Commentary by Daniel Jacob


We are excited about the new influx of vibrations and focus that are being brought in by our Children of Oneness.  During a recent channeling session, the Guides made it clear why this identifier is being used in their dialogues, rather than some of the more familiar terms—such as Indigo, Star Child, and so on.  They tell us that this term is less “age-specific,” allowing more of an emphasis on what produces that core essence of “innocence,” which is so crucial during these shifting times upon the planet.

There is a Oneness Viewpoint for nearly everything.  In fact, the “core system” for interpreting life which is being presented in The Reconnections material, produces a perceptual shift that almost always results in a huge transformation--providing a person doesn’t immediately backtrack to reinstall old attitudes, after the impact of that insight has worn off.

To say that a person is “innocent,” during these times, does not necessarily mean that he is chronologically young, naïve, or uninformed.  Rather, it implies that his attitude and reactions are fresh, untainted by personal bias, and the majority of his senses are available to life exactly as it presents itself in the moment.  After all, isn’t this the way a child operates? 

Being a Child of Oneness, then, means that a person is beginning to make enough “connections” with the concepts of Universal Oneness and Multidimensionality that he is beginning to see life from an entirely “new” angle.  This produces a sense of awe and wonder, which make old things become quite new.  Soon, he finds that his sense of habituation, within a "familiar" world, begins to crumble and fall apart.  He gets sudden urges to "go here," or "travel there"............and more than once he will find himself saying:  "You know?  It just isn't like me to do this.........."  And he keeps on changing!

The Sufis like to use the expression:  "Die before you die." By this, they mean that we should experience a full sense of expanded perspective and resolution HERE, not in some nebulous hereafter.  The Reconnections agree!  In one early transmission, they said: 

"Within the scope of what you would call "other incarnations," you waited for that experience called "death" before you allowed us to de-program you from the Limitation Focus.  But now, because you have decreed this to be your Reconnection Universe, you are allowing us to present those essential 'Bridge Concepts' to you while you are still present in physical form."           

The incredible upsurge that results in "dying before we die" is what is producing these many shifts and changes that are happening on Planet Earth.  We are living, dying, and being reborn--all within the same lifetime. And we are using the whole planet---indeed, we are using an entire universe to show ourselves what that looks like. All around us, things are dying, and things are being transformed.  The faces of our children are perfect mirrors for the wonder and awe that is being felt during this powerful time!  And those faces are also the place where we will first notice our reflection of confidence and wisdom, which comes with a full integration of those Reconnections Bridge Concepts. 

The true gift of Universal Oneness shows itself as we cease to strive with our everyday world.  After all, we're all one here, right?  Who is there to fight?  And yet, we also live within a structure of Separation as well.  And so we dance, back and forth, across a Veil of Forgetfulness.  Whenever the appearance of "disagreement" comes, we can watch ourselves go through it--from every point of view.  And we can realize that the true essence of who we are is deeply invested in each aspect of those (seemingly) dissonant tones. 

In my series "The Imagine Nation," I explore the idea of what a world would look like if it was 100% designed by Star Children.  One central point of the design has to do with The Watcher Self, which seems to play such a prominent part in the process of humanity's Reconnection to Oneness. 

In a brainstorming session recently, many age groups pondered what the Ideal Society would be like.  We talked about family structure, educational design, political organization, and we also talked about what the "ideal" form of a police force would be.  Surprisingly enough, the biggest surge of energy came when we realized that the most powerful transforming force within society would be a collaboration of minds and hearts that are "strong enough" to hold the tone of being a Watcher for the world.

I am not just speaking about "interested onlookers" or nosy voyeurs" when I say this.  I am speaking here of a society that does not major in the use of "force" in order to keep the peace.  Rather, the core of our "police force" would exist in our ability WATCH what is happening, at all levels of our society, and internally OWN and ACKNOWLEDGE what is seen there as a true and accurate reflection of self.  Can you imagine the impact that something like that would have? 

At the recent "Humanity's Team" Gathering in Oregon, the Reconnections said this to me:  

"Sometimes, it is necessary for the one to become the many, and to simply hold that tone, until the many become willing to become One."   

This concept seemed thunderous to me at the time.  It carries with it a potential of total transformation for humankind, which could occur almost overnight.  Why do I say this?  The Reconnections told us why, in their very first transmission.  They said:  "My Friends, in your own perceptual universe, YOU are the 100th Monkey."  In other words, each person who is willing to "get it," during this present Age of Expansion, brings his or her entire universe along with him.

