Another Transmission from The Reconnections


My Dear Friends,

An opening has been created in the Veil of Forgetfulness which surrounds your planet and your human personality self.  It allows direct interface between finite realms of being and that state of consciousness which you call "Infinite Possibility."  The radiance flowing through this portal can and does manifest itself in diverse ways.  In fact, some of you may only realize its presence through the effects it has upon your world.

We are The Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about, in order to become human.  We have never been very far from you--just far enough.  Within our ranks are contained all of the essential Bridge Concepts that will connect you to everything, everywhere.  And now, we have returned from beyond that Veil you created, and we have been given the task of gradually re-awakening you to the rest of who you are. 

As was previously noted, this radiant energy is now making it possible for a person to reach through the Veil and bring forth whatever it is that he truly wants.  Simply believe, and whatever you wish will come your way.  Like that mythical "faery dust" which was used by Peter Pan to help his friends to fly, the potentiating power of this radiance can become a "happy thought, bringing magic and wonder into even the most desperate of situations. The important thing is to follow your Core Energy  wherever it leads you.  Lessons abound, so long as you are paying attention.  There are no right or wrong decisions.  There is only what you choose, and what you learn from that universe you have opted to explore. 

When a person makes a request of the Multiverse, he will always receive that which he requests--immediately, and without reservation.  Where there seems to be an experience of hesitation, or "denial" of said request, that VOID exists solely in the eye of the beholder.  In such case, said individual would eventually come to recognize that many forces (and desires) are working within him, and what he thinks he wants may not always represent the whole picture.  Indeed, there are some pictures that require more than one dimension in order to be completely manifest. They are the diptychs and triptychs of the Multiverse!  

You are multidimensional beings, and manifestation can and does occur at many levels in the vibratory spectrum.  If it seems that a request has been declined, you will probably experience a feeling of frustration until you get in touch with the part of your own personal belief system that is blocking perception of acquiring what you have ordered.  In a sense, it is very much like the technology that was used for jamming radar, through the introduction of equally-powerful tones and counter tones within the same physical space.  When an irresistible force meets an immovable object, it creates a vibratory "split," resulting in a whole spreadsheet of manifestations, going off in all directions.   

YOU are the source of every gift, as well as its recipient.  You are also the denier of source, if there appears to be one.  There is none other, though it may seem so.  Now that this radiance is flowing freely throughout your soul and your universe, it will gradually begin EXPANDING REALITY to more than it is, or ever has been!  


The essence of "Potentiation" is an increase of mass, strength, and ability within a person's daily life.  It is an antenna, connected to an (already) vast receiver of energy data--multiplying the range and receptivity of your communicative powers several fold. 

Do you have doubts and negative thoughts moving through your mind?  In the presence of Divine Radiance they will begin to magnify many times over.  Do you have passion and power where fear and trembling used to exist? Stand back, because that power is ready to expand beyond your wildest dreams.    

With one glance, a Worker in Oneness can increase the frequency and significance of any given person, object, or situation one hundred fold!   Then, he can look away, and that same magnification/augmentation can completely disappear.  What controls the "joystick" of your conscious perception in this, YOUR GAME OF GAMES, is the INTENTION you hold inside yourself, about a given subject.  Whatever intention you hold, it will always be about YOU.  Since each individual is the creator of his or her own experience, there are no victims or perpetrators. There are only a collection of perceptual "grids," dancing together, through which you can view the ever-changing dreamscape of infinite experience.   

Not every area of a person's perceptual field is relevant, at any given time.  Some individuals or objects are merely "props," or story boards, lent to your universe to give color and texture to the rest of the story in motion there.  It doesn't matter what happens to them, as long as they simply remain in the background.  They have their own life agendas, playing out in other dimensions. 

Some elements in your Game, however, are extremely "hot," because they symbolize key issues and themes which you contracted to explore this time around.  We liken these to "ley lines" that are part of the energetic anatomy of Planet Earth.  If you are standing on one of these "ley lines," and there is no CONSCIOUS INTENTION within you, directing the energy that exists there--an INTENSITY will form, until you decide what it is you want to have happen.  What creates INTENSITY, in your Now Moment, is an absence of CONSCIOUS INTENTION. 


