Initiations of Hawaii.  I'm passing this on to you from Saleena Ki, Celia Fenn, and 

For those who are having difficulty integrating these tones as presented, there are supplemental translations being forwarded in alternative dialects through the Ashtar Command.  The biggest part of the message:  "Trust Your Intuition!"



Some of this may make sense to you, some of it may not.

Sat March 5th: On Hawaii 
Spiral of energy (sky energy) released from Great Central Sun or Galactic Center.
This will enter through a special portal on Hawaii
It will contain new creation codes, or activators.
Once grounded it will activate ancient codes woven into the Earth matrix.
This "marriage" of Sky energy and Earth energy will unlock the ancient creation codes for the Paradise Earth that were placed there by the original Elohim angelic creators.

The Paradise Matrix will once again be activated and Earth can begin the process of building her physical 5th Dimensional Paradise on the planet...this activation will activate the original blueprint for a Paradise Earth that is stored in the Earth's Akashic records.
The Paradise Earth was in fact the original plan and intention of the angelic Elohim creators for this planet.
That intention is due to be re-activated with the spiral that touches down in Hawaii on the 5th of March.
see Celia Finn channeling from Arcangel Michael below for more good news:

Vibrakey26: 19.5 The Big Island/Paradise Frequency by Saleena Ki  To order any of the art email

(on Maui - next door to the Big Island) is one of the most powerful energy points on the planet...probably only second to Mauna Loa on the Big Island. It’s impressive magnetic field holds the “presence” of the planet’s entire magnetic field. It is these two powerful mountains: Haleakala and Mauna Loa (with the smaller active volcano, Kileuea, next to Mauna Loa as part of the latter’s energy field) that compose the “engine” supplying the earth with Mother Matrix for all of it’s energy grids. This engine is turned on by the central sun atoma of the planet...     "Mt. Wai'ale'ale on Kaua'i is the portal of the Phi Gate, which is a key dynamic of the FireGem Matrix in direct synergy with the roil point.   
from Akashic defunitions by Simeon Nartoomid see below for more on this:
Sacred Marriage of Sky and Earth.
Celia Fenn- Archangel Michael     
As lightworkers, most of you are aware that the Earth has entered a period of rapid change and transformation. This is being experienced by you on the material plane as "natural" disasters. The Earth is shifting her physical template in order to accommodate the changes that must come. And these are wonderful changes. We spoke to you in an earlier channel about the significance of Hawaii as a new spiritual center for the planet.
It is on Hawaii that a wonderful event will take place on the 5th of March.  At this time, a spiral of energy will be released from the Great Central Sun or Galactic Center. This spiral of energy, containing significant new creation codes or activators, will enter the Earth through a special portal on Hawaii.

Once it has grounded there, it will activate certain ancient codes that are woven into the Earth's matrix at the Hawaii point, and also at other points on the Earth which will be activated at a later stage. This "marriage" of Sky energy and Earth energy will unlock the ancient creation codes for the Paradise Earth that were placed there by the original Elohim angelic creators. The Paradise Matrix will once again be activated and Earth can begin the process of building her physical 5th Dimensional Paradise on the planet. Let me explain to you, dear ones, that this activation on the 5th of March will activate the original blueprint for a Paradise Earth that is stored in the Earth's Akashic records.

Within Planet Earth is a set of "planetary DNA records" that includes everything that your planet has ever experienced since its creation. This includes the original Sacred Geometry Codes for Earth as a Paradise that were originally activated in Lemuria before the fall into matter at the time of Atlantis. The Paradise Earth was in fact the original plan and intention of the angelic Elohim creators for this planet. That intention is due to be re-activated with the spiral that touches down in Hawaii on the 5th of March.

As you, as planetary lightworkers, prepare to receive this new energy, you are experiencing a rapid shift in consciousness once again, dear ones. Your vibrational frequency is speeding up once again - and many of you are experiencing physical symptoms of the cleansing and purification process that this is producing in you. These are some of the symptoms:

  • Extreme fatigue and exhaustion, often coupled with difficulty in sleeping
  • Pains in the joints, especially the legs, hips and knees
  • Pain at the Heart Chakra area
  • Nausea and Cramps in the stomach
  • Pain at the base of the neck and headaches
  • Depression 
You are in the process of releasing your last blocks and resistances to fully entering into your power as gods and goddesses of the sacred New Earth. You are clearing away ancient fears associated with the rituals of the Sacred Marriage. For indeed, you are all invited guests at the Sacred Marriage of Sky and Earth. In this ancient sacred ritual, the mating of Sky and Earth produces or births a new energy or a new Earth.

