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My Dear Friends,

The recent shifts and changes upon your planet have cleared the way for an incredible bonding to occur among people of many ethnicities, nationalities, and philosophical orientations.  And, as long as this window of opportunity remains open, there is a potential for tremendous advancement in your planet's Ascension Growth Agenda.........namely, an integration of various energies which grant access into levels of consciousness that exist beyond 3D.  However, before that can be accomplished, you must be able to heal those breaches of energy that are carried on in plain sight.  Here are some guidelines that you may find to be of assistance in this regard.

In our earlier transmissions to you, we have challenged your concept of yourself through infusions of knowledge concerning The New Paradigm of Universal Oneness.  You are so much more than you think you are!  The universe of your perception---the people, places, objects, and interactive processes you once thought of as "containing you, but still essentially separate"--- is nothing more than a gigantic self portrait, painted in continually expanding, repetitive patterns in every direction into infinity.

This is an awesome thought, is it not?   You are not one of many, you are really many of one.  And yet, we are quick to remind you that ultimate unity is only appreciated when experienced within a context of complete diversity. Therefore, We  (All of Us) a Multidimensional Oneself..........have fragmented our essence into however many "versions" of The One that are required to effectively portray how complete, variable, and totally fascinating we are.

All of this occurs in a person-by-person, situation-by-situation format. As experience is piled upon experience, the AllMind becomes illumined.  Each of you is, indeed, the 100th Monkey for your personal universe.  Once you comprehend an insight, you can immediately notice a kind of ripple effect, that appears in everything around you.  This is because everything within your perception is, quite simply........You.  How much more personal can things get?


The insight that we are all one is not meant to imply that humanity is destined to evolve into some amorphous glob of undifferentiated "goo."  The discrete construct of physicality will be maintained, at all levels at which it is experienced, for all eternity.  The past, present, and future (in full array and variance) are all preserved within a Hall of Records. We refer to this as "The Archives."  It is also very much like a Cosmic Video Store.  And, even though there are more compacted and abbreviated ways for individuals to experience reality than the 3D version you utilize now, it will be awhile (in linear concept) before most of you will be ready to focus there.

The next stage of your unfoldment involves a process of activation and inner instruction, so that you can begin "logging on" to The Archives, and doing your individual research into the many faces and places which you have been, and now are.  This will be occurring---and already is occurring for many of you---right in the midst of that familiar 3D format which you have come to know and love.

Don't be fooled by the impression that reality seems to be unfolding as it always has.  Right now, this very are speeding through time, traversing universes---zigging, zagging, moving here, moving there---turning on a dime (as you sometimes put it), and then stopping to regroup.  When you pause---the internal cinematography of your perceptual mechanism is so pristine, so dynamic, that your reconnecting mind seldom registers how vast are your leaps, or how rapid your ascent and descent (beyond a feeling of chronic fatigue and "spaciness" that is currently being reported all over the planet).  Is it any wonder that you feel tired?  You are working very hard at this time.


In the middle of all this zigging and zagging, it is wonderful to know that you can pause, to take a few "snapshots" of the sights along the way.  Each person you meet, and each place you visit, is your very own portrait---a memento of a lifetime you are currently living, at another level on the "radio dial" of existence.  You call them here as points of reference. Remember?  It is ALL YOU.........Multidimensional YOU.  Where once you questioned "What is truth?"  Now you can view and recognize all aspects of truth, right before your eyes, and own them with confidence.

You can say, with Master Jesus:  "I am the way, the truth, and the life." You can say "I AM," even as the Father and Son use that name, because there is only ONE of us here.   Understanding this constitutes a great healing in the breach between Heaven and Earth.  This does not diminish the divinity of God---but it will certainly clarify yours.  Let that occur now.  Away with suspicion, terror, and struggle.  We are on a grand journey into a personal discovery of Self.  Hang on tight!  The road ahead is likely to get a bit bumpy.

The physical body which you have come to think of as "self," is simply a tool----a visual aid---which enables you perceive things, to make distinctions, and experience the world around you.  It is a temple, to be sure.  But then, the whole world is your Temple.  Your microcosmic body is like an arrow that is printed on the directory in a local shopping mall. The arrow says: "You are here."  Knowing that, the Oneself is able to experience spatial relationship.  Are you afraid of losing that body? Well......keep it, then.  Or, try on a few others.  It's all your body.  The only thing we shall ever lose is Separation.