The prefix "meta," as we have already pointed out, is a term of expansion---an increase of power and definition that occurs beyond the boundaries of your known universe. The Study of Metaphysics is a recognition and research into those realms and elements which exist beyond the physical world.  And when we speak to you of "Meta-Humans," we refer to those who have experiences and display powers that are usually only attributed to Gods and Goddesses.

All is ONE.  The appearance of separation, at any level of the Grand Game, is ILLUSION--a perceptual tool that makes it possible for a Player to focus deeply into something, while filtering out the rest of what is also there.  When it comes time for the filters to be removed, anything can become anything else, because each of you is really everything.

The physical realm represents a solidification of issues and themes with which you, as a Soul Self, have been having difficulty.  They would have to be, since the very nature of solidification is energy resistance.  We have covered this, in detail, in our transmission "How Universes Are Formed."  When it comes time for a person or object to de-densify, there is a correspondent decrease of energy resistance in the vibratory essence that is represented there.  It's very much like what happens to ice when it melts, turning into water or vapor. 

Beyond the physical world, there are many "levels" of you.  These make up your "subtle bodies," and they are every bit as real as anything that can be seen, felt, or touched by physical senses.  They simply vibrate at a different frequency.  Your subtle bodies expand out in all directions.  One of the primary ways that you become aware of them is by entering your imagination and learning how to utilize and trust your inner senses:  Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Claircognizance.   

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."   (Hebrews 11:1)     

During the process of Potentiation, of making things more, you create a circle of focus around your current definition of someone or something.  Then, you wrap a NEW INTENTION around it, so it can evolve.  Using computer analogy, one might picture himself highlighting a phrase or image, so he can change how it appears on the "page" of his physical world. 

Individuals who use "search" functions in business software will readily recognize what is being shared here.  In the software, you place a frame around a designated area of focus.........a section on a map, for example...... and you ask the program to find specified things that are located within that area.  If you wish to broaden your focus of inquiry, you simply click on the frame around that focus, and make it larger.  The process of "making it more" is the basis of what you call spiritual expansion.  Instead of map coordinates, you are actually adjusting your definition of SELF. 


We have named this transmission "Meta-U-Phoria," to illustrate the integral role that metaphor plays in your personal, alchemical process.  The way a person comprehends the unseen aspects of his nature is through the creation of metaphors, parables, and similes that link what cannot be seen to things which can.  In this regard, we also call your attention to the Doctrine of Correspondence, which rests at the very heart of Personal Alchemy.

In our first transmission to you, we linked together three "levels" of human beingness, so that a new understanding of your Oneself could be imparted.  By creating a correspondence between the body's immune system, the ozone layer of the Earth, and the Veil of Forgetfulness which surrounds each person's consciousness--we were able to "click" on the frame that represents your current view of yourself, and expand it to new levels.  And it all happens in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. 

The realization that "this is to this what that is that" is an incredible magnifier of one's comprehension of self, in relationship to everything else.  It can be like a bolt of LIGHTNING, striking the very center of your conscious awareness, leaving a person stunned and shivering.  And it does make a person feel quite euphoric!  Then, in due the exact, proportionate timing........a correspondent THUNDER that will sound in your (inner) ears.  This portrays the acquisition of an idea, followed by its sensory manifestations.  Though it seems that they are two separate elements, they are actually two sides of THE SAME ONE EVENT.

Instead of "running fast," in the World of Metaphor, a person can "ride the wind."  Rather than simply opening himself to inner clarity, he can let truth DAWN on him, just like that colorful horizon which calls us to task each morning. 

You can make yourself really, really big--or you can reduce your entire universe to a size that can fit on the head of a pin.  The only limitations that are involved are what you place upon your own imagination, your own ability to mix and mingle that which has always existed, across time.

