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"Pleasure and Pain in Transformation"


My Dear Friends:

As the energetic pitch of your planet continues to rise, you may now notice that many of your local communities and tribes are experiencing what appear to be shortages of money, food sources, water and electricity--as well as legal means for obtaining these necessary elements, such as gainful employment and expanded commerce. 

This circumstance comes by decision of the Oneself, and it carries considerable benefits for you, even though it may not feel very pleasant to those who reside in centers of the world where "neediness" is made manifest in such vivid ways!  Rest assured, this by divine plan.  It is also your plan.  Believe that, and whatever pain you feel during this process of unfoldment will remain simply that.....pain.  It will activate you, adjust your focus, and slowly mold you into what you came here to be.

We are The Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human.  We've never been very far from you--just far enough.  Within our ranks are represented all of the "bridge concepts" that will connect you to what is called The Multiverse.  These connections will become your "modems," enabling your human mind to "log in" to infinite resources and possibilities.  All you need to do is believe, and connections can be made that will change your life forever. 

Pain is often required when someone is ready to spiritually awaken.  Suffering does not always have to be a part of the picture. Suffering springs from a mindset of separation and resentment.  It is a longing for that which is momentarily out of reach. Or, it is a railing of judgment against what is going on in the present--as feelings and circumstances press in upon you.  These sources of internal/external pressure symbolize the same intensity which transforms coal into diamonds, and base metals into gold. But if they are resisted, they can also break a person, leaving nothing but the residue of what could have been.       

Lust and envy are forms of suffering, as are greed and anger. Not everyone who suffers will languish in their pain.  Some people will lavish in it.  Just as it is possible to experience pain without suffering, so also is it possible to experience suffering without pain. Some people will horde goods and resources, in hopes of shielding their awareness from physical lack. Then, they spend their time and money, searching for that which will satisfy their soul. Little do they realize that awareness of lack is a crucial part of the experience of feeling satisfied.  These two sensations are inexorably linked.


Your perceptual mechanisms for discerning pain from pleasure are literally wrapped around each other, as you function within your physical vehicle.  In some instances, the primary determinant of which sensation is considered which comes from your own value system, and your own interpretations of what is going on around you.  There is but a fine line that comes between pleasure and pain, and sometimes your mind will tell you that something is hurting you, even as other parts of your being are thoroughly enjoying what is going on. This is a form of cognitive dissonance which has baffled your scientists for centuries. 

Neurologically, what we are describing is similar to your sensory discernment of the difference between heat and cold.  If you take a piece of ice and rub it on your skin, your body will tell you that it feels cold.  If you continue to rub that same piece of ice on that same portion of skin, there will come a time when it begins to feel hot. Have you ever heard the expression "freezer burn?"  That's a mind-boggler, isn't it?  How can these elements be so connected?  Indeed, it is because everything is connected, and nothing exists in and of itself.  And this is what we would like to speak to you about today. 

Understanding of this subject requires a willingness to release the duality of these two concepts you call "pain" and "pleasure," and embrace the realization that they are two sides of the same coin.  One idea cannot exist without the other.  It's not possible to delineate the experience of pleasure without having a clear concept of pain.  To recall the commonly used expression: " I may not yet know what I want in a relationship--but I definitely know what I don't want!!!" 

Well, My Dear Friends, we are here to tell you that to know one end of the spectrum is to automatically know the other also.  In order for a person to occupy a mansion in Heaven, he must also own a condominium in Hell.  But frequently, a human mind will program itself to come onto the planet with one of those channels blocked. Then, at the appointed time, the "blinders" will fall off the horse, and a great flood of knowledge and sensory stimulation will come in. For many, this situation feels quite traumatic.  For others, it is the beginning of a wonderful new world.  

For purposes of our communications with you--we will now invite a remembrance that there is not just pleasure or pain in your universe anymore.  Instead,  there is will be a unification of those sensations, which is known as Pleasure/Pain (or "Painsure," if you like)---very similar to that junction of interactive perception which you now refer to as the Body/Mind.  Soon, you will learn that this conjunction of sensation is absolutely essential to your full experience of "solid reality" in what you call your World of Form.


Pain grounds you, pleasure lifts you up and helps you to fly.  What goes up must also come down, or the sensation of difference between the two states is lost.  True perception requires a sense of contrast.  These hardships and lacks that are coming upon your planet at this time are creations of your own Mass Mind.  Does it not appear to you, in some instances, that humanity has become its own worst enemy?  Who needs space aliens or super viruses to kill you off?  Left to yourselves, you almost seem intent upon being your own judge and executioner. 

Many of you have heard the story about a man who came upon another fellow, who was enthusiastically hitting himself on the head with a hammer.  Thinking that this seemed quite insane, the first man asked:  "Why are you hitting yourself in the head with that hammer?"  To this, the sad fellow replied:  "Because it feels so good when I stop." 

Can you identify with what we are saying here?  As the experience of Oneness expands upon the globe, more and more of you will be seeking to re-establish your sense of polarization with someone or something.  And so, as the energy continues to rise, there will be a manifestation of "Hatfields and McCoys" and "Montagues and Capulets" in nearly every part of the world.  So be it.  Each expression in the Oneself has its place.  And there are no events that take place without the tacit agreement of all.  

