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Part 1
B Y D A N I E L  J A C O B

I AM VERY THANKFUL FOR THE SINCERE RESPONSE that came from my recent series, “The Imagine Nation.” I knew that I was asking a lot from the reader—speaking openly about nothing less than a total reorganization of society. But most people took it nicely in stride.

It seems that the Planetary Oneself is slowly becoming “hip” to the fact that true conscious creation begins with a clear grasp of what we really want (regardless of how impossible it seems)—followed by a willingness to get out of the way so our Oneself Manifestating Mind can create it for us. What we focus upon increases. That which we believe, we will achieve, whether for good or ill.

In briefly describing this process, which Disney called “Imagineering,” I said: “This energy has been kept asleep within all but a few of us. Those "few" are called geniuses. There are far more geniuses in our society than any of us realize. All we need to do is to get some of the “deeply entrenched” idiots out of their way, so they can finally be recognized for what they are.”

The purpose of this article is to talk about how to do just that. However, before we start tinkering with society, we would do well to see that the changes we desire are first happening within ourselves. Many of my writings emphasize seeing the outer world as a mirror for our own inner dynamics. One writer put it quite succinctly: “We don’t see the world as it is. We see the world as we are.”

The nature of genius
No one is more fascinating to watch, and therefore more influential, than a person who moves from a place of absolute focus. He has no thought about how he appears, and he is completely relaxed in the joy of his moment. For such a person, the rest of the world seems to go away, and all that exists for him is the task at hand.

Such purity of interest and awareness frames itself with a corona of honor and power, regardless of what is transpiring within it. It is just such moments that are a photographer's dream - expressions of natural genius, which set the painter's brush in motion and drive the poet's pen to the page.

Such pristine clarity goes on all around us everyday. As many hurry to complete their list of assigned goals and daily tasks, the world is unfolding with such wonder and majesty that many of us could barely contain ourselves if we actually noticed it. I would suggest to you that a primary essence of genius is found in one’s ability to notice what others tend to miss.

It seems that the experience of such genius can often be a solitary one. Being the only one who notices can create quite an advantage. But it can also be a burden as well. Trying to share a vision with those who can’t or won’t see it can be heartbreaking at times. Many geniuses are not recognized until long after their death. Some go insane, while others simply remain in poverty and obscurity, until some historian finds their work and makes it known.

Personal genius, private joy
There is a difference between “personal genius” and “public genius.” The former is a blessing that can be the heritage of anyone who cares to reach for it. The latter comes and goes, at the whim of society. In truth, public genius has more to do with society’s immediate need for a hero, than with the person who is being honored.

Many people balk when I use the term “genius,” especially if I am applying it to them. “What?” ME? A Genius? No way!” But I am convinced that, hidden within every person there is a Wizard, waiting to step forth. I think of this aspect as the “Genie in us.” All we have to do is make a wish, rub the bottle, and out he comes. But how do we do this?

It feels to me that one primary hindrance is our tendency to look to the outside world for validation or permission, rather than relying upon our own feelings and bodily sense of things. Many are afraid to be “bewitched” by something or someone. We fear passion and power. We also fear excitement, if it doesn’t seem to conform to what’s accepted as the “norm.”

Folks used to capture and burn “witches.” These women (usually healers and shamans) were doing unfamiliar things that society did not understand. There is an old saying that goes: “You can always tell the pioneers. They’re the ones with the arrows in their back.” Being a genius can be a harsh experience. It can also be the closest thing to heaven.

What we need today is to stop looking for witches to burn and start paying attention to what truly sets each of us on fire.

What is it that you do joyfully, with the least amount of effort, and with the greatest efficiency? What is it that you would gladly do forever, whether or not you got paid? Are you doing it, or have you let it be pushed out of your life by other things?

The ring of power
I have recently been reveling in the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, author of the legendary “Lord of the Rings.” One of the characters in his stories is a funny little creature named “Gollum,” a hobbit who finds the fabled “Ring of Power” and is remarkably transformed by it. I am often tickled by Gollum’s continual reference to the Ring as “My Precious” or “The Precious.” He is so in love with it!

When I read the books, or see the movies, I find myself asking: “What is it in my life that is that precious to me?” What is it that I could do that would make me want to live for 500 years, and not even bat an eye?

In the story, Gollum didn’t care what people thought about him. In fact, he didn’t much care for people at all! All he wanted was the Ring. And it was this obsession that became his nemesis. After all, the Ring was something outside of him, something that could be lost. When he did lose it, he was devastated.

In my view, the true “Ring of Power” is a circuit of interest and sensitivity that moves through the body—head, heart, hands and feet. Round and round it goes! It spins you ever more deeply into conscious contact with your inner and outer worlds. It is a sensing, a focus, and a passion for discovery. When we find our Ring of Power, our connection to people and life is enhanced. We seek out those who excite us, ignoring what tends to take us away from the warmth of that energizing flow.

This experience is very much like finding the fabled Philosopher’s Stone, the Holy Grail, or the Pearl of Great Price, mentioned in the Bible. Though they have each been represented in physical form, at key times in history, their root essence remains forever spiritual. And those who value freedom of heart and mind above worldly riches or control are the true keepers of “The Precious” in all its forms.

Star light, star bright
The gift that the Star Children bring to us now is a gift of innate purpose. They are invested in their world, but only in ways that align with this purpose. Toddlers tend to be especially moved by the power or genius. They are always energized, delighted, and full of wonder. They laugh, they gurgle, they investigate and they are totally absorbed in the now! If they are blocked from free access to it, they let their world know, rather than merely complying and falling into a depressed slumber.

Human bodies are Bio-energetic Geiger Counters, telling us if we’re “hot” or if we’ve gotten “cold” in connection to our soul’s quest. We only need to listen to them, and obey what they tell us. Is your body constantly aching and does it feel frozen up? What do you suppose it is “aching” for? Are you low on energy, depressed, or anxious? What do you believe you are anxious to do?

One author said “Sometimes a person needs to go out of his mind in order to come to his senses.” One way to do this is to take regular journeys outside of your self-made “box.” Break with old patterns, and try something new. If you are used to turning right on your way home, try turning left. See where the path leads you. Follow your energy, and don’t try to figure everything out in advance.

In the next segment, we will be exploring the idea of “becoming as little children.” These are the keepers of Heaven itself, are they not? We have taught these Star Kids long enough. Now it is time to sit back, observe, and let them teach us. As usual, your comments and personal questions are always welcome.
These are perilous and exciting times. If ever there was a need for humanity to discover the “Genie In Us” it is now. I thank you for your willingness to consider this quest along with me. There is joy and adventure ahead!

© 2003 Daniel Jacob


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Daniel Jacob is a conscious channel, writer, and a Bio-Energetic Body Worker, living in the Greater Seattle area. He owns and operates Myo-Rehab Therapy Associates, in Kirkland, Washington - a multi-therapist clinic which specializes in muscular rehabilitation, stress management, and personal transition work. He has been in practice for 17 years. On 11/11/91, he began working with a group of energies that called themselves "The Reconnections." These Etheric Teachers described themselves as "all those parts of the Expanded Self that you have had to forget about in order to come into human form." He has developed a complete archive of information that has come through from them on a number of relevant topics. In 1995, he organized the Worldwide Transmutation Network, through the Usenet Newsgroups. Since that time, Daniel and his Associates have been doing research with people around the world, collating data and comparing notes on the topics of Physical Transmutation and Earth Changes. You can get more information about Daniel and his work by visiting the Web Site at http://www.reconnections.net, or by e-mailing him directly at: daniel@reconnections.net.


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