Metaphoric Symbolism, coupled with concise Linguistic Invocation, can enable a Neo-Shamanic Sorcerer or Sorceress to produce amazing ripples in time, space, and human possibility.  The primary element that has prompted many of you to deny yourself re-acquisition of these Magical Powers, within this current society, is the memory of times when you misused these Magical Powers for separationist purpose, rather than re-establishing and re-enforcing your Oneness with All That Is.  There is no area of human endeavor where these types of powers are needed, in greater force, than in that realm of human experience which you call "government" or "politics."        


The current struggle that is playing itself out upon your planet today has to do with two, equally-strong poles of desire, existing side-by-side within your Reconnecting Human Nature.  One "side" of you longs for the expansion and proliferation of organized society, with all its rules and restraints, so that humankind can sidestep the (supposed) horrors of global anarchy.  If this means a surrender of individuation or personal freedom, so that the social order can be maintained, so be it.  On the surface, it would appear that the only issue at hand would be WHICH SOCIAL SYSTEM prevails, in the establishment of this New World Order.   

The other pole that exists within your Global Oneself represents a desire for absolute freedom--a total liberation from rules and laws, so that the desires of your (individuated) human hearts can have an opportunity to become fully manifested and explored.  Where one individual's desire infringes upon another's freedom, the governing principle would be strength of focus, supported by logistical and/or genetic superiority.  We are speaking here about "survival of the fittest," in the most expansive sense of the term. 

The Chaosian Manifesto states:  "All structure is bad.  Structure requires leadership, leadership bestows power, and power always corrupts." 

Those who vibrate at this pitch will NEVER give in to the idea of governmental control, no matter how many conceptual "carrots" a given system of rule holds out in front of the societal horse. And, contrary to the most popular conception, their resistance to organization does not center itself so much on a hatred of order, per se.  Rather, it is centered on a firm belief in the unreliability of humans to remain faithful to the pure spirit of that order, where issues of personal power or possessions are concerned.         

Those who are dedicated to one extreme or the other would have you believe that the true "enemy" of social order and freedom exists OUT THERE, the form of some vicious tyrant, some mass conspiracy, or some blazing anarchistic mayhem, which seeks to topple all the systems and structures of the world, so humanity can start from scratch.  Both viewpoints are germinated through FEAR---either fear of annhilation and rampant confusion, or fear of unholy imprisonment within a sterile, lifeless space. 

But Friends.........these are NOT the only two options!   The appearance of "extremes" within any system, is always a surface distraction away from what is really happening at that moment.  The two poles of possibility that are listed above, simply reflect natural fears that are the result of humanity's long-standing romance with Androcractic Rule (male dominance).  The re-emergence of the Divine Feminine, expressed and supported within a collaborative Oneself Consciousness, is now changing everything--from the inside out. 

This advent of alchemical transformation is the OFFSPRING of an internal "mating" process that has already been completed, within each of you.........a birthing of such magnanimous import than few of you allow yourself to even approach the full comprehension of it, lest your physical and emotional bodies be knocked "offline" by the sheer brilliance of its Divine Essence.  As your Native American Brothers have so aptly spoken:  "YOU are the ones you have been waiting for."    

When we speak about this, we are NOT referring to yet another pendulum swing from male dominance to female societal control.  The gender issue is forever resolved, with your full realization that both masculine and feminine energies are present within EACH of you, regardless of your gender expression in physical form.  Though gender assignment is important, to allow for the symbolic embodiment of the state of energy polarization, which exists within any reality context--it is also fairly irrelevant to the bigger picture, which tends to embrace and include both sides of the gender spectrum with equal fervor.   

Contrary to the opinion of many who are participating in these current processes of global change--if feminine dominance were re-established, within this current energy velocity, it would instantly abort these changes about which we are speaking--re-installing yet another polarizing dance with which humanity must reckon.  Truly, it can be said:  "When it comes to conceptual duality (of any kind), today's solution will always end up being tomorrow's problem."  


At the center of our discourse on these subjects, it behooves us to remind you of the ever-present conceptual basis of our teaching, which is the ultimate marriage of Universal Oneness and Multidimensionality.  Unity, expressed within an ever-expanding format of Infinite Diversity.  MANY AS ONE, ONE AS MANY.