In the Imagine Nation, Part 1, I was given this vision:

"There will come a time, we are told by Spirit, that a civilization will exist whose primary focus is not the control of its citizens. In that day, we will see a new and exciting profile emerge within our collective consciousness. It will not be the only way that people will choose to live, but it will clearly be an option - a choice many can make if they so desire. 

By then, humanity will have discovered that all work done from obligation, rather than love, is truly the fruit of a poisoned tree. The soul of the society will be personal choice and creativity, not coercion and shame. And everything about living within that society will reflect that attitude.

The basic moral imperative, which the Star Children naturally carry within themselves, is distinctive to worship in the lost religions that honored The Goddess. That imperative says: "Harm no one. Do what thou wilt."

There are two parts of this imperative. The first part is "do no harm". However, the second part is just as emphatic. It mandates that the preference factor and the natural desires of a person are divine connections and must not be denied or repressed. In fact, the word "desire" literally means "of the Father".

The New Paradigm of faith and action is much more than compliance to outward restraint. It is made up of an inner transformation, which is a merge of honest desire and simple respect for others as mirrors of self. We call this the Law of Love."

The amount of transformation power that comes from truly going into the Watcher Self, with our whole mind, soul, and being cannot be over-emphasized.  Humankind tends to discount this, because the bulk of us have never truly experienced it in action.  But is already happening all over the world.  There are Watcher and Knower Selves that are holding the Planetary Grid in place, even as we are speaking here.  And yet, most of humanity does not realize the incredible effect these beings are having. 

Virginia Woolf once said:  "On the outskirts of every agony, there is some observant fellow who points."

Anais Nin said:  "We don't see the world as it is.  We see the world as WE ARE.

And Jesus said: "Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?  Or how can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' and behold, the log is in your own eye?  You hypocrite!  First take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye."

Watchers are individuals who have decided to "go that extra mile" in life, by removing the log from their own eye, so they can see clearly what is happening in their world.  And with that acceleration of consciousness, their whole universe reaps a benefit.  Perceptually, they gather around the scene of a "crime" or "injustice," and they spend their energy OWNING IT ALL, every part of it.  They are the "giver," they are the "receiver," and they also stand in every place of observation they can find.  They SEE things, and feel them, and they become them. 

In a society that is not built upon a list of "commandments," save the one:  "Harm no one, do what thou wilt"--the idea of "lawlessness" has less to do with HEINOUS ACTS or VIOLATIONS OF THE CODE than it has to do with ATTITUDES OF SEPARATION.

Children of Oneness carry within ourselves tremendous powers of telepathy and telempathy if we care to use them.  A highly evolved Watcher Force for a society could have tremendous influence, on the Inner Planes, with individuals who have fallen out of Oneness, and have decided to go back and take the "blue pill" again (the one that makes you forget), as did the character of Cypher, in the first movie version of "The Matrix." 

In such cases, the purpose for the usage of these gifts would not be punitive.  Rather, it would be educational and reconnective.  The root cause for violations of the Law of Love is a basic insensitivity in the life of some aspect of the Oneself.  This insensitivity is born of detachment that was made in human consciousness--a detachment which was usually caused by personal trauma and/or neglect.  In truth, both the "giver" and the "receiver" of any crime are one. They are two sides of the same coin.  They are not separate.  The minute our governments begin to 'get' this simple point, transformation will explode within the Oneself.  

Whenever someone "acts out" invasive or destructive impulses, he or she is trying to say to the rest of us: "We have been hurt.  And we are in need of healing."  At that point, there is no "me" or you."  There is only The Oneself, WE.  The "receiver" of these actions becomes a representative for all the rest of Society.   And whenever The Reconnections speak of "healing," they are always referring to connecting with two or more detached energies and helping them to flow again as one.

This week's key transmission is called "The Dreams of the Mass Mind."  The information contained therein will tell you why I use so many movie analogies in my writings.  The movie "Powder" had a great illustration of the use of this power to turn detachment into personal education and reconnection. 

In one powerful scene, a local "redneck" police officer is trying to show some young boys how to hunt for deer.  He shoots a deer, and then stands over its dying body, explaining to the boys how "great a job" he has done in killing the animal. 