Marriage of Heaven & Earth by Saleena Ki  To order any of the art email
(This is called Marriage of Heaven and Earth and has been the subject of mine for years... when it came in 1997, I knew it represented a capstone piece of the work I had come to do here. Little did I know at that point just how significant. What a blessed and exciting time to be here! You can see more of the story on my website )

Your ancient ancestors understood the significance of Sacred Marriage and its ritual re-enactment as a process of renewal and rebirthing.
As the Cosmic Goddess and the Earth Father unite once more in this Sacred Union, you will all be celebrants at the marriage. You will anticipate and enjoy the renewal of Paradise conditions and great abundance to your planet. You will sing and dance at this wedding. And, finally, we offer you a "gift" from this marriage.

Your own unions and relationships will benefit from the renewal of the sacred marriage between heaven and earth!

Many of you will entrain to this energy and find your own ways to re-enact the sacred marriage in your own sacred and loving relationships. In the Paradise Earth you will once again enjoy the physical and spiritual bonds of the god and goddess within your own loving marriages. It is the gift that is offered to you at this time. from

The Spirit Mythos site is a must.... fantastic info here....
Spirit Heart Sanctuary <> wrote:
Aloha Dear Friends of Spirit Heart Sanctuary,

We just came across some information from Archangel Michael channeled through Celia Fenn of South Africa.
This info is referring to the importance of the March 5th, 2005 date [same date as the Phi Gate opening as announced by Thoth], and is speaking of the return of the Paradise Matrix to earth. This Paradise Matrix correlates to what Thoth termed the "Phi Field" that will pour through the "Phi Gate" into the earth's etheric evelope on March 5, 2005.
The information below has been woven together as highlights for your convenience by Saleena as she read the full information on their site:
(The activation of the Phi Gate as a planetary inter-dimensional gateway is to begin on February 27th of 2005 and complete (as a first stage opening) on March 18th this same year. What does this mean for the planet? What IS the Phi Gate in the simplest understanding? These are questions I have been asking myself since I began receiving information on this particular dynamic I am being guided to call the ‘Phi Gate’.

The Phi Gate is the entry point into the planet for the New Earth Hologram.
This Gate comes through the Star Capstone directly into the “crown chakra” of Hawai’i, which is the island of Kaua’i, and down into the
roil point of the planet (all of the Hawaiian Islands with the center being Mauna Loa on the Big Island).

Thoth: Through the Phi Gate the true phi geometry is organized into the New Hologram, which is infusing and growing the
Maiden Grid. Once the Maiden Grid is completed (sometime between March 23rd and April 5th of 2005), “She” (the grid) will “give birth” to the New Hologram phi geometry, out into the whole earth dynamic. All earth and temple grids will be in receipt of this New Earth program of Light.

The problem I have with imparting a more tangible picture of the Phi Gate dynamic, and indeed any of the dynamics of the planetary energy systems, is that they are so intrinsically interwoven. Each part blends one into the other. It is like viewing a crystal and selecting any one facet or sparkle within it in order to separate it from the rest. Perhaps the best way to reveal the light within the crystal is to see it as a whole element. The same with the FireGem matrix as a complete ‘engine’, germinating at the center of the planetary atoma and responding to cosmic interface with an updwelling energy thrust to the surface of the earth (through it’s roil point), where this energy, containing the planet’s ‘First Creation’ codes comes into contact with the electromagnetic realm of our surface world. The contact made, interactions begin automatically, which the codes direct; dissolving, building and transforming our realm for its re-connection to the whole system we call ‘planet earth’ and beyond.

The Phi Gate then, is that pillar of Light which descends into our midst when summoned by the codes released from the central sun atoma. It creates a channel for supra-evolution through a new dimensional path that is not a branch of the current evolution – but a NEW form. This new form is presented to us as a Hologram of Light to be burned into our DNA: the
New Earth Hologram. for more on the Phi Gate see:
Simeon's Akashic Definitions:
The New Earth Star is the future ascended state of the earth. The New Earth Hologram is the holographic enfoldment of the current earth into the Light field that will transform the earth into New Earth Star consciousness.

