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Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"Multiplicity 3:  The Inner-Planes Alliance"


My Dear Friends:

We have been reviewing, of late, many specific details concerning your Multidimensional Nature.  You are so much more than you think you are!  This is true of your manifestations in the Outer World, and it most certainly is true about the many fragmentations of your essence which exist upon the Inner Planes as well. 


The physical body, which is the border line between the "Inner" from the "Outer," has been referred to as a "closet with two doors."  It is an Energy Gate or Icon, which symbolizes and facilitates transit between dimensions.  When others see your physical body, they use that "icon" to connect with all the experience and essence which you symbolize in their perceptual universe.  They do the same for you, in your reality.  You are all "mirrors" for each other.  And yet each of you represents an entire YOU-niverse of perceptions, in his or her own right.    


With this in mind, let us examine how best to administrate the reconnection of your various Multidimensional "Selves" during this powerful time in 3D Reality.  




What you are, within any universe, is a VIEWPOINT--an "I" that is also a uniquely focused EYE, seeing things in ways that no one else can.  You are an eye that sees, ears that hear, and senses that explore and record physicality in your own distinctive way.  You are irreplaceable, as we have often said.  Your "version" of any event or experience brings tremendous balance and substance to the Archives of the Oneself.  One body may rise, and another body may fall, within various contexts of existence--but that eternal "I" continues to watch, and to notice, forever!


Before an image can enter the fortress of your consciousness, it must negotiate passage with the Keeper of the Gate.  This essence or sense of "selfness," if you will.......encapsulates all the experiences and vibratory patterns that you have carried with you across time.  Besides that, it also carries the current "itinerary" you bring with you to the World of Form.  If ever there was a "customs officer," with a power and a purpose, it would be your Keeper of the Gate.  


Remember, you don't create your world out of nothing.  Rather, you pick and choose from the everything that is already present, and pare things down from there.  Once you decide what you wish to focus upon, you block perception of  everything around it that does not concern you, so that you can concentrate fully upon what does.  We are speaking, of course, of your personalized Veil of Forgetfulness.  


Once perception begins to occur, the whole of creation (in that focused space) begins to slow down, and solidify.  The vapor of spirit downsteps itself into waves of emotion, or blows with the cool breeze of inquiring mind.  Eventually, the questions of "what about" and "what if" become matter--as they take the form of humans, animals, or physical surroundings.  And all of it, all of this wondrous process, is under the constant control of your ever-vigilant Keeper of the Gate.  




In Oneness, a person is never alone.  Rather, he (or she) is ALL ONE.  Every person, object, place, or situation has a voice, and it has a unique viewpoint.  It is an entity unto itself.  But it is also an aspect of you as well.  And beyond that, every entity (including yourself) is also a part of some greater whole.  There is no such thing as an "inanimate object."  That is illusion.  Everything is in motion, and everything has e-motion.  And this is what we would like to speak to you about here.  


Throughout your soul's evolution (speaking in a linear sense now), you have managed to live entire lifetimes as each of the entities you see stationed around you here.  You have explored mineral consciousness, vegetable consciousness, as well as the entire spectrum of animal consciousness.  Being a Hermetic Oneself, you contain representational symbols and points of access to all of these kingdoms and ever so much more!  You are a unity of a complexity, and that is just the beginning!  But how can a person administrate all of this knowingness?  Here are more "bridge concepts" to start you on your way.




The heart of Reconnections Teaching involves viewing life from the perspective of two powerful concepts of the New Paradigm:  Universal Oneness and Multidimensionality (or Simultaneous Concurrent Existence).  Without an equal blending of these two concepts, the Oneself becomes obtuse and stuck on the sandbars of conceptual mayhem.  You are all one, and you are all NOW--but that NOW has many, many sides to it.  And that is important, indeed. 


