By Daniel Jacob

The Reconnections had plenty to say about the primary themes of our 2005 Glastonbury Conclave in their transmission to us called "The Missed of Avalon."   To begin, they declared: 

"To what are we referring now?  The MISSED of Avalon?   What is missing?  The HOLY GRAIL of course!  The ancient CUP that was used by Jesus, during that fabled Last Supper.  (Or so you have been told).  But there is more to this Grail than just a cup.

Before we elaborate upon this, allow us to bring forward two significant teachings that are attributed to Master having to do with the symbolism of the "blade" and one referring to the "chalice." 

"Instead of taking a broad pendulum swing from a hyper-masculine orientation to hyper-feminine, it could be possible to form an effective ALLIANCE between the two.  Could infinite mind and wisdom share a realm with all-encompassing love and nurturing?  Indeed it can!  And it must, if there is to be a continued expansion, into Oneness...........for the consciousness of All That Is. 

Your finding of the HOLY GRAIL could be celebrated, as you stand before and drink from The Chalice Well.  If you believe the stories--your desires for physical union, through physical means, will be satisfied.  And yet, even as the Science and Art of Alchemy is far more than the mere transformation of base metals into gold--so also is the symbolism of the Holy Grail far more than a mere cup, made of gold, or even the Blood of Christ.  It is a symbol of the Reconnected Human Heart.  It is the combining of the "blade" (mind) with the "cup" (emotion) produce an OFFSPRING, of Grand and Glorious import!     

We have spent many years sharing with you the technicalities of the New Paradigm:  Universal Oneness, Multiplicity, Compilation Entities, and Sacred Alchemy.  Now it is time to activate those concepts within a warm and ready WOMB of deep emotional experience. 

It is not the FACTS of Reconnection which will transform you.  It is the gathering together, within a true Morphogenic Field of Resonance, that changes your life.  As we said in our very first transmission to you: 

"In your own perceptual universes, YOU are the Hundredth Monkey.

When YOU "get" something, your whole universe will begin getting it.  Opportunities abound, in every locale upon the Earth.  You simply need eyes to see them, for they are there.  And when you find one, make it your Pearl of Great Price!  Do what is necessary to obtain it."


Archangel Michael was the very first "Recon" that ever came through my vessel in a channeling relationship.  Back in 1990, my friend David and I got together every do share about spiritual matters.........and to channel.  He had been channeling Michael for some time, and he urged me to try it as well.  I was quite surprised (and delighted) with the ease and comfort of the connection.  On one private occasion, I felt a presence gather around me that felt about 11 feet tall.  It had a blue-green aura surrounding it, and a strong and calm voice said:  "See how gently our energy rests upon you."  The feeling surrounding that statement was similar to someone saying to a child:  "See?  That doesn't HURT, now does it?" 

St. Michael is one of the original Gatekeepers between the Realms of the Seen and the Unseen.  He also acts as Examiner for those seeking admittance into personal expansion.  If you are ready, his energy will become a bridge for you, sponsoring access into realms that would have previously been closed to normal human exploration.  Such was his work with me in the year 1990 to 1991.  Such is his work with us now, as humanity is ready to make another huge leap into Multiversal Connection.   

In the Reconnection Universe, Michael shifts roles from being Interrogator to INTEGRATOR, a transformation of image from fighting off demons and casting dark forces back into pits of Hell.  Such concepts are borne of more separation-based paradigms. 

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."   -Carl Gustav Jung

Since he is a Multidimensional Presence, I do not exclude other views of A.A. Michael from possibility or existence.  Neither do we deny paradigms that set forth alternative beliefs.  We simply focus HERE on what is HERE, and pay primary attention to those beliefs and elements required for our own soul's evolution. 

It was Michael's voice, not Belteshazzar's which officially closed the Conclave on Wednesday Night.  This was quite a surprise to me.  His strong, regal presence was something I had not sponsored in this way before.  What a delight!  What an expansion for my own journey.  Selah.


At the Opening Ceremony on the Tor, we lit candles to signify our individual gifts and purpose brought to the Event, as well as torches to create an invitation to the other Six Islands to join us in the formation of Avalon.  The word "Conclave" means "with keys".........and each person in attendance brought a special tone, a special essence to contribute to our energy bouquet.    

There were many more than seven islands in the olden days, but Angel and I felt very strongly that these seven were keys to this opening that was about to occur within our group, and within the Reconnection Universe as a whole.  The Seven Islands of Avalon are called Glastonbury, Beckary, Godney, Meare, Andrewsea, Panborough, and Martinsea.   (For another creative view of these Islands, click HERE ).  If my memory serves me, the Tor can be seen from every island position.

Glastonbury Tor (upper left), seen from Godney**

After we lit our candles, certain members of our company recited an invocation to the energies of each island to be with us.  As the appeal was made, a torch was lit.  The torches symbolized seven roots of energy found in the Oneself Body on the earth at this time, and those "Basic Seven" Spiritual Gifts that will function as "ground crew" for Spaceship Earth as we move from 3D into 4D and beyond.  Our detailed discussion of Spiritual Gifts, as manifest in the Society of the Future blended nicely with the tones that were added by the reunion of these seven islands.  When people attempt to practice their "giftedness" outside the support of CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY, they DO tend to feel like islands, do they not?    

