Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"The Incredible, Edible NOW"

My Dear Friends,  

Since the beginning, we have had detailed discussions with you regarding two primary themes: Universal Oneness and Multidimensionality.  There are many contexts of life that we reference, in connection with these themes:  Relationships, Sexuality, Finances, Astral Travel, Politics, Health, Death and Dying, History, Children, and a whole host of others.  But it is through these two grids that we must feed all other topics, if we are to achieve a Reconnection State. And one of them cannot be examined without the other. 

We are The Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human.  We have never been very far from you--just far enough.  We cannot and will not leave you.  But you are free to leave us, if you'd like.  All you need do is tuck yourself neatly inside that Veil of Forgetfulness, and we will seem to disappear.  You might say that it's a "red pill/blue pill" kind of thing.  In fact, if you take the "blue pill," everything you really don't prefer will seem to disappear as well.  And then, you can experiment with life in 3D to your hearts desire.

But beware, there are many levels of you that "want" things, even as other parts of you "don't want" those same things.   As the Reconnection Process continues--more and more of your component parts will be coming face-to-face, in the light of conscious awareness, and you may all be intrigued by the sense of extreme opposition that is represented by each others' existence.  It can sometimes seem like an emotional/conceptual train wreck.  It is this awesome (and frightening) reality that colors your current political climate at this time.  Multidimensionality is an answer to that as well. 


Now that we have spoken clearly about the Oneness of All That Is, let us delve more deeply into the ALLNESS of the One That Is.  You cannot embrace Oneness--and maintain any sense of sanity--if you do not fully comprehend Multiplicity as well.  You are not ONE of Many.  You are really MANY of One.  And MANY you must be, if the Oneself is meant to fully utilize this fabulous optical miracle that is known as 3D Consciousness. 

You did not create your universe from nothing.  You created it from the everything that is already there--installing perceptual filters to help you overlook certain details, so you could be free to focus upon others.  As we have pointed out in other transmissions, its very much like putting blinders on a horse, as it gallops through a busy city.  It keeps you from being distracted.  Except, in your case, a human sees what he wants to see.  A horse sees only what his master wants him to see.   

If you'd can command one of your Pilot Selves to leap across time and space, so that you can drop in on some game that is already in motion within another, adjoining dimension. You can play there for if in a dream........and then that Self can leap back, never even letting the Form Egos in either life context know that a journey has been made.  Or, if you do let them know, you can screen the memories of your visit so it appears that they have encountered something "alien," or "ghost-like."  But it's all YOU, however you choose to name it.  And that can be quite a comfort indeed, if you will allow it. 


Moving towards simplicity (the small story) is what gives a person power.  If it's all YOU, then it can all be commanded.  Understanding complexity (the big picture) is what brings perspective to that usage of power.  At this time on your planet, many are a relative few are able to exercise a considerable amount of power over millions of people worldwide. Those millions are fragments of the few who govern them.  And the few who govern are simply fragments of the One who views these events as they occur.  Each Oneself Viewpoint is its own universe--its own facet of that Multidimensional Crystal which is this dimension.  

The ONE gives birth to the few, and the few give birth to the multitude.  No one has room to judge, at any level.....yet many do.  When that happens, he is simply naming and claiming his own reflection, across the spectrum of human experience, and all get to watch this take place.  Planet Earth is not a prison.  It is a PRISM, and you are its many facets. 

What keeps you all from noticing this is a trick of the mind that is called "linear congruity."  It is this mindset that brings forth, in its season, such famous questions as "Who Am I?"  "Why Am I Here?" and "What is My Purpose?"  Such concerns arise when an creator remains shielded from knowledge of the rest of who and what he is, believing himself to be a pawn in "someone else's game."  He asks the question:  "Who Am I?"  We respond to that question with another one:  "Who Aren't You?"  

When there is a belief in "others".....a sense of inner vigilance develops, which deflects a person's attention away from his inner core, so that he can negotiate with what seem like outer fragments of self.  Do you have a boss you wish to please?  A lover you wish to win?  Do you long to obtain that which seems elusive to your grasp?  Imagine, if you please...... a mirror ball, twirling in a dancehall, casting forms and shapes upon the wall.  Have you seen a cat as she playfully bats away at those phantom forms?  Is it cute?  Is it funny?  Is this not what you are doing, when you become reactive to life, rather than proactive to your inner core?  

We do not present this analogy to de-emphasize the reality of people, places, and objects all around you.  They are definitely real.  But are they relevant to your Now?  Does the meaning you place upon them tell you anything more than you could see in an ordinary bathroom mirror?  If so, then they are of considerable value to you.  Continue to play your game.  And if not......they are, at best, a distraction away from your expanding Inner Core. 