One of the "marks" of a true Master of Limitation is the ability to phase shift between ever-expanding divinity and various states of finite contraction.  In other words, blessed are those who can have fun with their Game, and always manage to land on their feet, and find their way back home!  We are always here, to hold onto your "hat and coat" while you roll up your sleeves and dive into life.  It's all great fun, essentially harmless, and totally edifying!  


And so, within the passage of 3D time, each of you will allow him or herself to be seduced into your personal Limitation Dream, tasting all of the drama and intrigue that goes along with it.  You will love deeply, anger easily, become fearful, go into bliss, and enthusiastically ride any number of other waves of human sensation.  And this is as it should be--indeed, it is how YOU created things to be, this time around.  Some of you refer to these shifts of emotion and attitude as "moods."  But they are so much more than that, dear ones.  They are alternative "selves."  And each "self" represents an irreplaceable piece of who you now are, or who you have been, at various points across time.    


Do not require yourself to adopt a set pattern of behavior or identity.  Why drag around one view of yourself, which you consider to be essential or inviolate?  That only weighs you down, during this rapidly changing time in Earth's history.  Even if you fancy yourself to be loving or are attempting to fill some leadership role-- it does not usually serve you to decide, ahead of time, how you will behave, or who you will be from moment to moment.  Trust your inner essence, your Keeper of the Gate to hold you on track.  The substance of his "silver cord" is incredibly light, but its strength and suppleness is without equal.


It is ALL YOU.  As your focus of awareness moves, from self to self, you will come to realize how limited is the scope of vision that is contained within many of your parts.  In some cases, they will seem quite myopic in their concerns--and, upon your return to center, you may even feel somewhat foolish, that you allowed yourself to be so absorbed in issues that now seem so trite or trivial.  


And it is no mere accident that this awareness should come upon you.   For, even as there will always be a place for triteness and for trivia in the world, there also needs to be a place where the "base metals" of life are blended and transformed into gold--where the narrow and inane concerns of finite existence can be expanded, and mixed with other elements, and formed into the Philosopher's Stone.


The Philosopher's Stone is the highest aspiration of Personal Alchemy.  It is a Universal Catalyst, which has the power to mix and blend any particular essence with any other.  It changes things, but it also reveals them as well.  When it manifests within human consciousness, it grants a person the ability to see perfection in anything and everything--to see life from a transcendent point of view. 


The 3D Construct tends to arrange things in a hierarchical way.  It categorizes and separates.  You are moving now to a place where ideas (and selves) no longer seek preeminence over one another.  Instead of a long banqueting table, where a King or Queen sits at the "head," your Inner Planes Alliance will seat themselves at a Round Table, where each voice blends to create the beating of a unified "heart."


In Oneness, we no longer speak about a "Higher Self."  Instead, we tend to use terms like "Expanded Self," which implies a unity that goes out in every direction.  Moving from the Expanded Self means that your thinking originates from outside the "box."  It is crystalline and rooted in eternity!  Such is the heritage of all who call themselves the Children of Oneness.  But first, you must bring to completion your grand experiment of living as a Child of Limitation.  




As important as it is for each of you to fall into forgetfulness, it is equally important for you to be able to rise up again-- even as a phoenix flies from the ashes of its destruction, upwards to new life.  Though we are always here to assist you, as you do this-- you will eventually learn that not every part of you needs to go down in order for the whole of you be edified.  After all, you are a multi-faceted jewel, are you not?  Why not learn to do it all at the same time?  


At some point, you will choose to "chip off" a portion of your consciousness, and deputized it with the task of holding onto your divinity and wholeness, even as various parts of you continue to ride roller coasters of shifting mood and emotion.    We refer to this aspect as "The Knower," or the "Watcher Self."   This is the part of you that remembers, even as other parts seem to forget, and play out their Games of 3D Drama and Intrigue.


The Watcher Self is a laser-thin remembrance of cool divinity, which accompanies you upon your journey, when your heart turns to mush, or you roar and froth in animal desire.  It is a gentle passenger, who rides along on your "drives" of conquest or curiosity, and smiles with delight at the sights you behold, and the insights which they deliver.          


