Multidimensional ME

By Daniel Jacob


What does it actually mean to be "Multidimensional?" Is it something strange and wonderful, or could it just be some rationalization someone is using to explain his or her latent schizophrenia? <s> Well, I suspect it's probably a bit of both. But it's also surely a whole lot more.

The first discussions about Multidimensionality came through Seth, an entity who was channeled by Jane Roberts back in the 70s. There were other references, I'm sure, but Seth was the one who took the whole topic of Multidimensionality mainstream. At the time, though, it seemed that humankind was ready to deal with the matter *only* in an intellectual way, and not very easily at that. Now, 30-some years later, we are on the brink of discovering exactly what Seth was talking about, and a whole lot more!

I'd like to take an opportunity to open up this topic, letting flow whatever knowledge of the Oneself there is available through those who feel inclined to speak. Do share with us, will you? This is a crucial time for humankind. We are transforming, trying desperately to *understand,* though most of the time we simply have to settle for being able to *adapt.* Understanding takes time and focus, and with the earth changes that are intensely upon us, those two commodities often get seriously short on supply. Still, it's a worthy topic, and there is no time like the present to get things rolling.


In its most basic form, a "dimension" refers to the measurement of a spacial relationship which exists, either within one object by itself or between two or more objects in space. It can either refer to the actual size and shape of an object, such as a man or a house---or to the location and arrangement of a number of objects or individuals that exist in relationship to it.

The former type of dimension is called a "measurement," while the latter type of spacial allocation is called a "configuration." Of course, there are many other terms that could also be used synonymously here. Though these terms might seem basic or tedious, I assure you they will take on greater meaning very quickly.

If I am standing in a room, surveying its contents, my PERSONAL VIEWPOINT becomes the foundational element or *plane* against which all of the other factors that exist within that room are compared. I am the surveyor of my reality, and what I say about that reality is what must be truth.

In the Biblical account of creation involving the Garden of Eden, we are told that, at one point in time, the Lord God caused all of the animals to parade themselves before Adam so that he could name them. The Scripture says: "Whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof…

In a spacial dimension, whatsoever the surveyor of any of the objects within a configuration says about them and their relationship to him (or to each other) becomes what is *true* for that dimension. It is that viewpoint which *establishes* that dimension through his own personal *belief* in the accuracy and veracity of his assessment of what is there. It could easily be said that a person's belief *is* the dimension in which he (or she) lives.

People who process reality from a vantage point that is alien to the Mass Consciousness intersecting with them are often said to be suffering from "dimensia." Actually, they are simply using different mental software than the generally accepted kind. In such a case, the term "schitzophrenia" may be just a rationalization which we have developed to deal with obvious evidence of Multidimensionality that crops up in our physical universe. More about that later. Back to our defining of "dimensions" in general.

If I am standing in a fixed position within a room, I might measure the physical distance (for example) that exists between myself and the TV. Then, I may measure the distance between the TV. and the coffee table. Finally, I may count to myself how many steps it would take if I walked from where I currently am, then over to the TV., and then turned from there and walked to the window. In all that I do and all that I calculate, I am the *authority* for the entire dimensional layout. I am, that is, until someone appears on the scene to challenge or contradict me.

Let's suppose, hypothetically, that YOU now come into the room and stand at the other end of it facing me. I say to you that the TV. is five feet away. Am I right? Well, yes I am. However, you shake your head in wonder. You count the distance carefully and decide that the TV. is surely much more like *ten feet* away! Then, you listen to my figures about the table, look over at the window, and you shake your head again in disbelief.

What is happening between us is a *crisis* in the delineation of *authority* concerning whose dimensional measurement is the one which establishes that dimension. As ridiculous and petty this conflict might appear to us when it is laid out in this manner, the essential nature of the dispute does not change when the dimensions are measuring different things (like spiritual beliefs). It merely becomes more complicated, and therefore more obscured.


It was channeled once, quite clearly, that a dimension is like a jewel with many facets. Each facet is like a *window* that looks into the core essence of that dimension. Each window is a *vantage point* from which that same one essence can be seen.

In our original survey of this legendary room, we were measuring physical distances between the objects that exist there. However, having completed that survey, we could begin a new one based on how the *colors* of all the objects in the room harmonize (or clash) with the *colors of the clothes* one of us is wearing. This dimensional comparison gives our survey a whole new agenda.

A dimension, then, is established through the will of the surveyor (or the observer) and becomes *trued* (declared to be true) basically because he or she says so. That "truth" continues to dominate until someone else comes along to dispute it. And even then, their dispute may be *denied,* allowing the original dimension to simply remain the predominant truth forever.

Or does it? That all depends. It depends upon through *whose viewpoint* the whole situation is seen from that point on. If I hold a truth to be unshakable, but you flat-out deny that it even means anything, what happens to that object of dispute? Good question. I would submit to you that what happens to the object at that juncture is: it SPLITS. It fragments into however many variations required to validate the viewpoints of the surveyors who have cared to name it.

To be a DIMENSIONAL PERSON is to believe in a set of tangible "facts" about the existence and nature of a certain configuration of energy. In a single context, the predominant authority calls the shots. There are ONE-dimensional people who cannot see or hear anything other than the counsel of their own hearts concerning any issue that comes before them. The box they exist in can be rather small.