Many of you saw pictures of Angela (also known as "Angel" or "Hedgeangel"), holding and energizing the sword that we used in this Ceremony.  As I cast the circle, and conducted the sharing and clearing rituals to open the event, I ended by lodging that blade into the earth, thereby grounding a work that was over 11 years in the making........and establishing one of our newest Crystal Cities, which the Guides call AVALON.  Avalon Selah!!!   (Another Crystal City was also established later in the week in Mont St. Michel in Brittany, now known as "Michela" honor of A.A. Michael's work with us).  Michela Selah!!! 

After visiting Brittany this time around, I was delighted to learn that there is a correspondent Monastery in England, called St. Michael's Mount---which is also dedicated to the Michael's work and legacy throughout history. 

Mont St. Michel, Brittany


As the opening picture in this article shows, our New Paradigm for Heart Integration involves a collaboration between masculine and feminine forces--a blending of the powers of chalice and blade.  St. Michael is right there, in the midst of it.  Even though our current 3D situation is playing out humanity's last remaining attempts at maintaining masculine dominance, nature's forces are continuing to shake us all awake.....commanding our attention to FIRST THINGS FIRST.........and a strong bond to our feeling self, to balance our addiction to logic and reason.  In the above picture, Michael holds both sword and cup in his hands---making INTEGRATION OF FORCES, not Separation, the primary order of the day.   

Throughout our week's activities, the group moved closer and journeyed deeper--each one making a genuine effort to open channels and examine clearly his or her individual reasons for being there.  I never cease to be amazed at the level of intelligence, and the wonderful diversity that I see in those who attend these events.  We had members from Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Western U.S., the Mid West, England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Australia, and Israel.   

Glastonbury is currently experiencing a huge influx of young Star Children, Indigos, and Crystal Kids.  My favorite shop of local potions, Star Child, is a strong part of the Glastonbury Experience Shops that do their good work, directly across from the George and Pilgrim Hotel.  Throughout the week, I visited the shop to get oil essences that assisted my energy bodies as I did the work in this location. This whole area is considered by many to be one of the "heart centers" of our planet at this time. Those who feel called to be "somewhere excellent" during these powerful transitional times, and have time to spare, would do well to spend some of it up on the Tor, or down in the meadow below.    

Normally, Conclave activities include exercises in channeling, energy awareness, discovery of internal "selves" and sub-agendas, as well as Conscious Breathwork.  This Conclave added a new game--a derivative of the Voice Dialogue Process---which is called "Hip Hopping Through 4D."  Though we got much further in Glastonbury than we did in the first voyage of this exercise in Seattle, it seems that we have only touched the surface of its potential.  There is much more to come in our journey with this awesome process.  


One of the highlights of our trip was spontaneous spirit photography that occurred at West Kennett/Long Barrow Site, near Silbury Hill, and also in the dungeon remains of Warwick Castle.  As people return from Europe, and are contacted for permission, we'll try and make some of these available for viewing.  It was thrilling to hear all the initiative that came out in the group, following Nina's and my departure on Thursday Morning.  Some of their accounts of spirit contact, especially at the Warwick Site was nothing less than thrilling!

Avebury and Stonehenge are always a thrill to visit.  One of our favorite Club Recon Members, who goes by the nickname "Whisperhawk" had promised us that she would be in spirit attendance at Stonehenge, even though she could not physically make the Conclave.  Sure enough, high above the proceedings, a lone hawk circled the stones and called out a hearty welcome to the entire company.  She was joined by many black birds, symbolizing the continued presence of our Dear Master Carion, as he oversees the transformative processes at these Group Activations.

A special treat for the group that evening was a visit from Sandie Sedgbeer, Editor and Publisher of Planet Lightworker and Children of the New Earth Magazines, fresh from her attendance at the Children of the New World Conference.  She brought a greeting from and a blessing for our Next Generations, as they continue to awaken on the planet. 

Two other friends who joined us at the Henge Ceremony were Isaac George, channel for Archangel Ariel, and Lynn Paterson, his life partner and a powerful spirit worker in her own right.  The Reconnections opened our time there with an invocation to power and focus, and Isaac was kind enough to bring through a lovely greeting from A.A. Ariel as a closing for our time together with the stones.  It warmed the spirit, as her gentle and clear voice has become a newfound friend to my own soul and my process!

Shivering from a bit of cold, but warmed by the presence of the energy....... it was time to be off to a local pub, where dear Stanley, our lively "Medicine Man" from Scotland, holds nightly "court" to review the events of each day. There is nothing like a hearty brew with Stan to bring it all together among newfound friends.            


