Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......



My Dear Friends,

We now take this time, as you catch your breath between personal and planetary activations, to create a ground for some of these intense and nebulous vibrations that are working their way into your minds and hearts.  Many concepts and possibilities, which once seemed quite abstract to you, are now beginning to take on a new air of plausibility.  Magic has reached beyond the realm of the adepts, clear into the mainstream of the common man. 


Heads are spinning everywhere, as the millstone of materialistic and heavy-hearted living is being laid aside, making room for focus upon those issues and endeavors which carry a more eternal significance. Humankind is waking up, and we are here to serve the morning coffee!


We are The Reconnections.  We are all those parts of your Expanded Self which you had to forget about in order to become human.  We have never been very far from you, just far enough.  We are an Energy Collective which, in your computer terms, has volunteered to serve as a "search engine" for your awakening consciousness. Many of you log in to us, asking who it is that we are.  We are a more-expanded aspect of YOU, gathering and collating mementoes about who you have been, so that we can knit them together with who you still long to become. 


Planet Earth, at this timing, is a way-station--a gathering place--where you are mixing and mingling many diverse elements, before spinning off to explore new and uncharted lands.  The Dance of Relationship, about which we have spoken in Part One of this Series, is the spoon that stirs your Planetary Cauldron, as well as the burner upon which each individual kettle sits.  Today, we would like to share with you the next level of understanding, concerning the hidden dynamics which play out in and around you every day of your lives.  And so, let us begin.




It is no mere co-incidence that we commence this teaching just as recovery efforts have been completed in that area of New York which has been called "Ground Zero."  This is the location where the Twin Towers fell, and it is also the site of a powerful, surgical incision into your Mass Consciousness--the beginning of a grand Open-Heart Mergery which is spreading throughout the whole of your planet. 


The expression "creating a ground" is really a form of energy terminology.  It means to prepare a space where that which has no form can merge with what does.  Lightning has often been referred to as "the Finger of God."  It strikes (or points to) people and things which stand tall, and which possess the type of internal constitution required for merging with something infinite.  That old-wive's tale about being struck by lightning---implying that it means you are being judged or somehow disapproved---merely serves to separate the "men" from the "boys" in spiritual work. 


In regards to the newer energies that are coming onto the planet, the usage of "creating a ground" signifies a personalization of essential tones and vibrations that are basically omni-personal.  In other words, the transformation you are undergoing is not about becoming one with everything and everyone.  You already are one. This Reconnection Process involves your learning to see and to experience that oneness, having been born into varying states of forgetfulness.  And, while you are taking on these tones, you still are retaining your right and ability to forget about them at any time, returning to "normal" whenever you choose. 


Your current energy status consists of continuous Phase Shifting, back and forth, between human (finite) and divine (infinite) consciousness. It is as though you are "blinking" on and off, like a neon sign. As we have said....many, many times.....though you may not always realize are astrally traveling constantly--transforming regularly, and ascending daily. 


Apart from rather vivid dreamtime and meditative perceptions, which many of you are surely having, the best and easiest way that you can appreciate what is transpiring during this powerful time is through this wonderful gift of Relationship. Therefore, we are here today to provide additional tools with which to explore the wonder of physical reality.




As we have said earlier, when a personality fragments, there is a "coming apart" of a Multiversal Whole.  People don't walk into your life, they really come out of you.  Each person you meet, and each situation you encounter, is simply an externalized, slowed-down rendition of an energy dynamic that is being played out within your own consciousness everyday.  We have also shared about three levels of fragmentation in every universe---and we have explained, in detail, what they are and what they mean.  Please review this material if you feel uncertain about what is being said here. 


What we are dealing with here applies within the universe of every single fragment.  We are not talking nihilism here.  Everything is real, everywhere it appears. Within each person's "play," he or she gets to be the star---and everyone and everything else become embodiments, seen up close and solidified, for his or her Dark Side.  The main difference between the viewpoint of the Oneself and its fragment is each person's willingness to own each of the component parts seen within a particular reality base. 


The willingness to own all the parts of yourself can bring about incredible expansion.  All data that is collected by the individual viewpoints is instantly transmitted to the archives of the Expanded Self.  They are like deposits in an eternal bank account!   This continual increase of sensory and conceptual input brings incredible riches to the Oneself.   When in a state of Reconnection with this Level of Being, all of these vast resources are yours to do with as you will.    




