Master Carion (spelled with one "r") is a Master of Physical Transformation during this time on Planet Earth.  He has always been with us, and is very wise.  Since substance decay and putrefaction are very much a part of the process of Alchemy, Carion has much to offer in the way of insight and comfort as we go through our stages of personal expansion and renewal. 

"There is no death" says Master Carion.  "There is only the letting go of divisions between one expression of the All and many others."  He is always present when a soul is ready to transition--and you will know he is watching you when you see his symbol around you in physical space.  Say hello.  He won't bite!  With the removal of separation also becomes the removal of fear.       

Along with Recon Belteshazzar, Carion has long served as a Host Guide into the Reconnections System.  His symbol is the Crow, Worm, Buzzard, or other such images that suggest transformation, decay, fermentation, and structural assimilation.  His vocal expression is quite comical, and the energy is hard to sustain for any length of time.  It has a Merlin feel to it, and Recon Carion is definitely present in that soul expression as well.