Angel shared with me that our Conclave is the physical manifestation of a vision that she received some 11 years ago, late at night, while visiting the Tor with a friend.  On that night, she had a vision of people from all over the world, standing in a circle there, blending energies for Earth Transformation and Planetary Gridwork. 

Prior to our departure, Tricia Nobbs had brought through information about the opening of a Star Gate on Tuesday Morning, at 11 a.m., in the heart of Glastonbury.  Though I planned for an observation of this in the program, a shift in our group discussion about deaths, losses, and "life altering events" (a phrase that became a very popular expression during the week) deflected my focus to the degree that I almost forgot about the timing for that opening. 

Prior to the Conclave, we searched Glastonbury to find the right location for our Ceremony of the Waters, and also for observance of the opening of this Energy Gate.  Apparently, the local religious politics are such that it is nearly impossible to find a place to hold a ceremony in Glastonbury that isn't wholly Christian in nature.  Anything that smacks of Paganism or other such beliefs must be relegated to the Tor.  If you try to do otherwise, local leaders will step in and stop what you are doing.  For this reason, logistics demanded that we use our conference room at the hotel for these purposes. 

As our conversation progressed, and emotions ran high, I suddenly turned to one of the Conclave members and said:  "What time is it?"  He said:  "It's five minutes to 11."   A chill went up my spine, as I realized that Tricia's information was dead on.  Something was about to happen.  We all stood up, held hands, and breathed deeply---as a powerful shudder of energy moved around the room.  Many described it as an "earthquate, felt on the inner planes."  The Crystal City of Avalon was born!  (for more information on The New Crystal Republic, click HERE).  A conversation Angel had later, with one of the local dowsers/energy workers  revealed that something noticeable did happen on that morning--something that was experienced by several others, besides our group.

Most of us felt like we needed to sit down directly after the Gate Opening, because the energy surge was so strong. The traditional Water Ceremony that followed was awesome, as usual, and was freshly energized by the invocation of Avalon into the Crystal Republic.  Angel led selected group members in an abbreviated version of The Dance of Life, a ceremonial celebration of the four directions. Then, we combined waters from our homelands with red and white waters from the Chalice Well in Glastonbury.  The invocation spoken was "Water of life, Water of my Land, We ARE ONE."

This combining of energies from around the globe, our daily interactions and fellowship on the Internet, and a growing sense of Grand Design is prompting me to visualize a Gathering of Clans and Tribes among those who are being called to assist in this Reconnection to Oneness.  Apparently, there are specified codes, spiritual gifts, skills, and spoken dialects (Light Language) that correspond to each signature vibration in this Soul Group that is rising up in our midst.  I feel that much more will come of it, in future transmissions and sharing within the Recon Community. This Conclave is just a beginning.  11:11, once again...........11 years in the making, 11:00 in the morn! 

The Conclave could not be complete without a hearty round of medieval song and dance, which was provided for us by Maya and Daygan of the local singing group Dragonsfly.  I was blissed out, entirely.  And we were tuckered out, to be sure!  Lots of fun, dancing, and espirit d'corps!   Following the Conclave closing, Angel and I headed for the Tor to enjoy a final ponderance on the landscape, the completion of our vision, and the paths ahead.  As we arrived at the top, a group of young energy workers had set up stereo equipment, with flashing lights and mini lasers, from which the voice of Jimi Hendrix clearly rang out:

"All along the watchtower
The princess kept the view
While all the women came
And went bare feet servants too....
There must be some kind of way out of here
Said the joker to the thief
There's too much confusion
I can't get no relief......"

All I could do was breathe deeply, take in the scene, and smile within myself.  Last week was time well-spent, and the beginning of what feels like a whole new level for my life's journey.  A Tor dog came over and let me pet him vigorously as I looked out on the moon. Angel joined me, leaning up against the tower wall just as a local celebrant ran circles around St. Michael's Tower, without a stitch of clothes on.....doubling us both over with laughter.  Right on, Bro!  Somewhere in the distance, the propeller from a wind kite spun wildly in the hands of a young fellow, called there to party. A camper's fire crackled in the meadow down below.  Just another night in Avalon, from what they tell me.  For me, it was a window into eternity.    

My deep gratitude goes to all those who could not be there physically, but joined us on the Inner Planes-- with projections of love, focus of intention, and sincere concern about how all of this is unfolding. Your efforts were not in vain.  And most of all, my thanks to Nina Florenz and Angela Finbow for their tireless efforts to make all this happen in physical space.  Angel is an angel, indeed!   

Apparently, A.A. Michael and all the Guides were especially desirous of thanking Nina for her years of faithful service, because he walked up to her and blessed her during the Conclave closing.  Without Nina's diligence, loving ear, and warm heart........this work could never have grown as it has.

My cup is overflowing, especially for the newest souls that I had the pleasure of meeting there in Glastonbury.  You are all precious jewels in my life experience......treasured parts of a living tapestry that is being spun from pure joy.  

Chehala Selah.  Avalon Selah.  Michela Selah.  And so...... the saga continues.

** Godney Photograph by Angela Finbow

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