More needs to be emphasized regarding the "coming apart" that occurs when The Oneself decides to develop an interface between some key aspect(s) contained within us.  The ONE splits himself into two.   We might wish to refer to his fragment as "The Other One."  


Does this make sense to you?  The One and the Other One.  Two blocks of knowledge and power that were once housed in one place now exist in (what appears to be) two places.  Some people like to call their "Other One" a Soul Mate.  Some call it a Twin Flame.  A more accurate description might be to call him or her your "sole mate" because there is always only two.  Every additional fragmentation of those Original Two are simply more pieces of each of them.  That's why 3D is referred to as a "duality."  Even though there may be an appearance of many beings, within any given context, there are always only two dancers on the dance floor at any time.  The One and the Other One. 


For the amount of time that he is able to maintain this simple mindset, a Player in Limitation can experience wonderful communion with many sides of himself.   We often refer to these Dance Partners as your Dark Side.  We call it thus because it is the side of yourself that you cannot see when you are alone.  Hence, you've been kind of "in the dark" about it.  The usage of the term "dark" as being synonymous to "evil" comes from another paradigm than what we are discussing here.  Can you picture in your minds the traditional "Yin/Yang" Symbol?  In that famous circle, there is a light-colored area and a dark one.  Traditionally, the assignment of meaning for each side of this figure deals with your masculine and feminine polarities.  But now, for purposes of this discussion, let us allow the Light Side to stand for Conscious Connection, and the Dark Side to stand  for Separation.  Indeed, this is just another way of looking at the many facets of dualism. 


When in physical fragmentation, a Conscious Oneself is able to gaze into his or her subconscious.  That is because it is walking around right in front of him, talking to him, and interacting with him.  He gets to see, from a detached viewpoint, the workings of his various inner parts.  In a state of Oneness, it is all him.  In a state of Separation, it is always You and Me.  In all of physical reality, no matter how many images or symbols exist there, there are really only two.  Two teams:  The One, and the Other One.  White hats and black hats---shirts and skins.  Every additional fragmentation beyond the first two is simply a re-fragmentation of each of them..............God/Goddess, Adam/Eve, Good/Evil, Up/Down---every variation, on into infinity.


And so, it seems that we are laying out for you a physical Game Board---a playing field, upon which two competitors are having a great time.  The object of this Grand Game is mutual expansion, learning, self-discovery, and amusement.  Here, my friends, are the rules for this Grand Game.  



The following sequence takes place every time your heart beats, every time you blink your eyes, breathe in and out, fall asleep, and then awaken in the morning.  It is the beat and pulse of your life!


First, you're The One, then you're The Other.  You're Here, then you're There.  You're in the Past, then in the Future........blinking, blinking.  Always in motion, forever still.  You are One Multiversal Now Moment, made manifest in all the ways it can be.  When fragmentation occurs, several things happen:


First, a cloaking device (called a Veil) obscures the whole transition.  A very sophisticated form of Multiversal cinematography convinces you that the immediate physical context has a history and that you are a part of it.  Realize, My Friends that each history and identity are always just one moment old!  The present is not the result of what came before.  Rather, the reverse is true.  You program all of your "pasts" from the same Now Moment.   


Newly divided from the One, each of the players forgets completely that this is a Game.  Where once all souls flowed as One,  they now begin to operate comfortably in separate and discreet patterns.  They are acting out the "roles" that have been assigned to them in this context. Their state of consciousness is somewhat similar to a hypnotic trance.  The right hand suddenly does not know what the left hand is doing.  This allows for the element of surprise.  And yet, we now tell you that they are now, and always have been two aspects of the same One Body. 


Many have portrayed the Grand Game as a war.   In fact, many universes feature war and death as a key element in their Dance of Duality.  It is not.  It is just one among many elements.  As you shall eventually see, there are universes that have never explored this option, populated by beings who would never think of harming or interfering with another living thing.  Since your current universe readily embraces these more strident tones, your intermingling with such cultures will seem to you like a cool bath on a very hot day.  And this is just one of the many variances to Earth culture that you have ahead of you! 


