Another Transmission from The Reconnections


My Dear Friends,

A Waiting Game.  Lack of Decision.  Waiting, Waiting.  We know that many of you are scared.  Through process of elimination (and illumination), you are being called to stare down your greatest fears, your darkest nightmares.  At such times, it is quite easy for you to fall into fear-based manipulation of your environment---seeking to cushion the blow of confrontation, and ease the pain of some (supposed) calamity that is threatening to come upon you.  

There are many steps of action that a person could take now, in anticipation of what might come later.  For example: 

"I am feeling increasingly crazy right now.  Perhaps I'd better ____________(run away, get myself locked up, kill myself, hide) before things get worse."

No!   This type of approach no longer serves you, My Friends.  Respond to NOW, and let the "getting worse" part take care of itself.  What you're really afraid of is losing control.  It is also what your soul requires, in order to ascend.  Every move that is made to "cushion the blow" of some (supposed) shock will eventually come back around to kick you in the backside.  The only way to FACE your fears is to remain still in their presence---neither planning for or running from what may happen.  In the Multiverse---everything happens!!!!   How can a person prepare for that????  Deal only with what comes before you.  Let the rest go. 

You have observed, in your world of politics, what good it does to make "pre-emptive strikes".......lashing out against the shadow before it actually makes its move.  You end up looking ridiculous, don't you?   What seems like today's solution, may very well be tomorrow's problem.  But if you stand still, and FEEL THE FEELINGS, staying in the moment (whatever that might mean) give yourself time to BECOME THAT MOMENT (in all its manifold forms).  Only THEN can you find a solution that works all the way around.   And this, my friends is where growth comes.  Death is illusion, as is limitation.  Your Growth in Spirit is real, and vital.  There is more happening, in any moment, than meets the eye.  Why not hang around long enough to see what's there?   You've prepared for lifetimes to join this transformation party.  Don't  leave now (in any way, shape, or form) before the real entertainment begins.................!  

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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