Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Images and Icons"

 My Dear Friends,

We speak to you now concerning the expanding process of abbreviance that is now underway on Planet Earth.  In every context of your reality, there are individuals who are learning what it means to break free from the troublesome need for "proof" or "details" before they become willing to embrace a new viewpoint or idea.

People tend to believe what they want to believe.  However, few there are who are willing own up to that fact---choosing, instead, to concoct a plethora of historical evidence, immutable "laws," and inviolable "systems" for living that must be learned and assimilated before anything can (supposedly) be done in life.  Once they do, they become qualified to say to each other:  "This is the way things are."  In this way, humanity is able to dabble in the Art of Creatorship without actually admitting that it is they, themselves, who are setting the rules of their personal 3D game.

We are the Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human.  We've never been far from you---just far enough.  Within our ranks are contained all of the necessary Bridge Concepts that will connect you to what is called The Multiverse, an infinite storehouse of alternative possible/probable universes all of which represent levels of YOU.  When you are ready, you find us........or, you might say that we find you.  It is no matter.  Contact is made, and with that contact comes an energetic infusion of knowledge, abilities, insights, and character traits that you never realized you had.  It is a grand Reconnection with all you are, and all you laid aside before coming to this limited and focused place in consciousness.   

We are here to help you remember---and remembering is what your life is about at this time.  It takes time and energy to remember, which is one reason many of you are feeling such fatigue in the last few months.  Be patient.  Be diligent.  Your time for rejuvenation and remembrance is at hand!        

Into the Mass Consciousness for English Speaking Peoples, 26 Master Icons have been released--images which have power to activate and focus a person's energy in entirely new ways.  There is a key point image for each letter of the English alphabet.  Numbers will also be included--using the system of letter/number correspondence that has previously been set forth in the World of Numerology

Master Icons will be released in other languages and cultures as well---but, for purposes of this discussion, we will be focusing on the Western way of thinking and perceiving.  Each individual will recognize his personal icons when he is ready see them.  Do not look for standardization of images, since guidance for living is now being recognized and interpreted through each individual viewpoint. The linguistic confusion which began at the Tower of Babel is about to be reversed!

That idea known as "speaking in other tongues" is now expanding from the auditory into the visual realm as well.  If you will recall, one of the first incidences of this ability occurred on the Day of Pentecost, when the Apostles of Christianity became filled with the Holy Spirit, and began speaking to crowds in special languages.  As they spoke, each person heard their message in his or her own language and dialect.  We have spoken at length about this in our transmissions dealing with the Living Language of Light

When we speak of "key point images" we are obviously referring to something besides the letters (or numbers) themselves.  There are 26 letters in the popularized English language because there are 26 tonal gateways into the core consciousness for that culture.  Each culture creates its language based on how it chose to separate itself at the time of the Great Cultural Divide.  How that looks will vary, according to the needs and beliefs of each culture and each creator.  The number of letters in each alphabet indicates the number of tonal gateways into the culture which utilizes it.

In the beginning, before the "fall" of tonal communication, people did far more than simply speak to each other. They would "sing" their essence into the surrounding environment, allowing anyone who cared to listen the opportunity of forming a resonance with who they were.  In your world today, this level of communication is similar to the manner in which whales and dolphins communicate within their watery domain.  

Spoken languages are about meaning and definition.  They build bridges so that separated beings can visit one another when they have needs.  Tonal Communication is more pervasive than that.  It arises out of a clear understanding of Universal Oneness, and it sources its power from the personalization of one's reality not the objectification of it.   Please let us explain. 


In normal 3D communication, people look at an image and they ask:  "What is this?  What does it mean?"  When they do this, they are seeking a standardized, median level for conceptual interpretation.  "What do most people think about this person or object?"  Asking this question automatically slows down a person's vibration, because it excludes his own neuro-chemical mechanism from the interpretation process.

In days to come, people will begin utilizing "Edu-Tones" to make and express decisions about their lives and their world.  When you encounter an "Edu-Tone," you don't ponder what it means so much as you notice where the image takes you---what it causes YOU to know or feel. 

Edu-Tones are springboards into your very own signature vibration.  They take a host of disconnected essences from "out there" and they help you bring them inside.  We spoke at length about this in our discussion on "Centers of Gravity." 

The "key point images" which are now being released will be the first of many Edu-Tones to follow.  They will represent basic ideas, such as: seasons of the year, the four directions, the elements (earth, air, fire, water), general archetypes, root essences for life (dark/light, hot/cold), and a host of other subjects.  Where applicable, they will appear together in opposing dyads (such as up/down), and each icon will portray a root idea, framed by the suggestion of its opposite.  Consider, for example, this image that has been popularized from the World of Alchemy.  We are not suggesting that this IS a "key point image" for your world (only you can do that) but we include it here so you can notice the combination of ideas represented by the image.   

You will know more specifically what all of this looks like when you are ready to begin using the icons.  Until then, you can dance with this energy a bit, bouncing it carefully around your mind like a bubble.  If you do, take care you don't try to grasp it or contain it.  Bubbles do not do well with that!  If you handle a bubble too gruffly, it will burst.   

When they first encounter these lessons, many individuals comment to us:  "I don't have the slightest idea what you are speaking about here, but it seems very right to me."  The wisest ones will let it go at that, confident that their unfoldment process is not something they need to comprehend and approve ahead of time.  Rather, it is a gradual expansion of cold logic into something more wonderful and pervasive than they ever could have dreamed.

There are 26 Gate Keepers on the Earth who have been given charge to expound upon and develop the idea of Tonal Languaging for English Speaking People.  They each have many "frags," so the numbers of individuals working on this project could number in the thousands or even millions.  Yet all are part of the same ONE BEING.  Is that wonderful, or what?

If you have insight or expanded vision on this subject, you are invited to contact our physical channel and share what you know with the world.  Reconnections can appear through many sources and in many forms.  These are exciting times for Planet Earth.  We are gathering Clans and Tribes here!   Maybe the mid-wifing of tonal communication was meant to represent your personal calling and life purpose.  If this is so, call out to us and we will come.  We will dance and play with this bubble, watching it rise higher and higher. 

Chehala Selah.  The Unifed Oneself is very much alive and in motion once again.

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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