Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"Living from the Heart" 

(Without Losing Your Mind)


My Dear Friends,

The initiation ceremony of the Venus Transit is over.  But the energy lingers on.  In a sense, it is as though you have gazed long and hard into a colored light, and then suddenly closed your eyes.  There, on the back of your eyelids, a ball of color remains imprinted.  Indeed, it could truthfully be said that every part of your perceptual mechanism is busy taking "snapshots" of every other part, during this time. That is the nature of your journey into 3D. Your entire physical being is designed to be a sensory recording device.  And this current process is no exception.  Still....... perception is not just about vision.  There are many other senses involved as well.

We are The Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your expanded self that you had to forget about in order to become human. We've never been very far from you.  Just far enough.  We are those forms and shapes which dance, just outside your fields of perception. You look for us, long for us, but we seem to be too quick for you!  This is by grand design.  That which eludes a person's understanding and remembrance, in any part of life, may only do so by sacred contract.  We can only utilize knowledge and powers which you, yourself, have given to us.  In every chase--during the enactment of every "hunt"--you are the fox, even as you are also the hounds!  

We come to speak with you now about this next level of the Grand Game--which we shall call "living from the heart."  As you may recall from previous transmissions, the center of processing for the human personality has moved from the "head" (symbolizing logic and reason) to the "heart" (which deals with integration and wholeness).  There are those who operate from the premise that Heart Energy is primarily Emotional Energy.  That is only partially true.  The Heart Space is a Center of Integration for mental and emotional processes.  It is located offshore (so to speak), in the same way that the mind is situated distally from the brain.


It would be a gross oversimplification to use the next eight years declaring "Men Are From Mars, And Women Are From Venus."  Just as the heart is a gathering place for both mental and emotional energies, so we must now emphasize that the Venus Transit embodies and explores both masculine and feminine principles as well.    

As you may know, the other side of this Venus Transit will take place in the year 2012.  That year carries a numerology of "5"........which symbolizes FREEDOM.  This whole transition deals with freedom, though it is not necessarily a freedom that is earned through conflict or revolution.  Instead, it is a freedom that comes through the Art of FLOW........a dance of grace and elegance .  This is probably why Venus Energy was once ascribed primarily to women. Until now, they were the only individuals in whom such grace of movement seemed appropriate.  But now, it is possible for everyone to live in this beautiful and powerful way.  The masculine version of grace and elegance is breathtaking--and it does not require riches, servants, or power to attain.  More on that at a later time.    

Martian Energy has been about the establishment and preservation of BOUNDARY LINES, particularly those which define and protect a country, a tribe, or a family unit.  It grounds you, and forms bonds of mutual concern and determination between committed individuals.  It separates, but it also sustains.  Whenever the term "family values" is used in your society at this time, it is an invocation of Martian Energy.  The big "R" that characterizes that word "relationship" is also used to establish "responsibility" (another "R").  Its presence can produce instant, wide-spread results, if you are only looking at the outward picture. Inwardly, unbalanced Martian Energy can freeze up and ultimately destroy a person.    

In contrast to this, Venus is all about feeling, empathy, sensation, and personal well-being.  In a Venusian Economy, the Group Conscience continues to have value, but only to the degree that it serves the individual.  The macrocosm functions as a roadmap, assisting the microcosm as it takes faltering steps into an otherwise blind future.  "As above, so below" is the mantra--as sea captains chart their courses through stormy waters by establishing direction from the position of the North Star.

The year 2004 is a "6" energy in numerology, and it carries reference to the Family Unit.  We have spoken of this before in our transmission "2004:  Families of the Heart."  The next eight years will be about shifting emphasis from roles and responsibilities to personal creativity and desire.  On the surface, this would appear to be an invocation of the "Devil," as people fear that all semblance of order and systematic living gets gobbled up in fervency and impulse action.  But "impulses" are not random, even when they appear to be so.  Just outside any Circle of Chaos is a Grand Designer, who watches and waits.  

This is not the 1960s.  Humanity has now been fully infused with the Oneness Virus, and all energy that is sent out to attack or control another will eventually cycle back to the sender, with three times the intensity.  Of course, this also applies for sending out love as well.      