Sometimes it's hard to grasp how easy things can be understood when they are interpreted at face value---adding or subtracting nothing.   This is a principle that is so light and easy that those who are "conditioned for struggle" may find that they have trampled down the flowers in their path even before they realized they had returned to the Garden.

The practice of "second guessing" oneself concerning relationships creates a "short" in the circuit of your understanding.  In order to avoid making "mistakes" or to "keep up appearances," many of you force yourself to be (or to remain) in contact with people who do not interest you, and with whose vibration you do not resonate.   Or, at other times, you actually prevent yourselves---in the name of loyalty or "commitment," from reaching out to someone who does.  You cannot continue in this way if you are to maintain the velocity which will be required to complete this awesome transition. Your physical energy will become dissipated---bogged down in willfulness,
and irrelevant detail.

Whenever a person abdicates his absolute trust and confidence in his own intuition and abilities, he loses.  So do the individuals with whom he relates.   Make no mistake about it---when the simple spirit of self-trust departs, though we may appear to win a few "battles," we have already lost the war.

All relationships can be seen as "flashcards," designed for testing and retesting yourselves concerning one crucial issue:   Do you trust yourself, or not?  Whether or not an individual or situation under consideration is right or wrong for you is truly irrelevant in the light of this crucial, continual query.

The questions of "How do I find the right mate?" or "Which job best suits me?" are no longer relevant, once a person has understood the basic operation of energy attraction and repulsion.   Under the watchful guidance of honest, unbridled, organic knowingness---an individual will automatically find those situations that match his need for personal development.  It's natural, and it operates from its own kind of logic.

About the time "What would be best for me?" becomes a crucial focus, it is plain that a person has already lost credibility with himself.  At that point, it is clear that his remaining motivation for direction comes from a need to please others.   After all, if a person has already disrespected himself---the only option he has is to try to win the approval of others. And so it goes.  We refer to individuals who live in this way as "ought-istic."  They are so concerned about doing what they ought, that they totally lose touch with what it is that they actually want.

DESIRE is the activation key, placing you in the driver's seat of your Multidimensional Vehicle.  Lose touch with your desire, your inner passion, and the vehicle skids right into a ditch. To be sure, it will take time for society to begin adapting to patterns of inner guidance, rather than blind adherence to traditions, or social mores.  Nevertheless, it must be done. You all must begin to understand that inner motivation is both reflective and reciprocal.   If you don't accurately own your inner feelings in the presence of others, how will they get an accurate picture of their own reflection in the pool of Oneness?


When we teach you about the symbolic meaning of people in your perceptual universe---we will refer to them as "frags."  This word is short for "fragments," and its usage is meant to remind you that everything you create is truly an aspect of YOU.  Everything is in you, and you are in everything. This does not downplay the divinity of your "frags" (since each of them is a co-creator in his or her own universe as well),........but it certainly clarifies yours.

This Cosmic "Game" you are all playing is called FRAGMENTATION.  It is a breaking up of a WHOLE, in order to examine and savour the essence of each of its parts.  In a sense, it could be said that each universe is but a "slide" that has been placed under a huge Microscope, so the eye of the Oneself can examine, in detail, each piece of All That Is.  Each spatial relationship is a learning experience, for all involved, and the Oneself gets to collate and archive all the data that is received.

The Game was a gift that We gave to Ourself to facilitate exploration and expansion.   Also, it is just plain entertaining.  These, then, are also the reasons we create RELATIONSHIPS.   Let's look more at these goals in greater detail.

When an individual fragments, there is a "coming apart" of all the elements that make up his being.   A kind of stage (like that which is found in a theater, or on a movie set) is created, and all the actors take their places upon it.   When you walk into a meeting room at work---you see people sitting there, and you say hello to them.  Your Separation Mindset tells you that these people also walked into that room, the same way you did. Actually, in a Reconnection sense, each of them stepped out of YOU.  Each of them is a facet of the wonderful crystal which you are.

