Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Love Making"

My Dear Friends,

The methods by which most 3D humans are taught to "make love," compared to the actual junction between Spirituality and Sex, could be equated to noticing a fly sitting on someone's head and using a sledgehammer to flick it away.. The intensity of sensation (either positive or negative) completely eclipses awareness of the energy exchange being made..

Is it any wonder that children balk when the "facts of life" are explained to them, in detail?

"Ewwwww...." they often say. "Why would a person want to do THAT?" Why, indeed, My Dear Friends....?

Our answer to that question is simple.. TRADITION.. The technique (or ACT) of what is considered "mature" human sexuality is highly acceptable and tribal by nature---frictious, occasionally violent in its expression, and inspired by hyper-masculine dominance.. It is also nurtured by powerful internal chemistry..

Sexuality, within this type of system, will often resemble a battle.. As 3D sex plays out, humans are either conquering or being conquered.. And they love and crave every minute of it! This is because masculine-dominance is saturated with the essence of hunters and warriors..

Even when two partners say: "I am tired of this fighting," they are doing battle.. They are challenging WHAT IS, in order to discover WHAT ELSE COULD BE.. And society will tend to penalize them for that, one way or another.. The basic goal of dominant masculine energy is to "penetrate, inseminate, and emigrate.." If an alpha masculine doesn't defect right away, the secondary urges that come forward would be to possess and control..

Does that make this approach to sexuality wrong? Absolutely not.. Does that make it desirable? Absolutely yes! Every cell in your physical body was made for this, and from this..Third Dimensional Sex is exceedingly compelling, hormonally activated, and totally "normal" for carbon-based, solidified reality.. In fact, it's a kind of GLUE, which binds together 3D human consciousness.. We are not here to impune or discourage the experience.. As with all our messages, we are here to offer additional gifts, which you may wish to explore if and when the timing feels right...

That being said, may we turn our attention back to children for a moment? Most often........when 3D adults are having sex, discussing sex, or strategizing the acquisition of MORE sex.......they will hang a sign on the door which reads "adults only." Have you found this to be true?

Now Dear Ones.......considering what we've already said about children, spirituality, and sex (i.e. they know how to do it best), doesn't this seem like a curious attitude to take? After all, if a class of people are EXPERTS at something, why would you want to keep them from participating? It's very simple. Deep down inside, adults KNOW that something gets lost when they break open that seal which separates "childhood" from "adulthood." And if possible, many will wish to preserve INNOCENCE in their children as long as they can.

Some young people will make an attempt to make the leap early (spurred on by peers and tribal customs).. And alas, some will fall apart, shut down their energy...... and refuse to go any further.. As long as they continue to sleep in 3D, a good many will suffer--laboring under the belief that they have failed at one of life's most important lessons.. We tell you now, friends...........this is NOT the case..

Other young folks.....spurred on by dreams of romance, joy, and emotional fulfillment....will play enthusiastically at the "Games of Love" for many years.. As we said, there is no shame in it... And when we say that, Friends, we ABSOLUTELY mean it.. There is NO shame! There is only SHADOW, and those who practice 3D Sexuality must become adept at processing shadow, or they will surely be torn assunder by the "waves" of emotion which accompany this powerful, war-like, hyper-masculine lifestyle..

Just as 3D Human Sexuality is considered "adults only," so also does entry into the junction of Spirituality and Sex tend to be restricted.. A sign above that door reads: "children only..." Another expression used for that junction, by the way, is "The Garden." And, according to ancient tradition, who guards the entry way back into "The Garden?" Cherubs.. Tiny Angels..

Normal 3D Sexuality is designed to celebrate and perpetuate carbon-based human life.. Reconnected Sexuality restores you on the road to magic, wonder, and child-like faith and trust... Of SUCH is the Kingdom of Heaven made! This is true regardless of age, race, nationality, or circumstance.. And, as we said, being "child-like" is not the same as being "ignorant.." That is a common misunderstanding held by masculine-dominant beings..

Learning to "reconnect" sexually is neither severe nor irreversible. The energy of it moves like a butterfly, randomly visiting flowers as they awaken in the Spring.. Many of you are already preparing yourself for this Next Level of Being, having sufficiently explored 3D Relationship and Sexuality.. Some will linger awhile, then return to denser explorations in hopes of attaining "one last great love.." Others may even find a 3D lover to join them as they make their return to the Garden.. It's all good. Let your intuition and internal chemistry instruct you in these matters.. Each 3D body and personality has its own itinerary as it moves through the World of Form.. Honor this, and be patient with yourself.. To everything there is a season..

More will be shared on all of this.. We love you, we honor you, we are always here..

(end transmission)


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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