Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......



My Dear Friends:

Many of you are wondering, at this point, where a soul can go from this energetic place in which you find yourself.  You are definitely being changed, that's for sure.  But could you have anticipated this kind of change?  Do you even understand it?     There is a "middle ground" that exists between deliberation and complacency.  Few people are even aware of it, since the very nature and character of the place is such that most folks would tend to pass it right by.  And yet, contained within this narrow vibrational corridor are all the secrets of the universe. 

It is here that the sorcerer will instinctively direct his focus immediately after his spell is cast.  And it is to this place that a child of God will surely run when he has exhausted all his human powers, and seeks only to surrender to the wisdom of a Father's care.   We are  speaking of this sacred space as if it were a physical locale.  And, indeed, that could certainly be.  History has made many references to the existence of "holy ground" and "holy mountains"---and various branches of mythology have often spoken about "magical forests" and "enchanted isles."  However, the ACTUAL PLACE being described in this transmission is hidden deep within the soul of a person---whether it is mirrored in the physical environment or not.  It is your core self.  In a sense, it is your HOME.  

Many a fine magical incantation has been spoiled, either by too tight a focus or one that was too loose.  It's okay to want something, but lusting after it and becoming obsessed tends to crash your energy system, which can often be as delicate as a spider's web.  By the same token, if a person has sent a statement of intent out into his universe to manifest something and then withdraws *all* interest from the process, his motion will tend to (in parliamentary terms) "die for lack of a second."   

The latter situation is very common when a person is trying to achieve results in too many arenas at once.  In a sense, you could say (in computer terms) that he is "spamming" the universe in search of multiple favours, hoping that his requests will not fall on entirely unfertile ground.  Like those who use direct mail advertising to promote their business, he may produce results about 1% of the time, but the skill factor gets left out---as does a basic understanding of what it is he is here to do and what he really wants.   


We have said it before and we will say it again.   Spiritual Masters do *not* come to the Earth Plane to REALIZE THEMSELVES.  That is Limitation Propaganda, designed to hook a person deeper into the Game.  The core of your being has *already realized* itself........and possesses such power and magnitude that words cannot adequately express it here.  Your reasons for coming to the physical plane of existence are something else entirely.      

In the Multiverse, each of you can do or have anything you want just by thinking it.  Because of this, your soul experiences recreation, not by pursuing ease and comfort, but rather by creating LIMITATION.  Even as you are continually cramming yourselves into the most *God awful* predicaments and problems, here in physical reality, you are secretly *delighted* at the misfortunes and pains that fill your path.  Though the Veil of Forgetfulness quite effectively hides this wry motivation from your conscious mind, you are truly a bunch of "Cosmic Houdinis," trying to better each other by the number of handicaps you can overcome.    <pause> ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  Note:  More information is given about how this "Grand Game" works in a previous transmission.  Please refer to:   ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________   


Frustrations, then, are the seasoning that make your life journey satisfying.  You desire, you seek, you fail, and then you try again.  You are the fisherman, but you are also the fish.  When you cast your gaze out into a sea of possibility---you become "hooked" on something that motivates you to invest time and energy in order to "figure it out."  As long as you "can't figure it," that object of interest stays IN.  However, once you understand it---OUT it goes.    


Behind every intense desire which you hold there is a cold, calculating side of yourself that could instantly go and obtain it for you.  There has to be, otherwise your universe would fall over on top of you.  For every "zig" there must be a "zag," somewhere in the Multiverse.  However, not every universe contains *both* the zig and the zag.  That is the whole purpose of being human---having needs and lacks and striving to fill them.  If the key to any problem is too readily obtained, you lose interest---and THAT, My Friends, leads to BOREDOM---the only truly *terminal* illness that exists upon your planet at this time.  

The heat of passion and the cool countenance of power are anchors for each other between the various levels of your reality.  The attributes you bring in with you are dependent upon what your Oversoul desires to achieve from your journey into physical form.  Some of you are born wildly talented, but could care less about how your gifts affect the world around you.  Others are poor and deprived, being forced to forage their living from the scraps thrown from another person's table.    

When the Oneself elects to send a soul fragment into physical reality, there are always specific goals to be achieved.  For the incredibly talented person, the exercise of his/her gift is as natural as breathing---very similar to how life is in the Multiverse.  By inserting such a being onto the planet, the Oversoul is sacrificing that person's experience of SWEET LIMITATION in order to fan the flames of desire in those many lives that brush up against him.   

Remember, the Oneself monitors the responses and feelings with *all* people in your physical reality, not just you.  And if YOU are a star, twinkling on the stage of life, the "cool precision" of your achievements are not really a big deal from the divine perspective.  Of greater interest to the Oneself are the feelings and responses of other people to your giftedness---the peaks of their admiration, and the valleys of their depression (because they feel they are not as gifted as you!)  

Isn't this a marvelous Game?  You create GAPS in your life and experience, just so that you can FILL THEM when the time is right!  However, during the process, you don't want to fill them *too soon,* now do you?  That would wreck the party.  Truly, the anticipation of attaining something is every bit as exciting as actually attaining it.     The diverse agendas that accompany all humans onto this planet frequently play themselves out within a reality base that urges everyone to live a "normal life" and "be happy."  In a sense, this template of a "normal life" can be  your hardest taskmaster.  After all, what IS "normalcy" anyway?  And is living in that pattern really so desirable?  


By sharing all of this, we are not seeking to discredit or dismantle your physical reality.  Rather, we wish to add new insights that may be useful when you are ready to transcend your physical limitations and return home.  Fortunately, these insights will be *useless* to anyone who still has items left to accomplish on his itinerary in physical limitation.  Though he may hear the concepts, his consciousness will automatically deflect any of the knowledge from taking hold.  

Think about it.  Who is able to appreciate physical beauty more---the woman who possesses that long, flowing, beautiful hair or her "plain Jane" sister  who watches her brushing it?  To whom does the meal taste the sweetest?   He who eats fine cooking every day of the week, or he who is has been starving, without a crust of bread to his name?    It is in creating LACK that your soul learns to appreciate itself.  By taking away that which has always been there, the heart and mind are stretched to realize how important each part of the Oneself really is. 

In truth, the "long, flowing hair" and the "Plain Jane" appearance belong to the SAME ONE PERSON.  There are really not two people there.  Physical separation is just an illusion.  But that illusion produces some profound insights. And that is what it was created to do.    The magical "middle ground" in consciousness is attained when your soul has run the full gamut of lack, intense desire, and ultimate attainment.  The sign that you have nearly reached that place of awareness is the appearance of information about how this Game works, and what you have REALLY been doing within these many lifetimes that you have walked upon the Earth.

In a sense, these transmissions are similar to the announcements made by a flight crew immediately preceding the landing of an airplane at your destination.  The passengers are given instructions about where to go when the plane stops, and how to find their connecting flights or where to claim their baggage.   It has been said that every journey begins with but a single step.  Understand now that *all journeys* begin and end with that same one step.  The appearnance that there are any other steps is simple illusion.  Fun, educational, amusing..........yet pure illusion.  

And all roads lead to exactly the place you are in at this moment in time.   Mathematically speaking, if you could see a complete printout of all the facts and figures concerning your soul's evolution, you would realize that it would be impossible for you to be anywhere else.   No doubt, there is a certain uneasiness that is felt when a person realizes that.  However, it can be a tremendous comfort as well.  

(End Transmission)

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