"I am satisfied . . . . I see, dance, laugh, sing;
Trippers and askers surround me,
People I meet . . . . . 
My dinner, dress, associates, looks, business, compliments, dues,
The real or fancied indifference of some man or woman I love,
The sickness of one of my folks -- or of myself . . . . or
ill-doing . . . . or loss or lack of money . . . . or depressions or exaltations,
They come to me days and nights and go from me again,
But they are not the Me myself.

Apart from the pulling and hauling stands what I am,
Stands amused, complacent, compassionating, idle, unitary,
Looks down, is erect, bends an arm on an impalpable certain rest,
Looks with its side-curved head curious what will come next,
Both in and out of the game, and watching and wondering at it."

~Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

At any point, you can feel rage and confusion, even as a voice within you declares:  "I am watching myself go through this.  I am staying aware, even as parts of me are trying to forget."   And it will be, in that moment, as though you have become a Director in your own movie, even as you also remain in the Audience as well.  For, in all your 3D travels--the primary factor which determines where you shall go, and what you will encounter, is your sense of attachment to any one state, in preference over another.  


Your journey in physicality is ruled by your Magnificent Manifesting Mind, which exists just outside the scope of your personality and physical ego.  Your real "power" dwells, not in getting what you want, but in wanting what you get.  For, in that simple state of acceptance and allowing, there is a potential for limitless change and possibility.  But parts of you will never be able to see that, though your Watcher Self will understand, and it will hold onto these truths for you, as you continue to grow and to experience life on many playing fields. 




And so, you see........all of the aspects of The Oneself have their place, and they work together to achieve a sense of perspective.  It is that magical place of "involved non-involvement" which creates this intimate overview--the complete experience.  Soon, all of your alternative selves, across time, will reconnect--and begin communicating what they each have learned---creating an infinite resource bank of knowledge, experience, and insight.  It is this very alliance which ultimately forms what is referred to, in Archetypal Terminology, as "Omniscience."  The glory and utility of this resource is what makes Building Astral Bridges such a profitable endeavor.   


In time, you will learn that, within the Multiverse, everything is perfect and everything is complete. It's only in fragmented universes where the appearance of imperfection is explored.  While journeying through your day, you will cease from asking yourself  "How will what I'm doing benefit me, or others?"   If it feels right, you will simply do it.  If it feels wrong, you will notice yourself doing it, and continue to expand  your consciousness until you see the larger wisdom behind what you are choosing in that moment.  The insights are there, if take time to look for them.


These are such powerful and compelling times, my friends!  Shock after shock, rattling the system.  Each time a "missile" comes at you, your internal structure shatters and rearranges itself.  Solar flares, economic troubles, relationship changes, physical illnesses, career revisions and setbacks, social disarray, cosmic's all coming in now.  The "rockets red glare has bombs bursting in air," as the anthem goes.


There is no time in history where "The Watcher" and "Knower" Selves have been more needed than now.  For it is within this aspect of human nature that alchemical changes ultimately occur.  Each specific "self" that goes through its work day must have a "Watcher Self" who monitors its activities and blends those functions with all others.  Of course, if your Knower begins to know too much, at any point, the chaotic elements in your nature have been empowered to baffle and confuse you, for a time, until your urge to press forward softens into a gentle rambling, instead of the full-on intensity of a military attack.


So this, my friends, is the Inner Planes Alliance.  Indeed, you have "friends" in powerful places!   Do not hesitate to use them (and us) as situations warrant.  And do not hesitate to speak forth your truth, when friends and allies come to ask it of you.  Remember........YOUR VIEWPOINT is essential, as well.  There is none other like it anywhere.  All That Is would not be All That Is without you! 


So it is, and so shall it always be.  We thank you, once again, for your kind attention.  There are great days ahead.  


<end transmission>   


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