Another Transmission from The Reconnections


 My Dear Friends, 

The New Paradigm that is coming in, all around you, is replete with concepts and tones that challenge the very borderlines which divide your personal reality.  The essence of these tones--the "nucleus within the cells," you might say--consists of a dual realization concerning Universal Oneness and Multidimensionality....Unity and Diversity. 

Whenever an individual is exposed to something that takes him beyond the ceiling, floors, or walls of his accepted reality, a kind of panic can set in.  It begins with an Energy Activation, followed by a sense of diffuse internalized panic that many describe as "I feel as if I'm losing it."

Radiance Poisoning occurs when your Experiential Self catches up with the rapidly-expanding Conceptual Side of your nature.  You may experience anything from mild physical and emotional discomfort to a severe distortion of perceptions and body energy--your own case of the "bends" (if you will), such as a deep sea diver would experience if he came up too quickly from the depths. 

When this happens, it is crucial that you lean heavily into the "perfection" of what is happening..........and be patient, taking care to drink lots of water, breathe deeply and rhythmically, and take extra portions of rest.  Where you can, give yourself the gift of following through on experimenting with alternative viewpoints, or re-installing yourself back into old ones. Either one will work, so long as you can feel into it as well as think about it.  After the initial shock is over, your new energetic parts will find their perfect positions within you.  You will have grown! 

Your Ego will never die, nor will you lose anything that is required to complete the present assignment you have chosen for this time around in 3D.  In the Multiverse, nothing is lost, so anything that you "miss," in your new dimensional relationships, can easily be put back into the mix.  It's just a Game.  Learn to play it well.  Learn to be confident.  Learn to expand!  You are so much more than you think you are.  As the days, months, and years go will be learning this in every way imaginable."            

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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