Another Transmission from The Reconnections.....


My Dear Friends:

Continuing along with an important theme, established within our transmission called "The Journey Home," we wish to describe for you now that frequency of personal vibration which is most conducive for your attainment of 4D Consciousness.  As you will recall, we spoke in that transmission about a "middle ground" of personal focus that exists right between deliberation and complacency.  In a sense, this vibration could be likened to a singular PITCH that is found on the tonal scale of your universe.  When the subconscious mind begins to perceive and to regularly recognize this tone, certain inner programming begins to initiate, thereby beginning the process of transformation.   

You will notice that this activation has two specific phases.  The first one comes when you become able to HEAR the tones, and the second comes when you begin to RECOGNIZE them whenever they appear again.     As we have often said, there are multitudes of sounds and images that exist outside the range of your immediate perception.  And, even though these various possibilities spin around you every moment of the day, there are only a few of them that your brain is able to notice or respond to at any given moment.  The reason for this is simple.  Your physical vehicle, and the perceptual mechanisms that are associated with it, are designed for HARD FOCUS---that is to say they were created to interact with reality in an "up-close and personal" way. 

The detailed personal data that is required to do that is vast---even for one reality base.  If your physical brain were required to carry files that could access all these other realities (even within your small sector of the Multiverse), your head would be so big that you couldn't move.    This is where your Reconnections come into the picture.  We are a storage entity for all of the miscellaneous "files" and "applications" that a person would need to access those other levels of reality.  And if the time comes for you to go there, we serve as "file extensions" that can connect you to the Remote Server in whatever reality you wish. 

Do you see how useful it is to understand computer jargon as you begin to move about in the Multiverse?  In many ways, computer terminology is *even more important* in our discussions of the the unseen realms than in our discussions about your PC.   But we digress.  Let's get back to our main focus for this transmission.  


The "middle ground" vibration, about which we have been speaking, requires you to open up to receiving your deepest personal desires without becoming attached to them.  In a sense, your become "willing to be willing" without being set upon any particular outcome.  A truly successful athlete does not train to compete.  Rather, he competes so that he can see how effective he has been in his training.  The focus of his life is on the TRAINING, and his joy is in the exercise of his instrument (in this case, his body).  He loves the sport, he loves his body, and everything else is just frosting on the cake.    

In professional sports, there can be lots of sweet stuff.  The money is nice, the fame is exhilarating, but the PRACTICE OF THE ART must be everything.  A person cannot flourish on a diet of frosting, although many athletes get caught up in that dilemma.  They begin with good intentions, and then are pulled off course by money, notoriety, business endorsements, and so on.  In the end, many of them lose the very thing they loved the most---their pure love and commitment to their craft.  

In the Game of Personal Growth and Transformation, a person's "training" consists of sharpening his inner consciousness and stoking the fires of desire to become all that he can potentially be .  How high his consciousness can fly is not a matter of altitude, but of ATTITUDE.    And what recipe will produce the attitude that is most conducive for flight?  It is a curious mixture that includes a pound of CURIOSITY, cooked over the flame of OPPORTUNITY, basted with a broth of DESIRE FOR ADVENTURE, seasoned with A WILLINGNESS TO BELIEVE, and tied together with strings of DISCIPLINE and ATTENTION TO DETAIL.  The latter two qualities are the BINDINGS that hold this "roast" together.  Without them, the structure falls apart, and a "wannabe" becomes a "couldabeen."    


We almost hesitate to use the word "discipline" here, as it tends to evoke images that are not congruent with what we are trying to teach.  In it's usual context, the word denotes an individual's containment within a set of behaviors that keep him on track in his pursuit of some goal.  In our present context, discipline means exactly the opposite.  To be effective in your exploration of the Multiverse---and to be expansive in your manifestation of all that you are---you must discipline yourself to be wooed by everything but NOT TO BE CONTAINED by anything.  

In actual fact, a fitting (but overused) word that describes this recipe for Personal Growth is LOVE.  But an even more helpful illustration, to assist you in understanding this attitude, would be a brief examination of the ACT OF LOVE, and how it affects the people who participate therein.   

Lovemaking is a blissful and wonderful pastime.  The broad spectrum of its expressions include words, poetry, art, music, flowers, candles, soft light, wonderful food, and physical cuddling and intimacy.  Potential lovers spin around you everyday, even as do multitudes of alternative realities.  Many is the time when they were there, but you did not notice.  And then they were gone.     To participate in lovemaking, a person has to be *available* for the process.  The ingredients of curiosity and desire for adventure will produce a *willingness to risk.*   The heat of opportunity will put that willingness into action.  Then, as the roast sizzles and crackles over the flame, a wise chef must exercise discipline to keep the meal from burning.  Also, he must keep HIMSELF or SOMEONE ELSE from nibbling away at the roast before it can be dressed and taken to the table!  

In all of this, TRUST enables our lovers to actually BELIEVE in the wonderful turn of fortune that has come their way.  A new partner has come to dance!  But if there is any trace of skepticism or fear found in the recipe, the meat will dry out and become so *toughened* that it cannot be enjoyed.    Once engaged in the dance of love, the DISCIPLINE aspect becomes crucial.  The same is true about travel within the Multiverse. 

The first task is to be able to mentally, emotionally, and physically OPEN to receive the hand of your partner.  This, in itself, is not always easy.  And many a love affair has ended all too soon because one or the other partner was unwilling to take flight.  People are too busy, too hurt from previous dances, or too tattered in their personal self-image to give love a chance.  And so the dance is over before it has begun.   However, as the preliminary stages of joining are accomplished, and the OPENING occurs---the need for this discipline becomes crucial.    


