own creation, they can now move on to be stars.  

Certain endings only APPEAR horrible, to those left behind.  And this is entirely by group contract, so that the fear which is generated can serve to hold you all in a state of awe and amazement, until you find your own form of transformation and freedom.  Such is the state of your recent loss of the Space Shuttle ColumbiaThe explosive re-entry of this physical form, back into the AT-MOST-FEAR of Earth at this time, is quite symbolic of what goes on daily, with many human souls.  They meditate and expand, pondering how life could or should be if the world was centered in love--and then they try to "land," and compare that
vision with a world in turmoil and pain. For some, the price of returning is too high, and they find various ways to burn themselves up.     


The universe is getting ready to infuse all life with a new and expanded sense of itself.  Certain elements, which have previously been classified as "Extraterrestrial," are about to rain down upon your planet a whole host of energetic "upgrades" and balancing tones.  This wave of activation will commence quite soon, and will complete itself by late summer or early fall.  

To prepare for this, beings which you have known as "Ultraterrestrial" (such as Faeries, Elves, Devas, and the like) will be renewing their alliance with humankind in order to deflect and curtail the Dark Forces that normally block these infusions.  The opposition may manifest as financial crises, political turmoil, breakdowns in personal relationships, disease, despair, and even the appearance of complete emotional breakdown.

You might say that the "little people" have volunteered to serve as your SEAT BELTS, to hold you all secure as your Multidimensional Ship begins to take flight.  By doing this, they also ground themselves into the journey.  After all.........they, too.......WANT TO GO!!!  Therefore, it is a mutually beneficial contract--wouldn't you say?    

As you compare and contrast the physical appearance, purpose, species, and function of ETs and Ultraterrestrials, you may notice that they seem to be very much the same.  This is due to the fact that they position themselves around your sleeping 3D Personna in correspondent ways.  The ETs traditionally hang on to the fragmented aspects of the Inner Parent, while the Elves and the Fae tend to care for your Disowned or Stolen Child.  These delineations, of course, have exceptions.  But mostly, the energies tend to divide themselves somewhat along these lines.  

With this in mind, your current unfoldment may now begin to experience a FUN-damental renewal of a child-like mind and heart--bringing to remembrance a time when you were more accessible to "secret playmates" and "faery friends."  But this time around, no one will be able to explain them away, or ridicule you.  Soon the whole world will recognize and transact with Ultraterrestrials--embracing them as true and precious aspects of the Planetary Oneself.   More will be spoken about this in later transmissions.  

Having done so, many of you will also receive celestial "downloads," in the form of modular personality constructs from other dimensions.  They will serve as catalysts for a rebuilding of yourselves here, in this expanding 3D reality.  They are actually adaptations of entire "sections" or "sub-sections" of your own vibratory essence in other planes, dropping in to lend a helping hand.  This is an expanded, natural progression of what we shared with you last year, in our material on Building Astral Bridges. 

If need be, portions of your being that have become damaged or distressed during these harsh times, will be taken to special chambers or rehabilitating environments, where their healing may be attended to.  The Elves and the Fae are long familiar with this process, and even now are assisting as the "Changelings" are introduced into mainstream society.  Remember, it is ALL YOU, regardless of the dimensions involved.  What then is there to fear?     

These things we speak now, because we do not wish you to be ignorant of the miracles that are springing up all around you.  Do not sleep too long and miss the party, my friends.  It is precious, and marvelous and full of wonder.  And in our eyes, so are each of you!     


<end transmission>