by Daniel Jacob


I search for lightning, nothing less.

A place to share my happiness.


To make the dive, so deep and far

inside myself, where angels are

To not look back, no matter what

might call to me to hold me up.

And this, my love, will be my quest.

But you can come, just be my guest.


To wildly trade what we have and are

for the wondrous joy that lives in there.

To run so fast, and jump so high

no one can catch us---who would try?


And then, at night, when moon is full

to feel around us waves, which fall

so strong and fearsome in their leap

we're swept away and lost in deep

tumultuous swells of terror and desire

heaped upon a funeral pyre.


We ride those waves on nerves of steel.

We cannot speak the things we feel.

Our surfboards made from shafts of light

they carry us across the night.


But if, my dear, I look to find

you chose to pass, and stay behind

I'll trust that when the time is right

I'll find someone who loves the night.


Who looked inside to count the cost

who chose to risk, accept the loss.

And there, upon that wave, I find

a kindred soul, with kindred mind.


To meet---unknown, unseen, unplanned

a gentle child, a maid or man,

who dared to take that leap alone

and woke to find we made it home.


And when I look into her eyes

and we discard our sweet disguise

I'll recognize your tender face

the You, that lives in this fair place.


For we're eternal, tried and true.

You won't leave me, I can't leave you.

We might change scene, we might change form

but the fire still burns, and keeps us warm.


And if you miss me, way back there

Please don't sorrow, don't despair.

Just find a Playmate, where you are

And speak my name, I won't be far.


1993-2002  Reconnections, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.