There are two extremes of consciousness that are often seen in the early stages of lovemaking.  One is traditionally attributed to the male, and the other is usually seen in the female.  As always, though, each gender is capable of falling into either pattern---since each person contains both a male and female aspect within themselves.  The first obstacle (or lack of personal discipline) is often referred to as PREMATURE EJACULATION.  In essence, it starts with rushing and it ends in gushing.  Too quick, too impulsive, and over too soon.  Poor guy.  He just couldn't hold onto his horses, could he?    

The second lack of personal discipline could be called PREMATURE ADULATION.  In this case, a person becomes so carried away with the emotions of *being in love* that she stops paying *attention to the details* (one of which may be that her partner is NOT yet in love with her).  And, even though the partner begins telling her, both in actions and in words, that he is NOT YET THERE, she is like a train that has already left the station, leaving her passengers waiting back on the platform.  Men or women who fall into this latter category will often MARK another person as their "mate," and assume that everything is settled---even though there is much evidence to the contrary.    

In most cases, these particular lacks of discipline and/or attention to detail eventually result in a falling apart of the dance.  The recipe fails, and the family must go out and have dinner at McDonald's.   The "middle ground" became too uncertain, so the partners begin to use personal WILL POWER in order to push the river to go in the direction they think they want it to go.   


In truth, the "middle ground" will always feel uncertain.  That's why its in the middle!  And when you go there, it is YOU who must become certain.  You must be able to maintain your sense of self, even when there is *nothing* in the immediate reality that seems capable of supporting you.  Only then are you ready to transcend your immediate reality and move to another one that more accurately reflects who you now wish to be.    

But wanting and having are two different universes.  And that is the very point of this article.  The wanting aspect belongs to the TRAINING part of your journey, and is the true exercise of your art.  The having aspect is merely an EVENT for which you are training.  The training goes on and on, forever.  But the events come and go.  And if you exist in order to HAVE, then your joy is limited and obtuse.  However, if the thrill of your life is in the SEEKING, then your cup will always be full.              


The path of expansion that is currently being revealed in your universe contains may treacherous pitfalls.  The desire for growth and transformation is strong---but personal doubt, shame, and willfullness always seem to have the upper hand.  Even the Apostle Paul spoke about this, in his epistles,  when he proclaimed that "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak."  "O wretched man that I am!" he said.   "Who can deliver me from the bonds of this death???"   

Paul's answer to that question was found in the person of Jesus Christ.  Your answer to that question is much the same---except that you must now be willing to recognize the presence of the Christ WITHIN YOURSELF.  Your next steps in planetary evolution require *each person* to transcend his own doubts, fears, and hesitancies.    

There is a big difference between hearing a person say "I am God" and hearing that same person admit that "God is me."  The former statement makes the word "I" its primary subject.  The latter keeps the focus on God.  And, indeed, the whole reason that the Oneself has allowed Gods and religions to come into existence in the first place is to give you a way to view and appreciate your collective divinity (for a time) even as you remain separated from it.  And once each person has fully exhausted his need to worship and adore all of the various IMAGES of God as a separate Being, you will need to receive that GODNESS within your OWN SELF, and move on to the next levels of Reconnection.           

The Middle Ground is a passageway between your experience of "I" and your experience of "God."  It is the TUNNEL that many people have described in their near-death experiences.  The "I" remains open and aware, even as its symbolic expression (physical body and universal context) begins to fade.  Under such circumstances, a soul in transit may begin to panic, and try to run---either forward into a premature manifestation of what is to be, or backward with an intent to return to what once was.  

Both of these actions are attempts that are made by an individual to bring resolution to his situation before it is ready to happen.  And if you choose to do this, you will abhort your current Reconnection and recycle yourself through some intermediary processes until you are ready to step up to the plate one more time and take your swing at the ball.    

In these treacherous times of change and flux, each of you is like a violin string that has been plucked---reverberating that tone throughout your universe, loud and clear.  And all of your former lifetimes have gathered themself into this ONE NOW MOMENT---weaving their distinctive themes and counter-melodies into a single, unresolved CRESCENDO OF DESIRE!   And, as you listen, every part of your being is swelling with a need to bring about that FINAL TONE, which will knit together all of the ragged ends of these many lifetimes.   

Our message to you, at this time, is........DON'T DO IT!!!   Do NOT try to resolve that tone.  Instead, each of you must be ready and willing to HANG THERE, suspended in time and space---vibrating with eternity.  As the people all around you begin to awaken and stir, your sensitive ears must learn to endure the roaring of the energy until the rest of your universe is able to hear and respond to it too.    You must refuse to run away from this moment.  In truth, it is the ONLY MOMENT that has ever existed.    Do not decide to "evolve" or "move on," or abandon your post in any way.  The doubts, the needs, the pain, the pleasure---all are spices to season the lovely dish that you are becoming.  Savor the flavor and LET GO. 

Throughout all of these lifetimes you have been looking for what YOU MUST DO, in order to fulfill your destiny.  You have *finished* all the tasks that you must do.  Now it is time for your universe to "do" you!!   Now it is time for *you* to open your birthday presents.  We must open no wine before its time.  But when that time arrives---it will be worth all the waiting.  The pains of labor will subside, and you will be rapt in joy and exaltation by the presence of a newborn baby in your arms---and that holy child will be none other than YOUR RECONNECTED SELF.    

<end transmission>