"The Tower of Babel" by Pieter Brueghel

Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"If You Build It, They Will Come"

Families of the Heart begin and end in the heart.  They physically manifest in circular fashion--spirals, really.  People don't come into your life. They come out of you, do what they agreed to do, and then they go back inside.  In your self-created Fun House of Personal Perception, they are facets of your very own consciousness......mirrors of your internal soul.  Every person you meet, every situation you encounter in this, your Summary Existence, represents a lifetime you are living, in another dimension.  Their appearance here seems different from your First Person Self so that a sense of distance can be maintained between the fragments.  It's ALL YOU Do you understand this? 

The determination of what is real is a matter of perception rather than existence.  In the Multiverse, EVERYTHING exists.  But not everything is perceived.  Your eyes and your ears are not "windows" to an objective world.  They are really filters, blocking from your conscious mind what you have no desire to see.  EVERYTHING is available, in the Multiverse, but you do not come into physical form to deal with everything.  You come here to pick and to choose, to study and to examine.  It's all meant to be up close, and very personal.   

Gathering Clans and Tribes is an extremely personal matter.  It isn't political.    You either choose to gather or you don't.  Some of you have a huge need to remain solitary.  Others long for companionship, but are loathe to be consumed by it.  Many have been burned, in lifetimes past and present. 

There is tremendous inner resistance to building something in the physical before it is formed in the heart.  Even then, if something DOES manifest, there can be anxiety and suspicion if the design format becomes too established, or the process for creating it ceases to be fresh and new. 

Your Oneself Soul is a mixture of dark and light---form and chaos.  Your left hand often does not realize what your right hand is doing........and that situation can be both exasperating to you, and comforting......all at the same time.  You do not fully trust yourselves yet........as a UNIT.........just as God did not trust those who built The Tower of Babel, back in the day.  You cannot allow yourselves to have too much power, too much joy.........YET.  The memories of Alexander the Great, Caesar, Adolph Hitler, and Attila the Hun still sting the souls of those who loathe imperialism and conquest.  Modern-Day Military Aggression, under whatever name it is practiced, is downright terrifying to the Reconnecting Human Mind.  Is it any wonder, then, that your acceptance of Gathering Clans and Tribes would be riddled with doubt and hesitation? 

For the most part, you are weary of gurus......and downright disdainful of those who threaten to organize or administrate a CULT.   And if this is the case, how will you ever come together again, and BUILD IT......that Stairway to Heaven, to which your soul feels so drawn?  Prepare yourself.  That time is coming, and the process may not be what you'd expect.  

(More to come on this, very soon!)                 

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