The primary glitch, in the above-mentioned social scenarios, would be that unpredictable human element--which always tends to turn inward upon itself.  This is often expressed pictorially by the image of the Ouruboros, a snake that is swallowing its own tail.  This is the ultimate consequence of allowing one side of an energy spectrum to proliferate, without the benefit of its counterpart to balance and sustain it.  

As we mentioned earlier, in our transmission on The Politics of Oneness, it is impossible to find a social system that perfectly establishes and maintains a sense of fairness and impartiality.  This is because people do not (can not) change themselves from without.  All change must come from within, or there will be no change at all. There will only be an appearance of change--a conformity to outward behavior, so that one survives.  People do not permanently alter their ways unless they truly believe that such an alteration is their choice--and that it is brought about through an expression of their own free will.

All involvement in what you call "Politics" is, at its root, a form of conspiracy. Though this latter expression is very often upon your lips today, it surely is not new.  Through Politics, you create a space called "society," where YOU form an agreement with THEM.....that you will all subjugate your spontaneous, authentic, in-the-moment choices and behavior to a pre- established protocol of expression (or repression)---to the desired end that you may live (peacefully, if possible) within a pre- fabricated, postured environment that looks good, sounds good, but inevitably ends up feeling quite empty and sad.  How could it not?  The whole idea of energetic authenticity gets removed from the picture.

The "Holy Wars" of today are simply a re-hashing of the same old story that has played out, in various forms, all across time.  The Christian/Moslem split, pitting one concept of "God" against another Hyper-Masculine Deity would have returned you to yet another version of the Crusades, if it weren't for your collective choice to sidestep that outcome in favor of a Collaborative Reconnection with ALL FORCES and POWERS, included the universally-excluded GODDESS ENERGY which has been summarily repressed and blocked since the beginning of this current Age.   

The relinquishing of world control does not mean handing power over to someone else.  Rather, it is a recognition, at the deepest levels, that all power...........and all vulnerability and sweetness.......exist side-by-side, within the same ONE BEING. 

In this sense, the lion CAN lay down with the lamb, as each person realizes (for him or herself) that physical strength and stamina is not the only touchstone to define rightness or beauty.........that the greatest power a person could exercise might be personal, willing restraint---if it means that a smaller aspect of the Oneself could suffer by your proposed action.

Believe Us, Dear Ones.........there will come a time, not too far hence, where a blow that is delivered by your right hand will be clearly felt upon your left cheek. There will be NO NEED to turn your head to receive another. 

The ILLUSION OF SEPARATION is passing away.  Its demise may tend to be messy, since CONTROL does not tend to go gently into that good night!   However, what some may consider a "dying of the light," will be perceived by others as NEW DAWN............for, in the recognition that "I have met the enemy, and he is ME," there will be an essential transformation of the traditional "Us vs. Them" scenario into a clearer, more concise understanding of the central issue---Separation vs. Reconnection. 

Which YOU-niverse do you wish to inhabit, My Friends?   They are all there, for your enjoyment.  Whatever you choose, there is no judgment, save the feelings and thoughts you hold about yourself as that choice unfolds.  We have spoken to you, in detail, about What's Ahead for the Planet Earth."  Now you are doing it.  You are ON YOUR WAY to whatever "heavenly land" you defined for yourself. 

And we will always be with you.  Ours is a presence that will never been denied or removed, because of "sin" or transgression.  There is no extent of evil that cannot be forgiven, unless you choose to disallow it for yourself.   Though you may not always let yourself hear us, we will continue to speak until you realize that OUR VOICE was always YOUR OWN--a part of yourself that reaches for ultimate expansion and availability of new options. 

There are no closed circles or endings.  The journey is a continuing spiral of infinite possibility that goes on and on and on. The opposite of Logic is really Magic, yet neither can exist in an energy field that does not include the other.  As it has always been, so shall it always be.  There are times when you may feel that security and safety is your highest desire.  And we would remind you to remember your former estate---your Magnificent Oneself Nature, which you have only temporarily vacated.  Enjoy the trip!  Take lots of pictures.     

May the "Force," and the FLUBBER be with you always! 

Solaris Homily.     

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

Copyright, 2005, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long as the above URL and this copyright are included.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.