We have spoken to you earlier about the Levels of Self that make up your perceptual universe.  We have shown you how everything is laid out, all for your viewing pleasure and depth of understanding.  Whether a person has "psychic insight" or not, it is possible to see clearly into one's sub or unconscious mind, simply by noticing the forms and situations that manifest all around him.  Each viewpoint perceives, interprets and balances things from a different fulcrum--a different life intention.  It isn't just beauty that is in the eye of the beholder!  Each figure and form, seen within a person's universe belongs to him and him alone. 

You are not simply Multidimensional.  You are Multi-Linear.  The "linear congruity" of your universe goes off in all directions. Which one will you choose to follow?  Perhaps you'll want to wait until you arrive there, and then choose.  The Core Self can be a foundation for many adjunct selves.  And what is that Core?  It is the fire of your immediate desire--the full scope of your interest for that moment.  It's more than curiosity--but that is truly a big piece of it as well.     

We have been watching with interest the emotional backsplash that was produced, as our physiological channel followed his desire to explore a universe where Democratic Challenger John Kerry won the 2004 Presidential Election.  When he did, he couldn't help but get somewhat "invested" in that outcome.  We noticed that many of you had such an investment--if only to insure that Mr. Bush was properly "punished" for his actions of the last four years.  Of course, there are many who whole-heartedly approved of Bush's re-election, and that has become a challenge to your faith.  It really does not change things. 

There are those of you who would laugh at our last statement, saying:  "Aha!  I knew it.  All politicians are scoundrels.  You can't trust the lot of them!  Why vote, anyway?"  And that, too, is merely a position in the game. Cynicism is a shield, even as Idealism is also a shield.  By deciding ahead of time how you believe, you are seeking to spare yourself the hassle of fully considering each of the alternatives.  They are all REAL, these universes.  And they all play themselves out, in every way imaginable.  Each alternative universe embodies and honors a belief that can be fully explored--if and when you choose to do so.   

In order for All That Is to be All That Is.......there would also have to be universes wherein your politicians are also wise and genuine.  Which universes you visit depends entirely upon YOU.  We are not here to persuade you--nor are we here to argue the superiority of one position in the game over another.  In our eyes, ALL POSITIONS have validity--and they also have equal value.  Without Players to mind each position, there would be less than a complete game.  And, if each person who minded those positions was not 100% persuaded about the importance of his or her job, the game would seem quite meaningless.  In the Multiverse, everything finds a way of completing itself, at some level of being.  There are "hot" positions, and there are "cold" ones.  And, there in the middle spectrum, there are a whole array of "luke-warm" universes as well.  Every, every, every position is covered, somewhere in the Multiverse.


The people of Planet Earth are starving for a Savior--a Redeemer who would lead them to peace and safety.  Or, perhaps, they earnestly long for a General, who would lead them to victory over their enemies.  They may even be earnestly searching for an adept World Leader--someone who will solve the problems of their nation, or bring them into a land flowing with milk and honey.  Across the history of your life incarnations, you have all felt this need.  And now, you are ready to meet it.

One of the primary definitions for the word "redeem" is "an act of reclaiming or picking something up--something that you've lost, and wish to recover."  This entire universe--your Reconnection Universe--is filled with fragments of your very own Multidimensional Self.  They are walking around in your presence, living lives YOU HAVE LIVED, at other levels of vibration. Though they appear to look different than you, some instances......seem quite strange--each of these persons is a fragment of the Oneself which you are. 

We have oft referred to your conscious awareness as a Multidimensional Ship that is flying about the Multiverse, picking up people and things. You capture an image here, you cut and paste a bit of text there--all for the purpose of re-creating a sense of harmonization and identification with the entirety of who you are, and where you have been.  And your vessel is not made up of this body only. There are many vessels--many bodies, minds, and souls that are carrying this knowledge. And each of them are parts of YOU.  You are so much more than you think you are, My Friends! 

The Great Redeemer that you have been seeking, all across time, is Your Reconnected Self.  As our Native American Brothers have so wonderfully verbalized it:  "We are the Ones we have been waiting for."  And YOU are the ONE who has that power to save--anyone, anywhere.  You simply highlight, click upon, and SAVE the rest of yourself, wherever you are manifest, to whatever life "file" you desire.  You go where you want to go!  As you can see, we love using computer terminology to describe this process.   

Your only "job" in this Reconnection Experience is to pilot this incredible ship that is moving so rapidly around the Multiverse.  You steer it by moving your awareness up, down, or side to side.  Every time you blink your eyes, every time your heart beats, every time you breathe in and breathe out--your Multidimensional Ship leaps somewhere new.  The perceptual apparatus contained therein is so pristine, so quick, and so delicate, that you can ground yourself instantly, wherever you land.

