By Daniel Jacob

Art by Nan Deressa


"He did all he could."  

"She did all that she was able to do."  

"They did what they could.  It was all they had."   

"You are doing the best you can."

"I am doing all that I can do."    

In the process of developing heart and soul resonance, with others or within ourselves, these few declarations are among the most liberating, healing sounds a person can ever speak or hear.  They are medicine for a weary mind-- a healing balm that, if believed and truly embraced, can refocus a life, and quiet the spasms of an aching psyche.   

But these are not fashionable attitudes in today's society.  So they are usually applied very late in the game--and only after considerable damage has been done to our self esteem, or that of the people around us.  Trying, reaching, striving for perfection, many of us cannot allow our minds to entertain the notion that whatever image stares back at us in our bathroom mirror is all we can be in this present moment.  It feels strange, even frightening to allow such a feeling to find a home in our heart.   

Jack Nicholson, in a recent movie, played a whimsical yet irritating character--a curmudgeon, who looked at his world with extremely cynical eyes.  In one scene, he ran through the waiting room of a prominent psychiatrist's office, looked into the troubled faces of those waiting to see the doctor, saying:  "What if this is as good as it gets?"  He then sped out the room, leaving looks of shock and dismay on the patient's faces.  It was priceless. When I saw it, a part of me laughed and a part of me cringed. How dare he suggest that our lives are unfolding exactly as they are meant to be?    

There is a weird kind of comfort that can be derived from believing that we holding back in life, allocating only a portion who we are to the tasks at hand.  We tell ourselves "I just don't feel motivated today, so this is all I am willing to do."  We need to believe that we could always do more, be more.  The guilt and shame that flows from this belief rarely succeeds in producing change. And so, many of us conclude that we are just lazy, inconsiderate, or unwilling to succeed. 

Such attitudes do not flow from our sacred core--even though we wear them daily, like a pair of comfortable old shoes. They are implants--tortuous concepts that have been downloaded into us by generations who have come before. Even though they didn't do much for our forefathers either, these thorns are dutifully pressed into our souls just the same. The Reconnections call them "seat belts," because, for a time, they do such a great job of holding a divine soul in a state of limitation and ego-based fear.


In their transmission entitled "Pleasure and Pain in Transformation," The Reconnections have this to say to us, regarding our journey into 3D:  

"You come here to the physical dimension from a place where you can do or have anything, just by thinking it.  Being in a place of limitation and despair is quite a vacation for someone that powerful.  And truly, it is only for a season, a micro-second in the flow of eternity.  And the connected, expanded parts of you who realize this are doing everything they can to insure that you get to suck every drop of juice from your "lemons" of 3D drama, before you allow yourself to rise again to power and glory.    

Though the Veil of Forgetfulness quite effectively hides this wry motivation from your conscious minds, you are really a bunch of Cosmic Houdinis, trying to outdo each other in the number of handicaps you can overcome.  Of course, when the pendulum swings to pleasure again, the feelings are so much sweeter because of their contrast to the pain."

Do we really get that?  We came here to be limited!  Limited, challenged, and hung out to dry!  That's quite a reversal on what most of us were taught growing up.  Most of us heard that we came here to be happy.  But really, that's just surface stuff.  Someone else once said:  "You're not human beings who have spiritual experiences.  You're really spiritual beings who are having a human experience." 

At a key time in our journey, once our "Itinerary in Limitation" has been fulfilled, we begin to wake up.  The Recons continue, in one of their other transmissions:  

"Since this is only an experiment in limitation, you included within your programming a time-released mechanism that, at a pre-appointed interval---would activate and begin the termination of the Veil, allowing you not only to perceive, but also to travel beyond the borderlines of the 3D plane upon which you exist. When complete, this "waking up of the dreamer" would reintroduce you back into The Greater Whole, where you would again have access to knowledge of all your Expanded Self."

And so... the plot thickens.  Our whole Earth Vacation is a dream, and we're the Cosmic Dreamer.  At an appointed time, we allow ourselves to wake, and restore ourselves to as much of our "former estate" as this Planetary Body can carry.  The rest of who we are is stored, in Conscious Collectives (such as The Reconnections), and handed to us when we need it.  Part of opening to all that power and grace involves the realization that we are far more than a single ego and physical vehicle can express.  Our central programming flows from a Oneself Consciousness that always knows the ending from the beginning, and always understands.   

