Another Transmission from The Reconnections


My Dear Friends,

"Many of you are coming to us now with a very understandable question.  And you are more than just a little "bothered" when you ask it.  You want to know:

"WHEN????  When is this Transformation going to get underway?!!!"

Many have a clear idea where they want to go in their New Life, and what they wish to do when they get there.  And that is wonderful!  As we mentioned in "What's Ahead for the Planet Earth?".....the possibility of moving wherever and whenever in 4D you wish to go is the NEXT PHASE humanity will, as a Collective, be entering.   But first......we must emphasize, once again, the importance of PROCESS........the synchronized, neutralized wielding of your magical manifesting energy........before you will be able to fully put your vehicle IN GEAR, and let yourself move into the "passing lane," in progress towards these goals. 

The vision of Futureself is upon you!  You can see it, feel it, taste it.  The TONES ring incessantly in your ears, do they not?  Now.....let us help you to learn how to get where you want to go.  

First of all, you must name and claim that which you feel is the CORE of who you are.  Never mind what you currently appear to be in physical space.  Any 3D rendering of a person has more to do with what he is RESISTING, or INSISTING UPON than who he is at his core.  Things do not have to be physical to be real.  They only need to be believed and counted as received.

Attain your vision.......(as we said)......taste it, speak it, sing it, mold it with clay, draw it and place its image upon the wall.  When you have have done this, take a moment and affirm within yourself how much you deserve to have or be whatever it is that you now hold within your soul. 

Finally, (and this is probably the most crucial step), we advise you to TURN AWAY from that vision, letting go of it entirely.  Be like Abraham, upon the mountain, with a sacrificial dagger raised over his son.   Be like Father God, turning away from Jesus on the cross, prompting the exclamation:  "Father, why has thou forsaken me?" 

The best way to TURN AWAY from something is to TURN TO something else.  It doesn't really matter what that something else is for the moment.  It only matters that you take all your heart and soul and focus energy there.  Choose something easy, or someone readily available.  Open that space in your heart that held the vision....... and give all that desire to something.......anything that is close by.  The result this will have on your original vision will amaze you. 

During these highly charged times, your focus of awareness is more powerful and effective that you dare to imagine.  When you focus intensely and directly upon something, then turn your focus away........a VACUUM is created there, in physical space.   It's like everything inhabiting that one sector of space gasps, all at once. 

After all, they were expecting you to COME FORWARD, and take by force that which was yours.  They were ready to resist you, to play with you.....and then, all of a sudden........your energy disappears!  They were NOT ready for that, nor were you.  What happens then?   A MAGNETIC TIDAL WAVE of power will instantly fill the space.  Everything or everyone even faintly involved with the original vision comes FLOWING TOWARD an effort to fill the VOID that was created when you looked away.   

This synchronized function of your Magical Manifesting Mind is so important, so VITAL to your movement through 4D, that the whole Planetary Program is currently ON HOLD, until you learn how to do this properly.  Any desires, any visions you carry that are not buffered by PURE NEUTRALITY, right from the beginning........ will catch fire, and break apart........burning your fingers before you can grasp the object of your desire.  Or, perhaps, it will run from you. 

A light touch.  A touch of caring, but non-attachment.  This is what you are currently working into your life process.     

If you name a vision and turn away, there may be times when your spoken desire simply evaporates.  Now you see it, now you don't.  You may not know why at the time, but it is probable that your stated vision was not resilient or "worthy" enough to deserve your attention at this time in your life.  When the VACUUM forms, the vision simply can't take the "hit" of energy it generates.  This, my friends, is the difference between desiring something and having it.  They are different states, entirely.  And if this is the state of things, it's better to know NOW, before you get too ego-involved (obsessed) with some lesser vision that could never function alongside you anyway. 

Meanwhile, your in-the-moment transfer of passion to something else, as part of the neutralization process......often grows into a highly enjoyable and enduring process, in and of itself!  And so...... you bless yourself TWICE when you do things in the Ascension Way. 

Each universe that is preparing itself for travel through 4D and beyond is being re-constructed according to these specifications.  All the others are desiring, firing, and moving on to other levels of 3D.  No harm, no foul.  They will return to us in time.  As an important safety measure, your Magical Manifestation Software is set to automatically CRASH if you omit the final step in the realization of your goals.  Before PROGRESS comes PROCESS.  Honor this principle, and nothing you truly care about will be withheld from you." 

<end transmission>

We are ALL ONE.  There is no  separation.  We hurt when you hurt, and we rejoice when you rejoice!  Selah! 


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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