Remember.........a "virus" in your system does not have to be readily noticed in order to be effective.  Some viruses are simply Watcher Programs, gathering information and sending it off to some distant place, so that new plans and strategies can be formulated.  The Spirit of Separation will constantly be trying and re-trying various doors along the corridor of your soul.  If it can break you up into warring parts, it will.  Why would it do this, you might ask, when the Whole is obviously assisted by the harmonious functioning of its parts?  It does so BECAUSE IT CAN.  This is how Chaos Energy functions. It doesn't need a reason to try and foil the system.  It runs on impulse and opportunity.   

In an expanded sense, these are security checks.  Go with them, don't fight.  Fix whatever parts of the Oneself Consciousness have been breached.  Repair them, and move on.  Acknowledge your Shadows, and  know that the Dark Forces which confront you are only doing so to illustrate where you have failed to attach (you are ungrounded), or where you have become overly attached (you have run aground).  Either extreme can and will defeat your process.


As the Venus Energy expands, the vibratory pitch of your planet will rise.  When your vibration reaches a certain level, and you remain physically intact, pre-designed software programs will begin to install themselves, and begin working within your consciousness.  As we said in the above passages, it is sourced from a balanced mixture of "mind and emotion," though it may not seem so.  For many of you, the expression of emotion seems quite foreign.  In fact, it's downright scary!  The opening up of these energy bodies will make some of you feel as though you're cracking up.  In truth, you are being reborn--pecking your way out of the ancient, primordial "egg."  You're not cracking up, you're breaking out!

This process will look different for each person.  The effects, however, will be quite similar.  Some or all of the symptoms of Global Acceleration Syndrome may be in effect.  You'll go to the doctors, and they won't know what to tell you (unless they are opening in their consciousness as well).  If you can get relief by visiting doctors or other health care practitioners, do so. Everything about this process is timed.  Let your intuition tell you which counsel to follow, which treatments to allow. Avoid applying labels to your condition, even though the doctors will tend to do this. Seek help for as long as you feel you need it, and then let it go. We are speaking about NEW BIRTH here, not diagnoses and treatments.  All disease processes are Gateways to transformation.  When the baby's ready to come forth, all restraints to the process will naturally be thrown by the wayside. Let it happen.  

The Three Commitments will be of great help to you during this time.  Follow them as far as your heart takes you.  Stay Free, Stay in the Moment, and Follow Your Energy.  You are now, or soon will be connecting multidimensionally.  Each moment is a world unto itself.  Though it seems to belong to some pre-set sequence of past-present-future, those images and memories are only there to embellish and stimulate that moment in a particular direction. They give color and texture to the your NOW, like frames give character to the pictures that are hung within them.  

All "pasts" are independent modules of memory that can be attached or detached at will.  This applies to alternative futures as well. Do you know what you did yesterday?  Everything.  Do you know what you'll do tomorrow?  Everything.  It's only HERE, in this NOW MOMENT that you can do something.  And we advise you to do just that.  DO SOMETHING.  Keep your eye on the next step that is before you, and let the rest go. Though you will be required to subscribe to certain "plans" and schedules, they only have meaning for the moment you perceive them.  In the next moment, they could disappear entirely.  

Each sequence of events that is started in the Now Moment will be completed, somewhere within the Multiverse.  You don't have to fret that efforts will be wasted, or friendships will be lost.  It all goes on, and expands into every destined end.  Just keep your eye on the next step, and let the Multiverse handle all the details.  There is a place in the Multiverse where you will be able to review every possible/probable sequence, in detail, and find out how all the story plots work out.  It's all there for you, when the timing is right.  Trust that, and learn to let go.   


There are two difficult "tricks" or tasks that must be accomplished, if a Traveler in 3D is to successfully traverse the next 8 years.  The first one is:  You have to open to your full power without blowing up your body or your world.  The second trick is to down step and concentrate that infinite amount of power and wisdom into a single 3D body and function within a universe that may still be sleeping.  Your process, in these next few years......involves learning to act normal, even though you are anything but normal. This helps the body to function with optimal efficiency, and it also gives a context within which the mind can function.  

The attachment that most humans have to the past, and to their body's ancestral history is now being nicely handled through an influx of knowledge concerning "walk-ins" and "wanderers."   Could such a thing be true?  Of course.  In the Multiverse, everything is true, within the contexts of reality which honor it.  When an entity "walks in" to an existing 3D life, it brings with it a separate history, origin, and life purpose than the one belonging to the "born in."  We call them "Modular Personality Constructs."  They come to you from more expanded parts of your Multidimensional Self.  They are long-lost relatives, returning to help out in a time of need.  

