Contacting Inner Selves


The Guides have spoken at length, in "Form Egos and Entities" about various systems for examining and classifying the spiritual anatomy of humans.  Let us take a look at yet another way to approach it.  We might easily compare these various conceptual frameworks to "operating systems" that are employed in the world of computers. 

The human personality is made up of various "selves," each of which is assigned the task of focusing upon or monitoring some part of life.  You might liken each self to a department manager in a large retail store.  The "critical self" (for example) is in charge of making sure that no one "goes to sleep on the job," and falls short of the stated goal.  He might also be operating on the premise that it's not healthy for a person to be too proud, or too he'll continually nit pick at everyone inside, so that pride doesn't mess things up.  There are many types of selves.........and they manifest in a host of ways, depending upon the individual involved.     

In one of their first transmissions to me, The Reconnections said:

"You are so much more than you think you are. It is most important that one begins to look at everything previously considered "self" and realize that the totality of that represents only a tiny portion of you---a little piece of yourself that was "chipped off" to enter this World of Form." 

They went on, in other transmissions, to inform us that we are an entire universe of beings, objects, symbols, and conceptual themes.  Further, this universe is but one sub-section of the Multiverse---which is an infinite array of possible/probable universes, all of which represent aspects of the original self.  We are, indeed, holographic beings!    


In an effort to expand our understanding of this monumental insight, we will now take some time to explore a part of the equation which is most familiar and comfortable for us---namely, the Primary Self.  Psychologists, who sometimes term this part the "Core Self," tell us that it consists of all the genetic codes and family traits that were infused into us as we arrived into physical life through that gateway called "mother and father."  Additionally, there were many forces which acted upon that genetic "package," forming and fashioning it further to become the personality we are today.  Among these are decisions, feelings, and conclusions which we, ourselves, have drawn along the way.  

The Reconnections refer to this level of self as "first person" Oneness.  It consists of all those themes and issues with which we (as souls) have had the most trouble.  That is why these particular traits and characteristics are held so close to us.  We needed to identify with them fully, in order to release our rejection of their essence (as part of the Oneself), and return to a state of total allowing.  For a more detailed description of how we created that karmic agenda, and how physical universes are formed, see my article called "How Universes are Formed"

The viewpoint of the Primary Self, within a physical universe, seems to be the most comfortable and familiar way to be.  This is because we have been magnetized to it by our struggles on the levels of reality where the itinerary of each universe is formed.  The desires and goals that grow out of the Primary Self may seem like they are what we want most in the world.  In truth, many of them are the things our Oversoul  rejects, or themes that we (at that level) which to explore.  It has been said by some that the physical plane is a kind of Hell---a prison planet where people are made to languish in their limitation.  "If it's not a prison......." we are told, "........then how come the basic units of life in this place are referred to as cells?" 

Our experience in physical life does not merely have to be one of eternal, infinite suffering. It is possible for rejection and judgment to be balanced by acceptance and love.  That is also a viable path if we choose to integrate it.  When we do, our "prison" becomes a PRISM.


A Disowned Self is an aspect of ourselves which we have forgotten, or pushed away, so that we can focus on being or understanding something else.  Since every aspect of the Oneself is its own universe, there is plenty for all those "castaways" to do.  However, in relationship to the universes in which we live, there is always a fragment of each "orphan" that sort of wanders the dark and lonely streets of our consciousness, waiting to be let back in.  Many of these selves are represented, symbolically, in the lives of the people around us.   

If we are ever to move beyond languishing in this (or any other) universe, we must take a good look at our true feelings about these folks, and make some changes in our perceptions of them.  In another transmission, not listed on this site, the Guides tell us that everyone around us--especially those people who awaken strong feelings in us--is symbolic of a lifetime that we are living in another dimension.  These levels of self are referred to as "second person" Oneness.  In other words, each of them is ME---the ME that walks, talks, thinks, feels, and functions as I see these people do. Can we now understand why the Golden Rule has so much importance?  "Love your neighbor as yourself."  It's very literal, isn't it?  This is why The Reconnection Universe brings about the end of karma.  If it's all ME, and if I experience it as such, then who is there left to demand justice or call what I am doing a sin?

When we study Relationships, we are speaking about integrating the Primary Self with those various other "selves" with which we still have energy or who possess some attributes that we need to include to make us wiser, stronger, or more effective.  When we channel entities from other lifetimes or dimensions, we are also seeking to bring about an alchemical change in the genetic mix we brought into this universe with us.  And when we channel the Primary and Disowned Selves within our 3D Personality, we are taking all those etheric faces, pressed against the windows of our souls, and bringing them inside, where the fire is warm, and the beds are comfy!  

Can you imagine a world where this was taking place within entire nations?  Continents?   Hemispheres?   It's coming.  It has to.  Letting go of resistance will soon be the only way to survive the energy surges that are now hitting the planet.  More about this in later articles.

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