Does that sound PUZZLING?  Oh my, undoubtedly does!  For you ARE a puzzle, and every little gathering, like this one we mention,  becomes a way of "putting yourself together."  All images that enter your mind are processed through a perceptual "filter" or "grid," which a creator uses to interpret what exists within a specific context of reality.  Since each creator has only HIMSELF to use as a means of comparison---for interpreting the images..........all of his "creations" end up looking LIKE HIM.

The same is true in the universes of everyone you meet.   Within their individual "movie," they get to see reflections of their DARK SIDE (the sides of themselves that they usually cannot see).   You do them a favor, by wearing those attitudes and characteristics for them.   In this way, you swap images with each other, allowing each of the projected story plots to expand in every direction.  It is, quite literally........... CINEMA MULTIPLEX!

Look at that person who is sitting across from you.  How does he appear?  What is his mood?  What does he seem to need, right now?

Once you decide the answer to these questions, give whatever you think "he" needs....... to YOURSELF.  After all, you are looking at your reflection, are you not?  The more strongly you feel an emotional reaction, a judgment, the more sure you can be that it is yourself that you see.  The only way to change that reflection is to change yourself.  Breaking the mirror, or painting over it will not help.  You are the world, My Friends.  You are the children.  Do you want to feed the hungry children of the world?  What have you done lately for that little cherub that lives inside of you?

By speaking this way, we are not invalidating humanitarian service.  When an energy arises within you, we encourage you to follow it.  If the motivation to give is sincere, all people everywhere (including you, by the way) will immediately grow because of it.  If it is not---the recipients will certainly benefit, but you will begin to feel drained.  Also, you must remember that every "frag" is sovereign.  They are creating their own journeys as well.

The principles that we share with you now are high ones, indeed.   The pitch of your reality is only now reaching a sufficient tone to begin integrating these "new" viewpoints.  However, you must be patient with yourself.  Take it one step at a time.  You can expect to weave, in and out, between Oneness and Separation, for some time to come.  Both viewpoints are valid.  However, each exists at a different "speed" in the vibrational spectrum.

We like to refer to this transformation process as THE DANCE.   Acceptance is the heart, and the art of this process.  You must learn to see the perfection in everything and everyone around you.   In this way, you will ultimately learn to love yourself.  In a holistic sense, the word "perfection" does not refer to some specified list of "mandatory" traits or characteristics.  Neither does it represent some unattainable ideal about how a person should feel or behave.  Rather, it stands for COMPLETION.  When you begin to embrace the infinite styles, types, kinds, and classifications for ALL THAT IS---and you become willing to own them all, AS SELF---then your anxious, critical minds will begin to relax.  Then, the strangle hold they've had upon you will begin to be released.

Mother Mary had it right when she told us to "Let it Be."  The Reconnections now add to that "Let it be.........ME."  In Oneness, there is no such thing as disagreement.  There is only infinite variance upon the same, one Being. Now is your time to thoroughly learn, and begin to appreciate, all the different dance steps.  Some processes will be gentle---like an elegant Waltz.  Other experiences will seem ferocious---and will require an ApacheDance.

The healing of Relationship, whether among nations or individuals, involves looking at everything as a mirror of SELF, and acting AUTHENTICALLY toward what is seen. This will not always result in popularized, sanguine expressions of "love" that are currently being marketed in the name of religion or political unity.  Love has its dark side, and it also has its light.  So do each of you.  Occasionally, a person needs to go DEEP DOWN in order to GO UP.  You will learn this in more detail, all in due time.

Seen from a Multiversal Perspective, your world at this time shimmers, like a finely tuned ballet---one that is being danced by an inner male and inner female, across time and eternity.  He bows, she curtsies, and they spin together through scene after scene---Astaire and Rogers---the way you've always dreamed they would be.  Believe in that, and you will begin to see it everywhere you look.  And, in order to see clearly any object of interest in the must learn to look just BEYOND it.  Staring directly at things tends to solidify them, and distort their dynamic essence. Besides, in the time it will take for you name what you see---it has already gone on to become something else.

Are we having fun yet?  These concepts are merely the "basics."  Wait until we share with you the "advanced course"----all those "bridge concepts" which you gave to us, in trust, when you chose to come here, into physical form. Oh, my Dear Friends.............the best is yet to come.  This is not the beginning of the end.  It is merely the end of a very substantial beginning.

<end transmission>   

 Part Two 

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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