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Invisibility While Driving

C:  "I could SWEAR that I've been invisible while driving... on many occasions. Hmmmmmmm...........Can't wait to see what comes out of the woodwork in this strand!!!

C:  I KNOW that I am often invisible while driving. I do this thing where I put up a field around the car and off I go. I find that driving is one of my most intense meditation moments. Not to mention, mathematically invigorating!e answer to the question.]

Invisibility in Large Groups

C:  "I have done this, Daniel, all my life. Been the watcher and I have loved it.  I usually do not get involved in any of the high intensity stuff going on, light or dark. This way I get to experience but not get stuck buying into it and being cubby holed (evading labels is another way). I am not sure I always liked this, as sometimes I was lonely.  Also, I have avoided being involved with groups for the same reason. I like to watch and then move on to the next thing that catches my attention. Engaging emotionally means you become visible. And once visible, people want to hold on to you. I used to be very shy all thru school. Now I think it was my way of staying invisible. Something about keeping my eyes down."

Walking Invisible in Public

C:   "When i was studying Wicca, or whatever you wanna call it, one of the first exercises is to attempt to go
invisible, as a subtle way of studying the unique elements in energy flows.   One always remembers the first time at anything exciting. my first attempt was along Amsterdam's busiest shopping street, the Kelverstraat. after about twenty meters of walking along the route invisibly, I almost became dizzy - due to having to dodge every person in front of me! I made doubly sure they were looking in my direction, and yet if I didn't dodge in time we would have bumped into each other, which would have perhaps freaked the other person out. After a while I was having to dodge every single person I was walking "into". Many of the encounters were where I could literally kiss someone and they wouldn't have seen it, or me, coming!

You should try it on your pets! They remember! Now my pets just know I'm a monkey!

Invisibility is not something I really play with, though, as most people are not open to meeting someone invisible. 
They think most such concepts live and die in Hollywood (thanks to Hollywood for creating so many misconceptions out there!). We send out a great deal of energies ,whether intentional or not. I find invisibility to be akin to drawing my energies in, and dropping a curtain over them so others don't sense them..........because we don't just see, hear, smell, each other, etc, but sense each others energies and essences.  But I love people, and do not particularly enjoy making myself more invisible than I already am in a world of 6 billion head cases like myself!"

Invisible at a Bar

Q:   I had a situation happen the other day.  Some friends and I (in Spain) had gone into a bar to celebrate one of our local holidays.   They all ordered drinks, but the waiter didn't seem to see me.  Ten minutes later, when he came back with the drinks, he still looked right past me, as though I wasn't there.  Awhile back, at a Kryon Seminar, I requested to receive a neutral implant.  Does this mean that I have one?    

DJ:  Many are still working on accepting the fact that they, in their Reconnection Universe, have made the leap to become everything and everyone.  They get upset when they are not treated like someone.  Or, if they are, that however they are treated is not nice, or acceptable.  This part of our soul's evolution is about becoming the ONE for our own personal universe.  The Sufi's often preach that we must "die before we die."   

It's like Bruce Willis' character, in the movie "The Sixth Sense."  There is a character there who lives out the words of the Reconnections, to a "t."   Of this experience, the Guides say:

"Within what you have called "other incarnations," you waited for that experience called "death" before you allowed us to re-program from the limitation focus.  But here, in what you have called your Reconnection Universe, you allow us to present all of these "Bridge Concepts" to you while you are still present in physical form."  

In essence, you get to die before you die.   Remember the scene in "Sixth Sense," where Bruce Willis' wife pays the check at the restaurant and gets up to leave?  He thinks she is mad at him, which is why she doesn't say good-bye.  But really, he is invisible.  For her, he is no longer there.  It's just a taste, a fore-sampling........of what life is like for our Guides at this point.  We're all in this process together aren't we?   Just at different levels.

IInvisible Lover?

Q:  I have a question.  Can a person be invisible and have sex with you?  They are not in your presence.  I am a very sensitive person.  Am I receiving their thoughts?  Yet when I confront them, they deny it.  Then I feel as if I had betrayed myself.  Are my feelings real or do I need some psychological help?

DJ:  What a great question.  And the answer is:  Absolutely, yes!   I know several people who have been "had" from a distance, or by an invisible lover.  However, it is a bit risky to confront someone about it, in the physical, unless the sex matter is already on the table in that relationship.  That could be considered crazy, by most aspects of society.  Still, we must follow our spirit in many ways.  Can you describe more in detail what you've experienced?  

