Healing and Healthcare

"At the most basic level, the only healing that is ever needed is complete awareness.  We cannot emphasize this enough.  The basic adage of "know thyself" is foundational to all growth, health, and attainment." 

-The Reconnections


  The word "normal" is often used when doctors congregate. Many a patient, when receiving a report of findings from his primary care physician, will tend to SHAKE OFF all the technical  jargon---asking instead that all-pervasive question of the hour:  "But Doc, is that NORMAL?"

Words are interesting. They reveal a lot---particularly when you measure their manifold usage in any particular culture. The word "cure" has other meanings as well. Diseases are said to be "cured." Some diseases are said to be "incurable." Add an accent mark to the "e" in "cure" and the word, in French, means "priest ."  Truly, the physicians of today have become "priests" of a very special and important religion.

Doctors might be called the High Priests of Health Care, and "Keepers of the Norm."  If that "Norm" is missing, the patients want to get it back. Naturally, where there is a market there is soon a commodity to sell---huge lines of products and procedures have been developed to either preserve, protect, and re-install that which is normal in human bodily function.

This transformation in the male icon is your sign that Global Transmutation is upon you.  Women striving to gain control (in society) is simply another reaction to outward circumstance.  Though it has some temporary cathartic value for them, it is really the softening of male pride and aggression that will finally turn the tide of your planetary energy.       

  Let us suggest to you a new definition for emotion.  Stated simply, e-motion is ENERGY IN MOTION Genuine e-motion flows gently, freely--- unhindered by the need or the desire for control.  It simply is what it is.  It also allows others to be what they are.  Being unattached to outcomes, e-motion actually seems to move right through any obstacles, like a fog moving through a sleeping city.  

  Each and everyone of you has thousands upon thousands of e-motions going on within you at any one moment.  However, most of you miss them because of the intensive body-based control issues that have been programmed into you.  Do you wish to unblock those daily stalemates that are playing themselves out in your bodies and minds?  All you have to do is shift your attention away from them for a moment and begin to focus upon the more subtle energies that have been flowing in and around you since the very beginning.   

Your living e-motions are entities unto themselves.  Mostly, they are transient in nature.  They move through you, arriving from or going to other destinations.  They are children at play.  They have no consuming interest in you.  In fact, they are nearly oblivious to the fact that you (as a separate entity) exist.  That's what makes them so dear.  They have their obvious agendas, and they are assuming responsibility for realizing those goals.  It is you who must become interested in them.  They are your teachers, your guides.   That which appears only on the surface has many gifts for you, hidden beneath!  Take time to look, take time to examine. 


Some Interesting Insights About Food and Body Function

"Among the primary symptoms of Global Transmutation that are being studied at this time are complaints about energy surges in the body, tingling and numbness in the limbs and face, and neurological weakness and fatigue.  

Depression is another major component that is drawing lots of interest.  After all, the emotional body has been repressed and anesthetized. Doesn't it make sense that a large part of you would feel dead?"   

                      -The Reconnections.

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"O swear not by the moon, th' inconstant moon
That monthly changes in her circled orb,
Lest that thy love prove likewise variable."

Romeo and Juliet










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