By Daniel Jacob

I was thinking this morning about a question one of my Rebirthing Clients asked me, after several sessions (and personal energetic openings).   She wanted to know:  "After the initial "buzz" wears off from this, what comes next?   I thought for a minute, and then said:  "Life!"   We both laughed, even though we also knew that I wasn't really kidding.    

The primary goal of just about any spiritual technology is a restoration of "Life" to the mind and heart of those who practice it. 

One true definition of the word "Entropy" is:  "The moment-by-moment tendency for all people, objects, and social structures to slowly go to Hell, unless definitive steps are taken to prevent it.

Reconnection Carion laughs about it all.  "You'll all come into my realm soon enough.  Physical Transformation is no different than any other kind. Though it can be unnerving to have one aspect of yourself melted away into its component parts, a Multiversal Being never really pays attention to the rest of who he or she is until the earthly distractions are taken out the way." 

Well.......Carion can laugh all he wants.  It isn't so funny when you're living it.  The body deteriorates, the pains and dysfunctions come, and we desperately seek for ways to restore our familiar feeling of youthfulness, serenity, and joy once again.  Hence, we find the proliferation of marvelous tools for rejuvenation: Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Meditation, Movement Therapy, and Conscious Breathwork. 

The Apostle Paul (Ascended Master Hilarion) once exclaimed:  "O wretched man that I am!  Who can deliver me from the body of this death?"  When he spoke this, no doubt he was fully aware of a very common form of public execution for his day.  If a criminal was convicted and sentenced to death--- he was condemned to be chained together to the body of a person who had recently died.  Then, he was placed in a cave, and left to die slowly in the presence of that putrefying corpse. 

This may seem rather extreme, but the lives of many people on the planet right now are pure agony!  Their minds are alive, but their bodies feel like they are dying and rotting away.  In some situations (like Africa) the body *is* rotting away!  Consider also the fact that suicide statistics in the U.S. alone are presently at an all-time high.   When good-bye notes and letters are analyzed for some reason a certain person had for taking his or her own life, a very common statement is:  "I just couldn't take the pain of living anymore."   

Symbolically, the human body has been compared to a cross upon which the Cosmic Christ (our inner divine essence) is nailed.  Crucifixion was a particularly harsh way to die, because gravity caused the weight of a prisoner's body to slump downward in such a way that it was extremely hard for him to breathe.  This required the condemned man to push himself upward so his ribs would expand, with feet that had been nailed clear through to the wood, or to pull himself upward with hands that also were pierced and in agonizing pain.  


The pressures of life and daily responsibility can also make a person slump downward, just like he or she is hanging on a cross.  When I do intake on new Bodywork Clients, I frequently notice shoulders that are rounded and slumped forward---or a rib cage that appears to be collapsing in upon itself.  Clearly, folks are very distracted by this body and what it takes to keep things going on the physical plane.  Our friend Freud went so far as to define one of the two primary urges that people have in life as "the death/destruction urge."   A body slumps down, breathing gets shallow, and everything moves at half-speed.  Also, people today have an astounding tendency to slack off on drinking water, thereby denying the body another basic life need.   

Have you ever been involved in a community drive to save electricity, during a power crisis?   You go past your local 7-11, and notice that only half the lights are on the store.   True, they try and be as clever as they can be about which lights get turned off, but the scene nearly always appears drab and somewhat depressing.  This is how a human body functions when its oxygen supply is suppressed.  Everything runs on half power. 

Anyone who feels low on energy must take into consideration that the human body is basically an incinerator in which power supplies are being burned, and a battery that stores bio-electric energy.  Can a fire burn for long without oxygen?  Can a battery hold a charge without water?

THE AFFIRMATION OF BREATH                        

When a person inhales, he or she is saying to the universe:   "Yes, I want to be here.   I am willing to accept what you have to offer, and give back to you in kind."   In Rebirthing, we learn together how to restore our breathing to a pattern that re-introduces us into the power source for our universe.   It's modeled after an ancient form of Yoga, and it can instantly put a person online with the vibrations and O2 that his body's tissues have been craving.   The reason it is called "Rebirthing," is because a sudden restoration of breath will often throw a person's consciousness right into direct contact with what is called "The Birth Trauma."   The medical condition known as "hyper-ventilation" is really nothing more than a spontaneous Rebirth that is trying to complete itself.   With the help of an experienced Rebirther, a person can clear him or herself of the fear and tension that goes along with facing those primal emotions that were stored in the body while you were in an infantile, pre-verbal state of consciousness.

During sexual activity or physical exercise, a person will often begin to breathe in something similar to a Rebirthing Breath.  However, the presence of endorphins (the body's natural morphine), or physical pleasure will distract the mind away from stored emotions that remain deep in the body.  Rebirthing focuses the mind and heart on what has not been noticed before.  As the energies rise and are allowed to enter every portion of the body and mind, there is a blissful feeling of RECONNECTION that courses through us.   Energy increases, emotions begin to move, and life takes on new meaning. 

Most people require at least 10 sessions in order to fully acclimate themselves to letting the breath have its way with them.   Many people go on long after that.  Having created a safe space of release, with a Rebirther they can trust, they keep on the path and see a whole host of spiritual transformations come to pass.  Naturally, time and financial resources are a factor.  However, it must be borne in mind that every person pays for a stress management program whether he has one or not.  How much do we wish to pay?   And what currency do we wish to use to satisfy the bill?   Will we give up our joy of living?  Job productivity?  Our Spiritual Connection? 

This may seem a bit like a sales pitch.  Forgive me if it does.  My purpose here is to remind myself and the rest of my universe that we are still hanging here upon this symbolic cross.   Being here can be a symbol of hardship and condemnation, or it can also be a symbol of decision (as seen in the usage of the word "crossroads").  If we don't make a decision to live---to keep pushing ourselves up---every moment of every day, the Law of Entropy will slowly bring us down so that we no longer breathe as we "hang out" here on Earth.  Tissues begin to die, including cells in the brain.   

To refuse to make a decision is a decision all its own.   Breathing deeply is a now-moment affirmation that we are willing to take in all that we deserve, all that our heart desires.   Exhaling deeply means that we're then willing to let it all go, in a moment of time, and let the universe re-mould us into the next "form" we have chosen to take.  Each inhale is a Rebirth, each exhale is a Transformation.   

I would love for us to ponder what activities are symbolized by "letting in all the universe has to offer."  What is it that we truly desire, but have hesitated to give ourself?   What person needs to be contacted, to tell him or her that they are loved?  What expression of joy or sadness needs to be made, in order that we can, once again, breathe free and easy? 

If something comes to mind, let us just take the required moment to do simply it.  The yard can wait.  Grass always seems grow again.  But do WE?


Copyright, 2005, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long as the above URL and this copyright are included.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.