Q:  Yes, I would be interested other people's experiences.  Here goes.

I sat watching a movie one night.  We have surround sound, so whenever anything (in a movie) gets a little scary, it gets really scary!  (I have a hard time watching scary movies.)  Anyway, as I watched the movie, I could feel someone caressing my chest area.  I tried to dismiss it.  I went upstairs, as the movie was too scary for me.  The caressing stopped.  After about 5 minutes, the caressing started again.  I began to breathe more heavily.  I guess I had never felt the initial penetration, but boy did I feel him come, his orgasm.  It was extremely powerful, nearly took my breath away.  It felt so good.  This has happened twice to me.  I have a feeling who it is.  I approached this person and he denies it fully.  I think I caught him off guard and this made him feel vulnerable.  I don't think he knows what he is capable of doing or he was never got caught before.  We are working through that.  

There is a whole lot of population that does not believe this is possible or it is the work of the devil.  I would really like to know who is doing this to me, or am I doing it to myself, or do life cycles have anything to do with these feelings?  Is it someone I have bonded with, a complete stranger, or a loved one from my past who is no longer living?  I have asked who is responsible and I have not been shown whom.  This does not make me mad.  It frustrates me.  I think people need to know what they are capable of because it could be unwelcome.  I am a feeling person.  Perhaps hypersensitive.  I rarely see colors in my dreams.  Aura's on occasion I have seen.  I am aware of the seven centers, actually there are more.  I've dabbed here and dabbed there.  I would be very interested in hearing others experiences and ideas.  Maybe I am asking the question wrong!  Please help me understand what is going on in my life.  Your responses will be appreciated.  Thank you.


DJ:   I am sure there is a separation way to interpret this.  Traditional Metaphysicians have been doing it for years.  I'm just not schooled in that, nor does it interest me anymore.   The Guides tell me that everything and everyone is aspect of me...........and everything that happens in my life, I have created. 
With that in mind, your approach to the fellow was unfruitful, even if he is conscious of this contact......because you did it in 3D.   If he is a "dark wizard".......what this tells him is that you are powerful enough to perceive his caresses in the ethers, but you are not powerful enough to confront him there.  That makes you "prime pickins"..........for some ribald tomfoolery........until you're willing to step into your next phase of power.........which is ONENESS.........and your realization that you and he are ONE
The Expanded Self will often organize this type of energy configuration (two sides of the self irritating and then denying each other) that, eventually, both sides will wake up and reconnect. 
I had this happen with a woman who I wanted to date, long before I was completely awake myself.  She was not interested in me (or so she said) a boyfriend.........and she told me that I was always in her (inner) space.  She told me to get the hell out.  She didn't ask me if I knew anything...........she just said:  "Get the hell out of my space".............and, apparently, I did.   (I didn't deny that I was meeting her there, either.  I just watched the whole situation with interest)
You may want to try this with the guy if you aren't ready to own all of this personally this yet.  Everything happens in stages, yes?   Be ready to be called "weird"........and hold your ground.   If he is (consciously) messing with you, then he may get the message.  However, be aware that if you go outside of the two of you, you may face charges of being mentally imbalanced. 
But if you are successful in your separationist action, it's still a band-aid.  The physical plane is a place where we manifest those aspects of reality that we are having difficulty integrating at the more Expanded Realms.  These types of dances in the ethers don't usually happen to a person, unless:
1.  He or she has some repressed sexual "stuff" (Shadow Stuff) that needs to be worked out.  (perhaps childhood sexual encounters that haven't been completely integrated, or the like)
2.  He or she is not willing to open to the next level of his/her psychic/intuitive awareness.  Sexual stimulation is a great way to wake a person up, wouldn't you say?!  Once you're awake, you can get to work developing these gifts. 
If you would like to do this...........I do offer online or over the phone Tutoring in the Intuitive Arts.  However, if you train with me, you will need to become ONENESS BASED..........and give up the idea that you are a victim.  Otherwise, your next best bet is to do what my old (non) girlfriend did with me.  Go into complete separation, and yell at him:  "Stop this crap!!"   (as you do this, realize that you are speaking to your own male self)...........and maybe it will hold things together for awhile.. 

Do You have an experiences, comments or questions you would like to submit?  Please feel free to do so!