The "NEW EARTH STAR" is a name given to the future Ascended Reality of the earth. It is a stage only in the whole Ascension program of Light for this planet. In considering "ascension" and "future" we need also realize that both the future and thus our "ascended" selves can be lived NOW. But first there will be the "Heart Ascension," which must come about for each individual, before the planetary ascension can take place. Once ascended in the HEART, one no longer pines for the physical uplifting into another realm, as the completeness of Heart Ascension allows the individual to know ALL realities in the ONE of Divinity that is ever-present for them.  What really is "Ascension"? It is word only--one that helps us come to terms with the illusional feeling of being separate from self. If we ascend to join something whole, then we no longer need feel so isolated and alone. But we must come to know that in the greater understanding, there is no separation, no need to ascend to "something whole." We are already there. Yet, the healing of the illusion may still be before us. So with such perspectives as the NEW EARTH STAR, we can see not only what may be ahead for our planet and ourselves in a cosmic sense, but what is ALREADY INSIDE OF US in the micro-universe that we are.

    The 44:44 Stargate and its sacred geometry is the earth's portal into the next octave for humanity in the Return Home. Here we will move into a closer look at the actual procedure of the ‘uplifting, the time when ensouled human beings come together in a mass synergy of experience in which they achieve a Light quantum within their cells, transferring them through the 'eye of the needle'. The choice for ascension is made from the level of the higher self for each soul who will pass through the 44:44 Star Grail gate, and is that which represents the 'eye of the needle'. 

For more 

The Central Sun (planetary) Atoma
is the heart of the planet. It contracts and expands in a pulsing action, sending energy waves through the space of the central cavity and out through the many arteries of the earth. Within the atoma, there are four polarity chambers. They are composed of atoms which contain "inverted" nuclei, caused by the incomplete chain reaction of hydrogen changing helium, or "black hole" effect, which takes place in the core of the atoma. For an analogy, picture a human heart inside a sphere. The heart is composed of "hyper-atoms"-- atoms with inverted nuclei. The rest of the sphere is composed of "normal" atoms. Within the heart are four main chambers: the right and left auricles and the rite and left ventricles. These are the four chambers of the heart-atoma that the center of our planet. The heart of the atoma (the mechanics of the atoma as a functioning heart) is called the regula aspa. The two chambers on the right side of the human heart are in harmony with he positively charged side of the regula aspa. The left side of the human heart is synchronized with the negatively charged side of the atoma.

Vibrakey38: Sacred HeartGate by Saleena Ki

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The Maiden Grid A new grid formation coming out of the roil point. A birthing matrix for new planetary potential, allowing the Divine Feminine presence in the universe to come into a greater harmonic with the current state of the planet.  “Toward the end of 2004 and into the first months of 2005, a new light grid will form around the Roil Point of the planet (located on the Big Island of Hawaii). This is the point where energy streams upward as a core beam from the solar atoma at the center of the earth. This new light grid we call the "Maiden" for it resonates as a divine feminine ‘virgin-child’ coming out of the Mother’s flow at Mauna Loa & Kilauea. The Maiden will gently turn in the deep and the dolphins and sea turtles will follow new paths in the ocean.” 

...There is a cycle of the Divine Feminine known most commonly as the Maiden, Mother and Crone. On a planetary level this cycle has repeated itself many times over in the existence of the earth in celestial terms, versus every human female's re-enactment of this Great Cycle during the course of her life. During periods where there is a New Maiden being birthed, the previous cycle's Crone becomes the new Maiden's Mentor for however long is deemed necessary in that particular cycle by the Illumined Ones. What is important for us to understand at this time, is that the New Earth Maiden will have her soul energy very present within her soma or body as an archetypal presence after March 5th, 2005. This infusion of energies roughly correlates to the point where a fetus starts to receive the soul energy wishing to incarnate within that form. At this point the expecting mother often starts to feel more than just a live body in her womb, and begins to experience the actual soul energies and qualities of her soon-to-be baby. This is how it will be for us on earth. To those humans on earth who are sensitive to subtler energies, the soul essence of the New Earth Maiden will begin to be perceived more fully. In a similar manner the New Earth Maiden will be in gestation within her new soma or body until the second Venus Transit on June 6th, 2012. This is the point wherein she will actually be birthed into a more solid structure and form

....This is where we now get into the real substance of this unfoldment. We are each being called upon to embody this New Earth Maiden in our own being, to help her take her first breath, to stay alive and healthy while in the womb space of the Venus Gate for the next 8 years. She embodies the Divine Feminine aspect of the Christ Consciousness and is destined to transport us to a higher degree of balance leading ultimately to androgynous states of being.

What are the primary qualities of this new Goddess energy? Here is what was revealed to me: soul level compassion [as differentiated from human compassion], balanced nurturance, and mutable love crystallizations. for more see


More on the Maiden grid and it's integration with the Phi Gate :
The Venus Transit which occurred on June 8th, 2004 is the first of a pair of significant celestial events. The second Venus Transit occurs on June 6th, 2012. The period of time between them is being termed the "Venus Gate."

