(From a Multiversal Viewpoint)

1.  Always reason from perfection and work your way backward from there. Suggest to yourself: "Everything in my life is perfect. It's  exactly the way I, in my higher consciousness, planned for it to be." (do this no matter how ridiculous it feels!)

Begin believing that there are *no* accidents in this world. Tell yourself that every detail of your life, from the day you took your first breath until the moment you read this list, has been planned right down to the last detail. Believe also that the entire plan has come to pass without one single error.  This is not just positive thinking.  It's the truth.

Ponder: If everything is perfect, if everything has been planned down to the last detail, and if every single goal in my life has been realized without a single hitch, then *what is it* I have really been so successful at accomplishing?

Begin again in how you have interpreted your life up to this point. Don't just look for the "good points." They were *all* good points, even the experiences that resulted in pain and confusion!

Understand that, at your core, you are a vast and powerful Spiritual Master. In the other dimensions, you are able to have or do literally *anything you wish* simply by thinking it.  Know that you came here to take a vacation from all that power.  Part of that vacation is Limitation.  Are we having fun yet?

Become an expert at *rationalizing.* The modern view of this wonderfully healing art is that a person tries to find "reasons" to do what he wants to do.  Excellent.  Find all the reasons you can, and then go do what you want to do!

Learn to trust the wisdom that comes to you. Your personal viewpoint was designed to be the only windshield through which you are to view the scenery along your path. If you disrespect how things appear to you, it throws mud on the glass and you no longer can see out.

When you do request (or spontaneously receive) advice from other people, realize that each of them is your equal. If you do find yourself intimidated by a wise or "successful" person, congratulate yourself! Your little "ruse" about being limited and powerless is *working!*  You've even convinced yourself!

Having considered all these points, ask yourself: "What do I want to do *right now* that will make a change in the situation?" (realize that *nothing* is a perfectly good option).  You are where you are for a reason.

If in doubt, leave it out.


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