TWO-dimensional people usually listen to their own counsel but *occasionally* might surrender that power to someone else *providing* that their "other" meets with the approval of their personal list of qualifications. At that point, the two become PARTNERS, as they *agree to agree* concerning what exists and what does not. This process expands the reality box quite a bit.

And then, in our world of today, there are THREE-dimensional people who might allow for a *harmonization* of facts that are made up of any two differing viewpoints, thereby drawing both of those viewpoints into a point of CONVERGENCE. In such a situation, the hybrid offspring of the two becomes a TRIANGULATE for the other two. That point of being sufficiently captures the essence of what both of them are trying to contribute and embodies that mixture for all to see and appreciate. Now expansion becomes the rule rather than the exception.


The first level of Multidimensionality is discovered when a person begins to interface with his (or her) "other" within a unit of tangible space. We call it the beguine-ing….<s>…..because that term refers to a kind of "dance." That is what Multidimensionality is, a dance. One partner leads, and the other partner follows. Then the second partner leads, and the first person follows. Finally, a Dance Instructor joins in, and both the partners learn a new step.

"When a man loves a woman……" (as the song beautifully says!)…

…..he has gone from a one-dimensional existence into a two-dimensional one. Isn't that an interesting way to put it? "A two-dimensional ONE." In truth, that man is now, always was, and ever shall be……SINGULAR within his reality. The only reason he even entertains the idea of another person is because he chooses to. And that choice is always HIS, and his alone. And isn't *that* an interesting way to put it? Alone. All One. The former is a contraction, the latter is an expansion. The first is inward and fearful, the latter spreads out and enjoys the SEEN-ery.

The Dance, therefore, is a pretend journey into a world of FRAGMENTATION. It takes the original ONE and divides him into TWO. The music starts, the lights go down, and Fred and Ginger start to twirl across the floor.


When any two viewpoints agree to agree, about what is real and what isn't, they are said to exist *within the same dimension.* When this happens, their realities become *conjunct.*

Those of you who once watched Fox's series, "The Visitor," on Friday nights, will probably recall a very distinctive scene in one of their shows. It was the scene where a sighted man, Adam McArthur, put both of his hands on the head of a blind woman and projected his sightedness into her. Even though she had been sightless for 30 years, she suddenly was able to see his face very clearly. Then her eyes went dim again. When questioned about the amazing thing that had just happened, Adam said to her: "I just made my eyes your eyes."

This whole illustration became a "dream within the dream" for all of us who watched. If you have encountered my series called "Dreams of the Mass Mind," you will follow exactly what I mean by this. When realities become conjunct for two (or more) individuals surveying a scene……in other words, when all people involved agree- to-agree about what is there….there is a functional *blindness* that occurs in the eyes of all but *one* of the many viewpoints there. In short, that one person makes *his* eyes into *their* eyes too.


There was a very memorable scene included in the summer blockbuster movie called "Men in Black." Tommy Lee Jones was sitting on a park bench filling in Will Smith on the *real* facts of life on planet Earth. As he was doing this, he was making some statements about the evolution of the idea of what was commonly accepted as *truth* over time and history.

In this ultra-fun movie, Mr. Jones said to Mr. Smith:

"Several hundred years ago, every *knew* that the world was flat. Only a few hundred years ago, everyone *knew* that it was impossible for man to fly. Yesterday, you *knew* that humanity was *alone* on Planet Earth. Can you imagine what we're all going to KNOW tomorrow????"

To become Multidimensional is to OPEN to new levels of KNOWING.

It is free ourselves from the BONDAGE of one set ideas concerning what is real and what is not. That doesn't mean we don't know what is real. It simply means that we cease to be in *bondage* to those a single set of beliefs.

It is certainly no wonder that Nostradamus prophesied that the end of the world was coming. From the limited viewpoint in which he channeled, it only made sense. He lived in a time when men *agreed to agree to be blind* about certain things. How could he translate images about a future wherein all of the people at the party opened their eyes and began to see at once? To him, that meant only one thing: destruction of the physical dimension in which we exist.

Happily, however, humankind does not have to purchase too much earthquake insurance yet. Our degree of conscious expansion has paved the way for lots and lots of transformation in the area of defining what is reality and harmonizing those beliefs with each other. We are open-ended now, and if we choose to do so, we get to come out of the narrow "boxes" that once held us so tightly in our limitation.

In this series, we attempt to explore the various components that make up a Multidimensional Person. Your input is earnestly appreciated, and your questions are welcomed too. As we study, we cannot overlook the essential UNITY that knits together the entire reality in which we live. We are truly a Universal Oneself. It is this realization that binds together all that we see and keeps us from doing what Nostradamus felt we had to do!

A person is not one of many. He is really many of One. To exist within a universe (uni=one), we subscribe to a single "story" about how things work and what they mean to us. We accept upon ourselves the yoke of *congruence* which takes a single computer and attaches it to a defined database or network. At that point, a personal statement that tentatively declares "I could be" becomes the all-powerful statement of "I am."

Sometimes, however, our inner interest in diversity cries out to be satisfied as well. And for this reason, the Multiverse (a gathering place for all of the many dimensions or universes) becomes our new playground and our joy. Let it be so for us as we begin this sharing.

"How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm, after they've seen Par-ee?"

----Maurice Chavalier