    The Phi Gate is a hyper-dimensional celestial vortex that has been magnetically anchored for a temporal period of time within the earth's crystalline grid at Kaua'i, most specifically in association with the sacred mountain Wai'ale'ale. It will host a transmission from galactic center on March 5th, 2005, one that will forever alter the crystalline geometries of the earth's etheric envelope. The Phi Field is a vast field of energy and consciousness which will pour through the Phi Gate during and after the cosmic trigger which will occur on March 5th. March 5th is but the "threshold" wherein enough cosmic momentum has been built up to take across the line of demarcation into the reality on the other side of the "gate."

    The Maiden Grid is the soma, or body, for the New Earth Maiden. The human body has an axiotonal grid in its etheric body [the KA or etheric double] which is made up of crystallized star light.

The Phi Field pouring into the earth's crystallex grid will affect everything here on physical, etheric, astral, causal and soul levels of being as new flame geometries infuse the old forms of the earth propelling them towards a quantum leap in evolution. The New Earth Maiden is a key dynamic in what is unfolding for us right now in this regard.
for more on this see


As this particular date is one which not many people have been speaking about or picking up on other than us, we felt it important to network this information to you to further help you "hologram" your connection to the matrix.
A ola loko i ke aloha [love gives life within],
Maia & Simeon Nartoomid

Spirit Heart Sanctuary

The major activation point is in Hawaii & anyone interested is being asked to either attend personally, or to link in.

All details, international gatherings & details on communal link-in can be found at

