By Daniel Jacob


This morning I was thinking about that "White Rabbit" that's been running around this place, lately.  He seems to be very FOCUSED, now doesn't he?  He's always looking at his watch, saying............"I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date."   He keeps his eyes on the road ahead, and he doesn't let himself get distracted along the way. 

As for me, I always seem to be craning my head, trying to see what's happening elsewhere in my world.  Today, the Guides refer to this as "scanning."  I think that any of us who have a history of "abuse" or "trauma" in our childhood--even if the trauma was in the form of neglect--have developed the habit of "scanning" whenever we enter an environment where potential dangers can rear their ugly heads.  Psychologists refer to this as "hypervigilance."  But the Guides reframe this tendency using the term "Potentiation."  Apparently, not only do we scan for dangers in our lives.  Something also opens us to potential blessings as well. 

Truly, it can be said that the very things in our lives that may have bugged us to death, from day one, are also "entry ports" for Multiversal Knowledge, as it seeks to merge with our world.  And some of us are more "accessible" to those mergings than others.  The W.R. is so "busy" that he barely has time to notice the effect he has on those around him.  His only concern is the "affect" that he is having on himself and his goals. 

Leaders, deep down, are most often this way.  Though their press secretaries have a way of putting a "spin" on their motives--coloring their bosses to be patriots or humanitarians---it could probably be proven, in nearly all situations, that a leader's primary focus is on HIS agenda, which usually serves HIS friends and HIS interests.  Is that so bad, really?

Once society is able to extricate itself from this God-awful "victim" mentality, coupled with our expectations about  being "taken care of" ( unmet parenting needs and desires), we just might begin to realize that all these White Rabbits are simply here to demonstrate to us how perfectly fine it is to let go of our "life mission" of saving and serving humanity, and get on with living out our passion! 

For the Rabbit, what he is doing is "very important."  His "dates" are very important to him.  This is why he is so absorbed in his life.  For many others, they/we are still hanging around, waiting for the BUS to come and get us, so that we can figure out who we are and what we want.  That's a waste of our TIME, as the rabbit feadily points out.  Eugene Ionesco called this "Waiting for Godot."  Modern religionists call it "waiting for a Savior." 

People in this world today are shocked at the presence of blatant self-interest in politics and business--playing itself out all around us. 

"How can they do this???" people are asking.

"They're supposed to be public servants!"....others seem to want to cry out. 

What is missing is a clear definition of who and what the "public" is.  In our own universes, isn't the "public" just a mirror of US?  Aren't they there to reflect and edify us (about SELF), not to be a bunch of children, reaching for sustenance and support all the time?  

When Clinton was in office, many people cried:  "Foul!  Foul!  This man is supposed to be a leader for the American people!  A guide!"   But all he does is indulge is passions, and then lie about it, when accused.  In a way, I dearly wish Clinton were still "guiding" us today. His lesson was pristine.  It seems that, when a man gets his little "missle" taken care of, he is less likely to have to pull out the big "missles" in order to compensate. 

I smile when I think about this, because.......in a way........Clinton WAS leading us.   He was "taking care of business" in areas that mattered most to him.  The fact that everyone in the U.S. was in an uproar about his being "taken  care of" by an intern, in the oval office, was a hoot to the Europeans, who have been quite used to such stuff in their leadership for centuries.  Look at Prince Charles and Camilla.  (But don't look too hard. They're "busy" again these days)

In the olden days, a King would see a pretty girl, point to her, and say to his aide:  "Bathe her, and bring her to my tent."  This worked well for the girl (ala Monica Lewinsky and company), and it also served the King.  Meanwhile, the tax collectors and personal zealots (ungrounded idealists) would occasionally protest, because they are still wrapped up in their "victim" mode of thinking, and they were also quite jealous. 