Each Now Moment is a universe unto itself.  Do not treat it otherwise. Do not become entangled with the affairs or agendas that exist there--beyond what your spirit tells you is necessary to complete this mission.  At this level, you are like the Starship Enterprise. You are not to interfere with the civilizations you visit. Remember........all of what you see going on there HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. You don't need to wrestle with it again. You're simply here to notice---to "redeem" what is yours.  You pick it up, and you move on.  As you move about that universe, simply do what is there to be done, while staying firmly planted in the driver's seat of the ship.

Some of you have been complaining to us that your "mundane lives" are incredibly BORING, and all the joy has gone out of you. Realize that this perception is a 3D manifestation of being "velocicized" to Multidimensional Travel.  In other words, objects that are seen in your "mirror" are moving so fast that it appears you are going incredibly slow. 

Others of you are complaining to us that there never seems to be enough time to do everything you want to do. Yet how can this be? Everything is already done.  Everything already exists, somewhere in the Multiverse.  It's all being played out, continuously, at some level of being. Your arrival, at any level of existence, is simply to NOTICE what is going on......integrate it (take it aboard your Ship)...and move on.  Leave the archiving, collating, and categorizing to US.  That's what you hired us to do, right? 


As you go about your Business of Personal Redemption, you will notice that there is a steady rise in the presence of Chaos and Calamity in the worlds you visit.  Your heaviness and your impatience bring frustration--which causes you to doubt. The feelings will pass, in time.  In the meantime, give yourself permission to move about more slowly.  Take time to breathe, to feel, to notice things.  Life at this level is not about what you "do."  Rather, it's about what does you!   Rather than trying to affect your world, open yourself--and let the necessary "changes" take place within you.    

Know that everything is done, which you cannot seem get done.  If appropriate, sit and breathe deeply--allowing your powers of visualization and imagination to "fill in the blanks" of your Veiled Perception.  Visit those universes in your mind--the places you prefer, the joys you desire.  What you need to know, you will be told.  We will be your Tour Guides as you continue this journey.  There may be times you earnestly seek for some reason, concerning why all this is happening.  When it is appropriate, we will give you all the facts you need.  Anything more would only weigh you down.  Let it go.  Let YOURSELF go.   

The world around you may seem bleak and dark. Ideals and Illusions about life and humanity may seem to crumble at your feet everyday.  It is no matter.  At other locales in the Multiverse, those same ideals are upheld, and those same individuals continue on--as you always knew they would.  Simply realize that here, in this Now Moment, you are collecting the "shadows" of your life.  These are the orphans of your consciousness, which you have forgotten.  White sheep, black sheep......they are each "ewe," are they not?  Integrate and move on.

The Universe where Kerry won is alive!  The universe where Bush wins is also alive!  Some of you are trying hard to nullify one or the other of these universes, and you are spinning your wheels as you do it.  Every, every, every position in the game is covered.  Don't spend your time trying to "disprove" anything or anyone. It won't work anymore.  Nothing ever goes away.  If everything is ONE, where could it go?  In Oneness, where is "out" located?    

Chaos and Calamity will appear, from time to time, to shake loose the grip you have on life.  You think you know things, you think you understand the path.  And then, along comes a whirlwind and carries you away!  Let it happen. Let it all happen. Control is not the issue now, though many around you would make it seem so.  When you live in a Multiverse, there is nothing left to control.  It's all there, and it's all YOU. 


Your belief in Multidimensionality is a cure for what ails you.  The Now Moment is a Multidimensional Vehicle, which can take you anywhere and anywhen you wish to go.  The only thing you must remember is to keep your hands and feet inside the car!  And you cannot do this if you fail to BELIEVE what we are telling you.  It is your doubt that trips you up.  And that, too, is perfect.  But it isn't so pleasant, is it? 

Each of you who are reading this now is but a fragment of the SAME ONE BEING.  You will either believe that, or you won't.  No amount of persuasion will win you over, if it is not your time.  By the same token, no amount of denial can abort your Redemption Journey once it is ready to begin.  Your Multidimensional Ships are all "time-released" to launch at the perfect time for you. 

When we tell you that the desires of your heart are complete--here and now--you will either believe us or you won't.  If you don't, you get to wrestle with the alligators of your existence for another day, week, month, or whatever.  Take all the time you need.  The Incredible, Edible NOW is a pill you can swallow, a delicious remedy you can take into you never need suffer again.  Pain may be inevitable, in some of your worlds.....but suffering is optional.

As you continue upon this journey, we will be with you.  You will access us, in order to be edified.  We will access you, in order to be expanded in our Collective Feeling Self.  It is a wondrous contract, which we all made long ago. And yet, it is also taking place NOW, is it not?  Let us feast upon this NOW.  Let us believe in it, and finally RECEIVE the Incredible Wonder which we are.

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

Copyright, 2004, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  All reproduction for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.