Part 3
B Y D A N I E L  J A C O B

HAVING COME TO THIS FINAL SEGMENT OF OUR VISIT WITH “THE STAR CHILDREN”, I feel it behooves me to pay special attention to some important questions that have been presented by readers along the way. Many of these questions and feelings come from adult parents. Some bristle at the mention of “shared power”, while others are very thoughtful, reasonably open, and very interested in getting at the best solutions for all concerned. One reader recently wrote:

“I have some serious problems with how you are approaching this material about the “giftedness” of our young people. Whenever we set apart some group as the "new gift" to mankind, we set ourselves up for failure. It is simply the same old separation game under a different guise. We did this with shamans, religious avatars, priests, educators, and with the medical profession. Now you want us to do it with our kids. Change never really takes place by setting one group of people over another. All people have gifts, and all have needs. When we highlight one set of needs over another we breed frustration and resentment.”

I really appreciate it when I hear provocative inquiries like this. This person feels quite grounded, and obviously has a clear view of the various “stages” that society has gone through in our collective soul evolution. Being a channel for Oneness during this powerful time, I would normally be the last person that would want to dump messianic expectations upon the shoulders of our youth. But Spirit is saying that they are carrying something special inside them. It may be sleeping in some cases, but it’s there. And we soon will need to make room for it.

I guess it is the “non-healthiness” of emphasizing the needs of one group over the other that is the motivation for this series in the first place. It seems that much of our parenting these days has been a dance between two extremes. Either we neglect our children and live life just for ourselves, or we make them the very center of our existence. Spirit now tells us that neither of these approaches is what the Star Kids really need.

An option, not a mandate
Jesus said: “Unless ye become as little children, ye shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” I am inclined to agree with him on that. But even that is beside my point here. The “Imagine Nation” is a society built on Oneness, and an appreciation for our infinite collective diversity. It doesn’t place kids at the center of things. Rather, it is designed to even the playing field so that natural giftedness can move forward at whatever age it appears. Some of the principles discussed will have great meaning in regards to our senior citizens, as well.

Even within the template we are designing here, there will be those who will feel most comfortable and secure when they are following leaders or mentors in their daily schedule. They may choose even to live at home with parents well into age 40, and be completely happy with it. The key factor we are emphasizing here is the word “choose”. Do Star Children get to choose whether they are dependent or not? Or is that choice made for them already?

Up to this point, society has not dared to give kids a choice. We are running things exactly the way our dear reader described it in his letter, except we have put older folks in charge. He said: “Placing the needs of one group over another breeds frustration and resentment.” Isn’t that what we’re seeing in the faces of many of our youth today?

The politics of oneness
In the Oneself all persons are equal, but that does mean that all people are the same. The emphasis here is on empowerment within the Oneself, and autonomy of motion for each person to do or be what he wants, so long as it doesn’t hinder or insult another.

In the Imagine Nation, each person’s “gift” will receive the same acknowledgement and respect as any other. This doesn’t abolish capitalism, but it does put some perspective on things. Every person will contribute from his joy and talents to sustain and maintain the Group Resource. If someone chooses not to do this, and seems detached in relationship to the Whole, we can all use that reflection in our mirror. We will watch this person and ask: “What part of me is feeling alone and detached? Why is it that I don’t want to belong to what we’re doing here?”

Although monetary values of our products and services can stay absolutely the same, each member of the Group can give “hours” or “units” of his personal skill to replenish the Collective Resource and keep the wheels of society flowing.

With Oneness Consciousness, there is far less need for a police force or Internal Revenue Service. Everyone contributes the same “units” to support the cause as everyone else. No tax breaks. After all, if something is truly meeting your needs, you will support it, will you not?

The whole idea of “units” of trade is already being explored in depth within the bartering community. You join a bartering club, and you get to go anywhere in the club and use any service, nationwide, so long as you are willing to trade “units” of your skill or product in return. Credits are kept, and trades are completed A similar principle could spread throughout any society, and functional equality could become the order of the day.