We have often referred to this "need" for drama as "ought-ism."  You are sometimes becoming so expanded that you need to "pinch yourself," or slap your own face..........or, perhaps, to hit your head against the order to remind yourself that you are still here.  But that is only for a short while longer.  Once the resistance factor that plays in your heart is relieved, you will let go of your need to hurt and harass yourself, in order to maintain a feeling of "control."        


Your bodies are also playing out "pleasure and pain" through their distribution of focus upon the world around you.  Many have expressed a decline in physical energy and stamina--especially with the near approach of the Planet Mars to Earth.  In order for you to fully comprehend and deal with this, it will be most helpful for you to realize the ongoing entrainment that is happening between your physical bodies and the Earth Mother. You are each, literally, being "hooked up" to Her, and are being allowed to experience some of Her energy changes and life processes, as though they were your own.

This is simply another form of Phase Shifting, as you alternate your definition of "self" from a single physical body to an entire planetary body.  As we have often said, this powerful process is how humankind is slowly, steadily, changing the direction of its development merely as separated souls, and expanding into a Oneself Collective.  This is being done without sacrificing your individuality.  Hence, the "departure and return" sensations that are involved in the Phase Shift.  First, you are this.  Then, you are that.  Back and forth, across the Veil.     

Your primary indicator, for when you are in a Phase Shift, will be that you don't seem to know what is happening to you. Certain feelings are there, certain signs and symptoms, but you cannot define or understand them.  And what we are saying here is:  you can't "understand" them, because that which you are defining as "you" has grown considerably.  You are no longer "under" your life circumstances.  You are now over them.  You have hooked your neurological mechanisms into something so vast and so infinite, that the only thing your body can do is slow down and experience the sheer volume of how big you really are. At that level of consciousness, a soul does not possess "understanding" anymore.  You now move into "overstanding."  Do you get what we are saying to you?   

Many of those physical conditions which are characterized by fatigue, achiness, and lethargy are directly related to the Phase Shifting process.  Among them are Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein-Barr, Lupus, Arthritus, Fibromyalgia, and Diabetes.  All of these portals to growth are signs that a physical body that holding on.........resisting.........and "feeling the heat" of a connection to something vast and wonderful.  It is a grounding measure that utilizes pain and dysfunction, in order to provide a point of contrast to an infusion of power.  It is a "thorn in the flesh" to remind you that you are still human.       

The determining factor for the existence of "Global Acceleration Syndrome" in a person is quite simple.  If you go to the doctor, and he can't find anything "wrong" with you, and doesn't know how to stop your is safe to say that you are deep in your Physical Transmutation process.  They are labor pains for the birthing of the New Humanity.  

Many of the strongest souls on the planet are using this time in history to invoke the suffering of the world into their bodies, until that world is ready to admit how vast and expansive it truly is.  As we have said:  "Sometimes the ONE must become the MANY, and hold that tone, until the MANY are ready to become ONE."  This is the very nature of AT-ONE-MENT...........and now it is your turn to make your own journey through the flame. 

If you are one of these souls, do not try to shake it off.  You cannot be drafted into thE "Christing" process.  There are no victims, only volunteers.  As Jesus said, during his own experience of infusion and transformation:  "No one takes my life from me.  I lay it down of my own volition."  You are becoming a Bridge Person--a connector of life, death, and infinity.  Back and forth, across the Veil.  Expansion. Contraction.  And many there are who shall traverse this Bridge you are creating. 

It does not improve your symptoms to deny your role in the creation of this transformation process, or to rail against the heat of the fire that sears your skin, as you place your body and your world upon the altar of Physical Transformation.  In truth, such denials of responsibility actually stoke the fires higher, and intensify the heat that quickens you to the fore!  So be it. You came here to do this, and you shall not depart before your process is complete.

We have much more to share about the "Pleasure-Pain Principle."  But for now, let it suffice to say that, regardless of what you may find yourself thinking at any given time, there are parts of you that absolutely love what is going on!  You may call those parts of yourself "perverted" or "sick," but once again........that only serves to intensify the manner in which you are now beginning to  experience yourself.  

You come here to these physical dimensions from a place where you can do or have anything, just by thinking it.  Being in a place of limitation and despair is quite a vacation for someone that powerful.  And truly, it is only for a season, a micro-second in the flow of eternity.  And the connected, expanded parts of you who realize this are doing everything they can to insure that you get to suck every drop of juice from your "lemons" of 3D drama, before you allow yourself to rise again to power and glory.    

Though the Veil of Forgetfulness quite effectively hides this wry motivation from your conscious minds, you are really a bunch of Cosmic Houdinis, trying to outdo each other in the number of handicaps you can overcome.  Of course, when the pendulum swings to pleasure again, the feelings are so much sweeter because of their contrast to the pain.  

So there you have it.  The Pit and the Pendulum!  Are we having fun yet?  Oh yes, indeed we are!

Frivolity, Intensity, and Tribulation.  A perfect "F.I.T." for you at this time.  We are always here.  Reach out to us for guidance, encouragement, a cool drink of water, and whatever else we can provide to enhance your enjoyment of all you are, and all you are doing.

<end transmission>   

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Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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