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  Sharings from Saleena:
The work has been ongoing and intense. It's been good to see some new understandings of what is happening. I have been so into the happening that I didn't fully understand what the significance of all of this has been... I moved to a new island, Maui, and am still in the transition of finding a stable new home base. I still feel the Blue StarGate place nearing. I am still feeling uprooted and in transit. It has felt to me as if I everything I have used to operate in the "New World" again went offline and for awhile now I've felt as if I didn't know anything or how to operate. It has felt clumsy, like a totally being in new place where I haven't fully understood how the operation of this new world works yet. I saw that whatever was still lurking in my subconscious was instantly and with great intesity, magnified and manifesting in my face! Whether is was based on love or fear, abundance or lack, there it was for me to reckon with. I am catching on. The way it has felt has been like I am a garden that is being readied to plant. The old is fully havested. I have been dug up, tilled, chopped, weeded, fertilzed and prepared for a new planting. The new seeds have been planted now, and I am ready to sun and warm them. Nurture them. Let them stabilize and grow. No more digging the Divine Mother tells me! I am tired and need rest and a stable place to bloom. I didn't realize just how new born we all are.
Healings for the Twins:
In 1997 I met my soul twin. we reunited and were informed soon after that we were in contract to not be in primary relationship this life, but to expand by being with others. The next years were full of forgiving and renewing what our connection really is about. This last week, we were lead by Magdalene and the Christos Council into a very powerful healing. She gave us a story and said it was for all.
New Root Race:
Today in my meditation it was heavy and thick. I felt called to go into it so strong I just waded in and kept at it. Finally, I felt the energies began moving and was approached by an energy I know as the Divine Father/Masculine. I had been asking to make peace with him. We made love. I was flooded with powerful sensations that went into every cell. It was powerful and dissipated some of the thickness. Later Colin called and we began to explore what there was to do today. We found the Blue Web Network we have been creating.
So much of this blue web-like grid has been pouring out of me and Colin everytime we work for the last few weeks. It is going everywhere and being hooked up. Now I am understanding this more after reading the info on spirit mythos site. We found it needing to be hooked up to something coming in from space. The process seemed to be the DivineMasculine inviting us to connect him into the womb of the EarthMother. As we did, I felt it rolling as if it were in my own womb. Once it was hooked up, that is when we saw the blue grid fanning out from that central energy out infinitely like a big blue glowing spiderweb. Colin felt Angels at All the intersecting angle points. That is when these words came forth:
"The ancient codes that were planted for the New Earth, there is more to it. The original paradisical codes that were planted by the EloHim also were attended to by the Hathors, which means this all has a Sirian connection. The Ascention Plan has always been attended by this connection. Those original codes are being altered so what is coming online is more now than anyone in the beginning intended. Right now we are at a convergence point where a combination of 7 ascended root races have collaborated to unify their purposes into one focused on the birth of a New Race on the New Earth.
This is causing a transmutation of each of their codes individually to transmute into a new pattern never before seen in all of this creation and other surrounding ones! ( they are telling me right now that this is easy to say and it is causing individuals who are connected to any of these root races to undergo huge alchemical changes as we speak )
There is preparation happening now- this is what everyone is responding to in preparation for the moment when the seven races align their purposes and codes. When the portals open and the Divine FatherSky energies flood into
the core of the Divine MotherEarth energies, this has the potential for the power needed to merge the codes and alchemically fuse them into a new coded matrix. This has been researched and approved. It will occur on Sat Mar 5th beginning at 11:11am and proceeding until 2:22pm. That is when the peak of the Phi Gate is actualizing.
You ( talking to Colin and I ) are representing one of the seven races doing your part now. Chulos, Mother Lemuria, and the aspect of yourselves as Weavers are a part of this.
I asked who the seven races are?
Colin was busy weaving a cross connection between the seven races. We saw this as a disc or a pie with seven wedges. It was then I was given the root sounds of each race.  I wondered if there were names I would recognize for each and was shown that the root sounds were more important than any head information they could add for now. Those sounds were LaMat~SeLag~ForNA~MeTaug~ShuNa~PeLa~KuNar. I began to say these names around and around the wedges. As I did this, we felt them begin to melt the barriers between them and begin to merge together into one something.  Harmonizing and callibrating to each other via the sounds. Then we were shown to bring love into the center. We tuned into the love we have for each other in all the known aspects and expressions of our selves. It was then that my heart opened and this white creamy essence began to pour into the center of this disc. Then Colin saw it happening to him also. He directed this combined liquid light into each wedge and saw them each light up! I then saw a flock of white birds burst up out of the center and begin to circle around and around us. Colin in his enthusiasm of course puts out seeds for them.
As this is all happening, I see the disc floating in space and see these huge masculine hands come down and take a hold of it. Somehow he reshapes it into a funnel. ( I saw this similar kind of shape two years ago around this same time of the year when the dolphin helped me build one half and then the next day another half of this stargate joined it and opened an amazing portal Stargate which brought a whole new ET Star connection online ) Then he inserts the funnel tip, which I am being very aware of the merged races forming it, into the Earth Mother's Central Inner Sun. We felt a tremendous pouring of love into her.
At this point I was aware of the Hawaiian connections. Mauna Loa, Haleakala, which I am sitting at the base of now where I live in Maui, and Kuai. I felt the fire's of this engine pulsing. Ecstatic love making and fire all happening at once between these two Logos. Everything was liquifying. I felt the energy going out to each root race and liquifying all the patterns like a steel foundry, then the liquid codes of each race pouring through the funnel into the center of Mather. As it did I saw her sending a spiral of energy out throughout the Earth Matrix into all of us here. Into every cell of every creature that occupies her Earth space. Then Colin felt it go out and touch into every Star Ship that is involved with this whole Ascension Project. He said everyone was connecting in and recalibrating their connections. Seeing new pathways establishing, getting ready for Saturday, getting everything into place. We felt all the other lightworkers at that moment as One.
So Tonight there was a huge new aspect added. A vector of seven original root races were funneled into the Phi Gate opening and merged alchemically to pour in the codes for a brand new root race. That is the best I can say for now. Feel into it....
GrandMother Chandra:
I am hearing right now from GrandMother Chandra: "Saleena Saleena Saleena, I am so excited at this happening. It all started a few years ago when we took the original plan and made something more of it. Now the patential of new creation is expotentially increasing. I am with you, doing my part of the workings. You are right on with the mergings. This is a very big deal! So you know what this means? It means we are all going to change! Well that is about time for me, I say! The experiences each of you have been having. Feeling as if nothing you know how to do works any more? Is a direct result of this new everything coming online. Yes, we are all having to learn new ways to navigate now. It is no small task at hand. Learn it all new? We are doing very wonderful though... within the perspective of what is really happening. It is a good thing we all don't consciously know it ahead. We might just all up and quit.
So there is one thing I want to add. There is a spiral that is coming out of a certain sector of space that will bring in even another opening into this dimension. It seems everyone is joining for this portal opening. This new spiral is another very advanced civilization offering their open hearts and hand for contact. This happened two years ago and there have been many new Star Groups join us since then. I only mention this one because it is significant and those who catch this and tune in will be able to make some new friends. This is all I can say now. More will become evidant as they anchor into this realm and begin to communicate.
Well all you amazing Star Gates, you should all be in celebration of who you are and what you have done to bring about a brand new Earth and Race of beings! Let's be sure to party! It is the best thing I can think of to do!
Much love to you from One Spider Woman to all the other weavers, and Lightworkers. Keep on... we are all on the brink of something fabulous!
Altata KonaTia Turu.... In the beginning we are all One, in the end we are all One. " Chandra Iktomi