In regards to Community Resource, a doctor would contribute the same hour that a landscaper would contribute. Both would have “units” recorded in the Community Resource. After each has contributed his respective “due”, they go back to charging established prices for business as usual. There are many dynamics involved with enacting this, but let’s just suspend those for right now, ok? All we’re doing here is sketching. We’re simply asking ourselves: “Is this what you want or not?” Never mind how you’ll get it. “Is this what you want?”

Egalitarianism in action
In The Imagine Nation, two-year-olds have as much choice as any other person, as long as their pursuit of interest does not infringe upon the freedom of operation for any others. To the extent that it does, each person (regardless of age) will be reminded of the rules: “Do no harm.” Limiting others' freedom and flow is harmful to them! When it comes to small children, we all know that “it takes a village”. In The Imagine Nation, the village is more than happy to comply.

Naturally, discussions of this kind of divergence from current practice give rise to arguments about the safety of the children involved. After all, don’t they need someone to look out for them? The answer could be yes or it could be no. A fully awake and functioning Star Child contains, within his or her internal software, all of the energetic powers necessary to keep him safe and on track for his entire journey in physical form.

These powers follow him, very much like the "force" described in the movie "Star Wars". We just haven’t noticed it, nor have we given it a chance to work. This energy has been kept asleep within all but a few of us. Those "few" are called geniuses. There are far more geniuses in our society than any of us realize. All we need to do is to get some of the “entrenched” idiots out of their way, so they can finally be recognized for what they are.

Nurturing the oneself child
The determination of who is considered “proper” or “improper” to care for a child needs to rest with the child. We have already seen the miserable mess that courts and social agencies tend to afford us, when they elevate themselves to the lofty position of arbiter of social wisdom. Yes, there will be abuses. But the people who perpetrate them are usually those who have been previously damaged by the very system that we are seeking here to change.

Currently, in the interests of providing “security” for the vulnerable child, we have placed our own judgment and adult “wisdom” above his or her survival instinct and personal intuitive powers. As a result, administrative costs for the social regulation and legal system have become astronomical, and the abuses on children just keep getting worse.

This is all going to take some time and patience. Letting go of control is difficult. It’s like coming up from swimming underwater. If you do it too rapidly, you get the bends! When the Children of Israel left Egypt for the promised land, they were forced to wander in the wilderness for 40 years, until their “old guard” died off, and let the younger folk move past them. This doesn’t have to happen to the Baby Boomers, folks!

The star child in each of us
We took a whole segment of the previous series to talk about why we call these kids “Star Children”. We talked about the Comets - Kahoutek and Hale-Bopp - and we compared the Energy Gate that was opened and closed by their passing to the hovering of that single star, over that humble stable in Bethlehem, so many years ago. It was the birthing of the Cosmic Christ, and it applies to each and every one of us during this fateful time!

By honoring our Star Children, and giving them the authority they deserve, we are symbolically honoring the divine child self in each of us. We can be watching them, studying their ways and their perspective. We can be learning to “become as little children”, so that we can all witness the Kingdom of Heaven as it manifests here on Earth.

As the Ascension continues, bringing Earth tremors to shake humanity awake, let us be like those Wise Men, who set out so long ago to find the Christ Child. They left behind them things that were familiar, and they set out to discover something new and unusual. As they continue to awaken and come online, we will see that our Star Children are surely something new and unusual. Creating an Imagine Nation, or something like it, will be our way of acknowledging their power (as well as our own), and honoring the Christ Energy that has, once again, come to call.

It all begins when we stop looking upward, and look instead into the eyes of our next generation. They are our hope, and they are our legacy. And somehow, as we honor the vibrancy of their being, and make room for their passion to freely roam the land, we may also begin to support the reflection of that Christ Energy in each of us as well. It’s not about elevating one group over the other. Rather, it will be equalizing all groups, so that society can finally move and function as one.

© 2002 Daniel Jacob

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