Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Human Experience"

 My Dear Friends,

The physical world in which you find yourself is but ONE LEVEL of Infinite Multiversal Mind.  It appears solid, though all things remain in motion, all of the time.  You (and they) are continually changing, vibrating--mixing and mingling--exploring, tasting, experiencing.  This is why you came here.  And this is why portions of you will never, ever leave.     

Some aspects of you move more rapidly than others.  Just as vapor becomes water, and water becomes ice--so does the physical world crystallize into form all those issues and themes which Soul desires to experience more deeply. 

Some have been forgotten, rejected, or disowned along your Soul's Path.  Other issues simply deserve to be savoured, doted upon, and deeply enjoyed.  For whatever reason, a portion of your Multidimensional Self has desired to come here, to solidify, and do whatever it is you are doing RIGHT NOW, in this moment.  So be it.   

"In the beginning was the WORD.  And the word was with God. 

And the word WAS God."  ~John 1:1

We are The Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of self which you had to forget about in order to become human.  We've never really been far from you......just far enough.  Within our ranks are represented all the necessary "bridge concepts" which can connect you to what is called The Multiverse---a limitless storehouse, made up of All That Has Been, All That Is, and All That Will Be.  We are a Soul Group of concerned individuals who have come here to share with you, at your command, all that you have forgotten when you entered this World of Form.  And so, we begin again. 


"Human Beingness" is a design template for consciousness which allows for solid additions and subtractions of character and essence, so that observations and inferences can be made.  In 3D life, you enter a clothing store in order that you may buy a coat.  You find a rack, stand before a mirror, and you try each one on.  In a sense, this is what being "human" is about. You get to try on "selves," one by one, so you can determine who or what to "wear" at any given moment.

Many of you approach us with the question:  "Who am I?"  You seem concerned, deeply engaged, and earnestly desirous to obtain certainty, power, and direction.  We can most effectively answer this with a question of our own:  "Who AREN'T you?"

This World of Illusion spends time and energy to single out specific conditions, traits, and attributes.  Some of them appear to be positioned quite close to you---so close, in fact, that you believe you are inside them, peering out at a reality that is separate and apart, with a life all its own.  In truth, what you see (at any level) is ALL YOU, every bit of it.  Your experience of being here, or looking there is a but an optician's tool.  A trick of the imagination. 

If you were to close your physical eyes, and open up your "eyes of the mind," you could envision yourself anywhere, doing anything.  And if so, does that Inner Image represent you less than the solidified Outer One?  Of which "coat" that you try on do you choose to say:  "This is mine?  This is ME?" 

The more solidified you become.......the more committed you are to a particular definition of "self" or an idea.........the less perceptual access you have to other parts of yourself.  And that, too, is illusion.  It is called "Focusing."  In order to see one thing clearly, you must filter your attention stream so as to eliminate all other things which are also there. 

It could be said that "out of elimination comes illumination," as your Multiversal Soul takes time and energy to get "up close and personal" with one or more aspects of All That Is.  You live, you learn, you enjoy.  That's how its works in the Human Sector of All That Is. 


And now, you are preparing to be born, once again.  The escalating sense of dissatisfaction which many of you are feeling---the decrease in body energy, the sense of dissociation you now feel about 3D living---comes from a waning interest in viewing THIS representation of what is real in favor of adopting ANOTHER one, which seems more suitable to your taste.  You are in your mother's belly, sleeping and dreaming, and some unseen force is drawing you forward, into your next "life."  

You are DISENGAGING..........whether slowly or whatever manner that feels suitable to you.  The birth canal expands, an opening in the Veil spreads itself before you.  Even the idea of "this is who I once was" is beginning to fade.  Slowly, steadily, they are all melting away, like polar ice caps in the sun.  The ice becomes water, the water turns to vapor.......and is blown across the night sky towards another time, another place........where it can rain down upon the Earth, mixing and mingling and becoming INVOLVED once again. 

Your mind may tell you "Quickly!  It's time!  Let go!  Let it happen NOW!"  But the mind is only a part of who you are, a wandering minstrel........looking for his new home.  His wife and child (his emotions and physical body) travel far more slowly; taking time to feel, to recall, to consciously release connections to home, family, community, and all that was.  Linear Experience.  Past-Present-Future.  It takes time to let it go. takes what it takes. 

Your body falters.  Your mind wanders.  "Am I dying?" you ask.  "No, I guess not.  I'm still here."  But death, too, is illusion.  A heart stops, a body topples to the ground.......and another coat goes to the pile.  Back to the drawing board.  Back to the rack to try on another.

Your CENTER, the nexus of who you are.........can bloom and blossom anywhere and anywhen it chooses.  It takes but a moment, a twinkling of the eye!  As long as you are demanding it, your watched pot never seems to boil.  Isn't that amazing?  It's "kitty kat" logic, you know.  Cats are very free and independent.   They do what they will do, when they wish to do it....regardless of what humans or even other cats tell them.

The World of Now is your mirror........your current reflection of SELF.  Notice it, embrace it, accept it for what it is.  Then and only then will you be ready to move along.  Nothing happens by accident, and very few things stop just because you tell them to.  Not at the ego level anyway.  Control of your process will come in time.  You will practice a new type of "reconnected" dominion.  But before that can come you may experience darkness, confusion, bewilderment.  That, too, is who you are.  Not just now, but forever.  Not just here, but everywhere.  And much, much, more!  Indeed, it is ALL you.  Multi-level, Multi-faceted, Multi-D. 

We love you.  We admire you.  We are always here. 

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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