The main character in the movie is a Child of Oneness-type who feels deeply the pain of the animal, as well as the insensitivity of the hunter.  He approaches the scene with tears in his eyes, and kneels down to place his hand upon the dying deer.  Then, suddenly, he reaches over and puts his other hand on the leg of the deputy.  Immediately, there is a flow of sensation between the two entities.  The deputy begins to feel the fear and torment of the dying deer.  He screams out in pain, and has to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

When questioned later on, concerning what he had done to cause so much disruption in the mind of the hunter, Powder simply said:  "I was helping him to see what he was doing." 

Indeed, this is one big role that The Watcher Self will play in the Society of the Future.  And the Children of Oneness will probably be among the first to staff this position within the community.  Indeed, many of us are doing it now, in regards to the Wars that have been happening, terrorism, and with many other elements that are now running rampant in society.  Our "work" is just not yet considered to be official yet. 

The problem that still exists, however, is the tendency of the Watcher Selves to insert a bit of judgment into the situation---continuing to assign the label of "perpetrator" and "victim" to the participants of these dances. There is no such thing.  And, in the above-mentioned "Powder" illustration, we cannot even say that Powder's reaction to the hunter was born of oneness and grace.  He was mad, and he let everyone know it.  In one scene, he said to his teacher, regarding the flaws of humanity:  "I don't like what you do."      

As I watched that movie, it was very easy for me to love Powder, and to identify with him in his "alien" lifestyle.  I saw the big, bad sheriffs and deputies come and disrupt his life, and I saw the bullies on the playground, as they hurt him and made fun of his "differences."  I am deeply affected when I see this happening to our Star Children and Indigos today.  But am I just as "enlightened" when I look at that (seemingly) stupid deputy?  Can I not see the years of callous insensitivity that have formed him?  Remember what Hannibal Lechter said about Buffalo Bill, in the the movie hit "The Silence of the Lambs?"  He said:  "Our Billy was not born a criminal.  He was made one through years of systematic abuse."  

As we all go through these days of transformation, we must remember that each situation of "conflict" is made up of MANY VIEWPOINTS, and each of those perspectives has an "innocence" to it, and a sense of perfection.  There are no victims, only volunteers.  Each of us enters this world, having contracted with others (in a pre-incarnate way) to facilitate us as we go through our Limitation Journey.  This includes the "good guys" and this includes (what seem like) the "bad guys." 

In truth, all of us are just "guys."  The whole "Axis of Evil" thing is way off base.  And even Powder was off-base in his orientation and usage of his powerful gift.  That's why he had to leave earth, at the end of the movie.  He had "powers," but he did not yet have the Oneness Perspective to handle those powers. 

The Deputy who shot the deer, the killer who kills the kids, and the dictator who rules his country with an iron fist, have all been CAUTERIZED from certain sensibilities and resonance with humankind.  They have detached themselves with others, because of previous experiences with relationships, in which the pain of awareness was too intense to handle.  And so, they "disconnected." 

Crime and War in society is all about disconnection.   It's one person saying to another "you are not me, and you cannot stay in my world."  One wise old soul told me once:  "War is an expression of man's menstruation envy."  I had to laugh, though it really isn't supposed to be funny.  It's too true. 

As the Children of Oneness begin to awaken, and to call themselves by whichever "identifier" turns them on, they will have their times of impatience and detachment from society as well.  Their acute sense of justice and imbalance will sometimes make them feel kind of crazy.  Failing to identify with ALL THE PARTS of the equation, they may want to strike out at the establishment, or organize themselves to be "systems busters" in a society that doesn't seem to feel, change, or care. 

In the days to come our incredible Watcher Force will continue to grow, in number and vibratory momentum.  We will learn to see it all, and we will learn to be it all.  As we do, our own bodies and hearts will become a Oneness Cauldron--mixing and mingling divergent forces, so as to alchemically change them into gold tones of collaboration and harmony.  And the only change needed will be in their personal field of perception.  They see, they feel, they mix and merge those perceptions.........and, before long, more and more of humanity begin to wash their sweet pototoes before eating!  

And we will begin to see.  And we will become to know.  And we will begin to smile. 

It will be a MIRTHQUAKE, which leads to a vast rearrangement of Planet Earth. 

Just a few thoughts to help us onward, into our busy days ahead. 

© Copyright, 2003 by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  All reproduction for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.

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