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Venus observed in 171 A passband 





Venus is now behind the LASCO C2 occulter.


On June 8, 2004 we will have the opportunity to experience a very rare celestial phenomenon. So rare, in fact, that no living person has ever observed it before, since the last transit of Venus happened over 120 years ago, in 1882. We will get another chance again, however, in 2012....


So the transit will be closely watched by several instruments on board SOHO: LASCO, UVCS, SUMER, EIT, and CDS. Venus is expected to appear in the LASCO C3 field between June 3 and June 13, clearly visible on our real-time images page.

The Transit of Venus

H-alpha images. Mobile airborne team.

The Transit of Venus. Webcast from a camera located in Norway.