Remember that scene in the Bible where Mary Magdalene poured perfume all over Jesus' feet?  The Apostles went on and on about how it was being "wasted."  But Jesus didn't.  He said:  "The poor you will always have with you.  But ME you won't always have."  And even HE liked the idea of having prostitutes around. It was the "good and moral" folks that gave him a pain.    

Seriously, I don't mean to use this as a forum for whether or not you think Clinton was wrong, or Bush is right, or whatever.  What I am getting at here is simply:  GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT, REALIZING THAT EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS YOU.  This is a variation on the prime edict of the Old Religons:  "Harm no one.  Do what thou wilt."

It isn't shameful that the world of business is reaching today for higher rungs on the ladder of success.  What is sad is that "private" individuals are not.  They are still waiting for politicians and "experts" to go and get their success for them.  And when it doesn't happen, they sit and cry about it.  Power is as power does.  If you use the power that's right in front of you, more will be given.  If you don't, it won't.  End of story.  There are opportunities all around us.  But many are afraid to try. 

Have any of you read the little book:  "Who Moved My Cheese?"  If you haven't, it's well worth the read.  It talks about the insanity of going back and doing the same things, over and over, expecting different results.  In regards to my own emotional growth and the quagmires that existed therein, I once had a very wise person say to me:  "How come you keep going back to the same old places, continuing to NOT GET what you've always NOT GOTTEN?" 

Potentiating means that we become smart enough to lift our heads up from our fated "path," long enough to see:

A.  If that path is leading us where we truly want to go   -or-

B.  If there might be a path that would get us there quicker, and with more ease and grace. 

We live in a Multiverse.  That means there is always more than enough opportunity and support in this reality base to get everyone and anyone ANYWHERE that he or she wishes to go.  If a politician gets rich in your presence, it doesn't mean that you need to be poor.  That's an old script that some of us have left over from our ancestors:  "If I get my "food," then others will have to starve.  After all, there is only so much food in the world."  Poppycock!  (Which is one of my favorite foods, by the way.  Yum!) 

This was the underlying message of that incredible movie "Bullworth."  Remember what the Senator told the black folks in that movie, who were always complaining to him?  He said:  "Don't fight the system.  And don't cry because it isn't working FOR you.  It's up to YOU to WORK THE SYSTEM, and then you'll get the same results as everyone else who does that same thing."  More "cheese" for everyone!  How about dat?     

I really am not attached to whether or not you wish to get oral sex under the table at work.  Nor do I care if you think that "pre-emptive strikes" are the road to world peace (unless one of your "strikes" is coming my way).  All I want to focus on is the fact that nothing will come our way except that which we create.  If we aim for nothing, then that is what we'll get.  If we keep denying our power, then powerlessness is what we're creating. 

The proliferation of "power grabbing" that's happening today, is because many people are starting to realize that POWER IS AVAILABLE, if only we are willing to reach for it.  And they are quite intoxicated with that fact. Some, alas, have forgotten that they don't have to trample on others (alternative aspects of themself) in order to claim it.  It's just THERE, for the taking, to anyone who believes that he or she is worthy of it. 

As Jesus said:  "The poor you will always have with you."  After all, it's a free Multiverse.  Who are we to say that everyone has to be rich?  However, the more that WE allow riches and love into our lives, the more richness and loving will be reflected back to us.  After all, a mirror doesn't really have an opinion.  It only gives reflection, unless we break it, or cover it with muddy rhetoric.

Forget the "facts" that CNN and the Talking Heads keep telling you.  Listen, instead, to the message of the AGES.  What I am saying here, many Avatars have been saying for centuries.  (They recently gave up on it, though, because Guthy-Renker didn't give them a big enough contract). 

Follow the White Rabbit.  But make him YOUR BUNNY, not somebody else's.  There's plenty of them to go around.  Those rabbits have a way of multiplying, now don't they????

Peace and prosperity to us all.  Or drama, if that is what we prefer!   It's all there for the having.

Copyright, 2003, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  Any publication for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.