Some constructs were born-in with the body, but are not brought online until a key time in that person's life history.  We call these "wake ins."  Like astronauts in cryogenic storage, they do not come to consciousness until the body reaches a specific "pitch" that is programmed by a "code" or password sequence.  Once awake, these personalities will begin speaking--either verbally or tonally--and may even speak out to those with whom you come in contact.  At first, it may be hard for you to understand or remember the significance of this part of your Multidimensional Self.  Things may happen rather fast, and you'll be prone to doubt whether or not any of this is real. You may even find yourself struggling with the new mandate that is being put upon your mind and nervous system.  

It is here where the work of the Neo-Shaman becomes extremely important.  He or she serves as an ambassador, a BRIDGE PERSON between the Celestial Realms, the Underworld and Planet Earth.  In psychological terms, we speak here of the Superconscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious Minds.  It is a perfect blending of mind and emotion, masculine and feminine.........and the Neo-Shaman will serve as Mid-Wife for the entire process--bringing a sense of grounding and harmonization to a sometimes dazzling and befuddling process.

We have said this before, but it would serve the subject well to repeat it again:  

Do you think you are something?   Then you are attached to what you think you are.

Do you think that you are nothing?  Then you are attached to what you think you aren't.

It is only when you realize that you are everything that you can finally let go...........


As the Venus Energy continues to expand upon the planet over these next 8 years, the topic of "relationship" will be continually stepping to the fore to ask a simple, yet profound question:  "What about ME?"

Whereas your Martian Energetic Focus was about division, responsibility, and self-sacrifice (the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the one)........your Venus Energy will begin demanding that the needs and processes enacted by the many MUST also serve the every level.........because, in truth, there is only ONE.  There are no parts in a Oneself Being that are "expendable."  There are no vestigial organs!  What happens to one of us is also happening to all of us. Everyone who truly "gets" that has found the Holy Grail, and drinks deeply from the well of wisdom that it brings!

The Process of Reconnection is about welcoming in and integrating.  Your Old Paradigm has divided humanity into nations, tribes, families, partnerships, and ideologies.  And, even though the organization and flow of your world still supports and encourages these divisions and alliances--there is a subtle, yet powerful urge to seek out and blend with new people and lifestyles as well.  Your internet is the primary vehicle for nurturing this at this important time in history.  It is a "wandering wondering mind," searching throughout the whole earth to discover new ways to feed itself, and to grow.

Be genuine (authentic), be sensory (grounded), and keep your ways and your life very simple!   These are powerful tools for survival in the Aquarian Age.  Everything else will appear to crumble into dust, for a time--but these simple precepts will linger on and on--sustaining you in love and sacred confidence.  

There will be more things we can tell you as your physical and emotional bodies adapt to this new vibration.  You will need plenty of time and space to make this leap to the next levels of awareness.  Let go of that which no longer serves you.  Realize, as you do, that letting go does not always mean that you are getting rid of that person or object of affection.  It is a mystery, is it not?  In some situations, the more a person lets go of things the quicker they return to him!  And when they do, the bonds of fellowship remain stronger than ever--even though they may be no longer noticed or emphasized.  

Welcome to your new FAMILY OF THE HEART.   Ultimately, it will extend into the Whole Earth.  But for now, let it be made up of those individuals with whom your intention and your heart's resonance pulses the strongest.  Let no one among you say:  "We are the chosen ones."   Instead, let your beloved company be made up of THOSE WHO CHOOSE.  Let all motivation be sourced from the core--your innermost heart--and let ripple outward, like a stone that has been thrown into the stillness of a great pond. 

What a marvelous time to be alive!  What a wonderful journey lies before you!  And what a wonderful YOU to set upon this never-ending path!   It is our pleasure to be of service and illumination during this time.  "Chehala Selah!"  We greet you from our banqueting table, here in THE CRYSTAL CITY.........and we join with Crystal Cities everywhere.........lifting up hearts, hands, voices, and songs of joy!  

We are always here.

<end transmission>

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Channeled by Daniel Jacob

Copyright, 2004, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  All reproduction for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.