Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"The Infinity Makeover"

 My Dear Friends,

Many of you are feeling the unrest that is present in the world today.  Those positive and negative vibrations are really on the move!  Those who are sensitive will often try to interpret what they are feeling through their own "grid" of perception.  They will resonate with what is going on globally, and interpret it as though it is being sourced in them.  This is called "grounding the energies to yourself."  Very good!  Very good! 

Have you ever been awakened abruptly, in the middle of a powerfully vivid dream?  Someone speaks to you, bumps you, or an alarm goes off in the house, causing you to awaken?  In the moment before you open your eyes, you are caught between two realities--immersed in the dream, but also receiving stimulus from the waking world as well.  In that brief moment, have you ever merged the two?  Have you suddenly noticed your child, right in the middle of your unfolding dream, asking for a drink of water?  If so, you will understand what is happening to your 3D world right now. 

Humanity is now being awakened from the Dream of the Ages.  Your physical world is becoming a Metaphysical Portal.  New energies are flooding in--like sperm, during the act of love-- racing to fertilize the first available egg!  And Friends!  In your individual universes........that "egg" is YOU! 

Possible/probable realities are now gathering around you in droves.  You brush them away from your face, just to be able to see the path in front of you.  When a potentiated energy particle (PEP) enters into you, you immediately find a way to harmonize that presence with the rest of what is going on.  If you cannot do this, you will have a feeling of being "visited," causing unusual sensations to move through your body.  This is what produces those surges that occasionally move through you during these highly transformative times. They are voices of eternity, speaking gently to your internal sensory self, shaking you awake from the 3D dream.  You are being QUICKENED, My Friends!  Wake up!  Wake up!    


Many of you are distressed by what we have described above.  Many more are delighted by it.  How one responds to "visitations" from the Other Side is largely determined by how safe they were to express their spiritual perceptions when they were young children.  If your parents encouraged your spiritual journey back then, you'll probably have less fear now, as you expand your horizons.  If they denied or inhibited your sharing back then, you may have a bit of a struggle with new input in your Now Moment. 

It's time for a makeover.  The perceptions that are coming into your spirit body long to be embodied and expressed, in some way, in your physical world.  We have found that the easiest, and most basic way to do this is called "An Infinity Makeover."  It is a technique for rearranging your residence or business to match the ever-changing flow of your Inner Self.

Many people panic when they are presented with the prospect of a makeover.  They dread the idea of cleaning out closets, so they allow many mementos of past life experiences to pile up to high around them.  In this way, they block themselves from seeing clearly and appreciating what is happening NOW!   Does this describe you?  Is your physical body surging and purging and rocking and rolling with the incoming tide?  Here is something that may help you. You can do with it what you will. 

Imagine a figure "8" lying on it's side.  It is the infinity symbol, is it not?  Weave that symbol into your heart. 

Picture the "left" side of the symbol as a circle of perception that explores your physical home or business--a focused GAZE through your living space--searching for "deadbeat" articles that are simply taking up space, collecting dust, and have no feeling left in them.  Don't try to handle all of them, in the beginning, simply look for one.  Take the article from its position in your home and make a choice about where it will go.  Will you:  (a) pack it away in a storage facility (save it).......will you  (b) resurrect it, by giving it to someone whose life it can bless,  OR.... will you  (c) bury it, by throwing it in a dumpster, so Master Carion and his Associates can decompose it, and remake it into something new?  

After you have made your decision, and let go of the "dead weight" that had accumulated in your living space, move to the "right side" of the infinity symbol.  This would symbolize a circle of discovery that takes you away from your home or business, exploring your changing world as Christopher Columbus explored his.  Do you REALLY imagine that you have seen and embraced everything in your own town or neighborhood? 

There is a whole world out there!  And it is transforming, even as YOU are transforming.  Look for something new........something vital, something wonderful to fill that empty space.  It could be a book, a feather, or a piece of art that excites you and thrills your heart.  It doesn't have to be expensive.  It only needs to be expansive, do you see?  Acquire it, and take it back to bless your home or business.  If you cannot immediately find something, return to your home with a fresh perspective and a host of vibrant energies to harmonize or rearrange things so that occasional emptiness seems like a balanced and happy thing.

Have you ever tasted the grandeur of divine emptiness?  It is a doorway into All That Is!  Many of you are secretly frightened at the idea of expansion and infinite possibility.  You create a small circle of friends or a tightly defined "work track" of movement, and you fill up your space with clutter (memories of past lives that are not connected to NOW)---and your meander around in that labyrinth, so you don't have to interact with the idea of OPENNESS or POTENTIALITY.  This is not true of all of you, but it is true of some, yes?  Now could be a time to change that, if you feel ready.

The "Infinity Makeover" is a two-way process.  You make a circuit of WHAT WAS and then you circle yourself around into WHAT COULD BE.  The fluidity of the figure "8" provides an image of two circles that are constantly giving to and receiving from one another.  This is how your life can be, if you will allow it.  If you cannot afford what you want, take a picture of it, and put that picture into the space where you would put it, if you had it.  Or........write down what you want, and place a small metal pyramid over that piece of paper, so you can draw that energy unto yourself. 

The image of Infinity is not meant to be flat or confined--nor does it exist in just two dimensions.  In the Multiversal sense, it is meant to be a kind of stairway that takes you through many levels of reality, if you desire it.  This is why the Reconnection experience is often referred to as "The Spiral Journey."

Go ahead.  Have a makeover!   It's fun.  It's simple.  And your physical world will begin to smile. Your home and surroundings will begin to reflect the energy upgrade as well!  The air around you will begin moving, as excitement and possibility gradually fills the air!  The process doesn't have to absorb a LOT of time.  But you will have to devote a BIT of time to it. Once you taste the difference, you will constantly be wanting to dance through the spiral.  And, as you do, something wonderful will happen.  Those "surges" and "purges" of energy that you feel in your body will diminish.  Instead of fretting over them, you will find yourself RIDING THEM, through joyful, conscious action.  You will be integrating the Unseen into the World of the Seen. 

Is that groovy or what?

<end transmission>    

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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