During this powerful time of heart and soul alignment, Spirit now comes to us with the very same question that Jack Nicholson's character verbalized in that movie.  "What if this is as good as it gets?  What if, right here and now, you are the best you can be, doing the very best you can?"   

Most people get jammed up because they feel they aren't trying hard enough to grow.  In truth, the exact opposite is true.  They try too hard, then blow their circuits out.  This is the primary causative factor for nervous dysfunctions, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Multiple Sclerosis.   

We blink as we consider all this, and then hurry off to perform our next task.  We work out, we train, we strategize......... we hurry, hurry........ bending and contorting our emotions in order to reach just a little higher, and go just a little further.  Do we end up satisfied?  Sometimes.....but only for a season.  All satisfaction is just for a season, and then the pendulum must swing the other way.  Learning to ride the tide of these currents is what sets us firmly back into our seat of power.  It's all fine, it's all me, and it's all enough!  For more info on this type of thinking, take a look at: "How to Figure Stuff Out"  www.reconnections.net/how_to_figure.htm 


I have spent 20 years doing Muscular Rehabilitation and Stress Management.  I have seen some of the carnage that the adage "No pain, no gain" has wrought.  I have also seen the "success" that striving for excellence can bring.  How do you define "success?"  Is it quantity of life or quality of life?  Is it power or peace?   Though I fully realize that there doesn't have to be an "either/or" in these options, let's pretend there does.     

Human stress is caused by one of two things.  Either we force ourselves to do something that we don't want to do, or we keep ourselves from doing something we do want to do.  With either mindset-- the forcing or the restraint--comes a mandate for growth that feels unnatural.  It is contrived and feigned.  But remember, we have generations of this type of stress motivation standing behind us, pushing us onward.  This personal programming goes right down to the DNA!   

If we are able to push through our stress, and accomplish something--despite the creaking and groaning of our heart--a pride pattern gets installed.  We know it is there, by noticing the attitude we have when seeing another person fail at something we have forced ourselves to do.  If you can't quite live up to your "shoulds" and "oughts".........then a feeling of shame or discouragement is the result.  The Reconnections call this "ought-ism."  Those who do what they truly love, in any moment, are too busy enjoying life to feel proud or anxious. Their only focus is living.

As our planet speeds forward, moving from 3D living to 4D and beyond--it becomes a huge movie screen, onto which images are being cast.  The Sun (symbolizing conscious awareness) is the light that flows through the projector.  The planets or celestial bodies that come between us and the Sun are like colored filters, through which light is altered and refocused.  Each celestial body has its own essence and flavor that it brings to the screen. 

Venus is about love, letting go, accepting, and embracing what is before us. NON-RESISTANCE.  As our planetary pitch of energy increases, we will have less and less strength to maintain facades or pretense.  Little by little, effort and "willpower" will give way to a gentler, more authentic energy.  Each phase of our "awakening" will be precious--and, every step along the way, we are doing the best we can.   

There is no holding back, no cheating life of the "rest" of who we are.  There never was.  There was no "age of accountability" in a person's life, when the universe begins keeping score.  As children, we instinctively knew........right from the beginning.  As adults, we know no more than we did then.  We simply labor under the weight of our collective definitions, that is all.  All of the separationist implants, criticisms, ideals, and crusades.........all the thorns and internal prodding and poking, are simply MENTAL CONSTRUCTS.......Guardian Spirits.......designed to hold us in a place of limitation and weakness, for a time.  As Master Yoda said to his Jedi apprentice:  "Either DO or DO NOT..........there is no try."  And really, there is no holding back, either.  It was illusion.   

Knowledge is everywhere, power is everywhere.  And we are all of it, each one of us.  That is so because we are everything.  But here, in this place........in this dimension of being, feeling, knowing, touching...... we have chosen to  simply be something.  That expression changes from moment to moment.  And then it lasts for just a moment.  While it lasts, it seems that this is all we are.  That is the gift of physical life, and it is a tremendous gift.  We are snapshots of physical experience and sacred circumstance!  Enjoy it, relish the idea, and embrace fully who you perceive yourself to be.  

Whoever you are, right this moment.......you're beautiful!  You make the Oneself complete. If you could do more you would do more. But here in 3D, in this moment, this is what you have chosen to portray.  Whatever you're doing, however you are doing it, you're doing the best you can do.   You always have and you always will.  And it is enough.   

Daniel Jacob


Copyright, 2004, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  All reproduction for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.