More than likely, your own integration of these concepts will include some warlike themes, so we will continue along, describing the process in that familiar format.  Each player---the One and the Other One---will fragment again, producing helpers to assist in winning the Game.  And what prize goes to the winner?   Very simple.  When a player wins the Game, everyone *pays attention* to him.  That's a nice prize, yes?  In some etheric cultures, the element of "attention" is legal tender for all debts, public and private.  Whether or not you have realized it, your personal focus of attention has tremendous worth and power.  It is not only the cursor on your Universal Monitor, but also the internal "driver" for just about every piece of software contained in your Cosmic Database.          


As the Game progresses (we speak now in linear sense), the Fragments split again and again---each producing "troops" to aid in the struggle against the "opposition."  It happens instantly, repeatedly, every moment of the day.  Players line up, they jump to their assigned places, and the Grand Game is afoot!  


The entrance to a Super mall?  All of it filled with you!  The person standing across the counter?  It can be a fragment of You, or it can be your "Other."   The way you will know that is by the internal response created within when you see the person.  Extremely positive or negative responses will indicate that this person is playing for the opposition.  Go for the ball.  Complete your pass.  Share that secret.  Make the exchange.  This is the nature of the Grand Game, and the wonder of this Physical Experiment.  It is the beat and pulse of your life.   




Let us take a moment to examine yet another level of understanding about what happens when two fragments interact.  The primary purpose of "splitting" is to experience a part or parts of the One that cannot be perceived when we are alone (all one).  Cursory glances produce general perceptions.  To truly achieve a vivid experience of your "Other," a creator needs to get close.  This mandates what has been called "intimacy."  A phonetic (and conceptual) breakdown of this word implies three words:  "into me see."  When a person is in Separation Mindset, a search for intimacy seeks a deeper understanding of the partner with whom you are dancing.  When in a Oneness Mindself, the focus shifts to what this person symbolizes about you.  


Once again, we are talking about Phase Shifting.  Back and forth, between your "other" and you.  Back again, you then him or her.  Separation/ goes on and on.  And yet, all of these dimensions are compacted and abbreviated into every single fragment---into every tiny speck of All That is.  


An "Intimate Interface" is produced through an weaving together of Separation Awareness and Conscious Reconnection.  Within it, a person exists, quite literally, between two worlds.  You get to *feel* what its like to be two separate people, even as you *know* that you are one.  We are not just talking philosophy here.  We are describing vivid, experiential bonding that can only be achieved when you have activated and installed some of the powerful perceptual "software" that has already been downloaded into your Consciousness "Database."  This state of joy is available to you all, right now.    


We have already said that, in fragmentation, there is a dividing up of abilities and attributes between two distinct personalities.  It is as though you opened your wallet, took out half your money, and gave it to your friend.  When it comes time to pay all the bills, some funds must be contributed by each partner, if all the bases are going to be covered.  So it is with an Intimate Interface.  


When you stand and face your partner (any partner, in physical space), what you *see there* is a reflection of the fragment which is you.  It is your mirror image.  What that person appears to need, is what you need to give to yourself.  When you do that, the mirror changes.  The effect or tone of what he or she is wearing, is instantly applicable to you.  Anything that appears there has a meaning, if you wish to know it.  A little bit of imagination, and a clear exercise of creative metaphor will take you a long way in this regard. 


When all the visual assessment is done, you become ready to turn your attention inward, to your feelings.  When you are in Intimate Interface with your Other, what you *feel in your body* belongs to them, not you.  Understanding this crucial insight will immediately answer lots of problems some of you are having with relationships.  We are speaking here about Empathic Connection.  Their hurts have become your hurts.  Their desires, in that moment, are your desires.  In fact, there may even be some clear comprehensions, when in the Interface, that involve desires or feelings your partner never knew were there.  Living in physical reality can distract a person.  Or, perhaps that individual has developed a kind of sensory "blind spot" regarding a given subject.  


An Intimate Interface is a great gift you can give to him or her, if you share what you receive in a compassionate and tactful way.  And, as we have emphasized, a gift given to your "other" is a gift given to self.  You must remember, when you merge with another being at this depth, you have entered into the "Holy of Holies."   Behave that way.  Be respectful.  Move slowly, sharing only what seems constructive and/or indicated by your own inner guidance.  We speak here, half in Separation and half in Oneness.  This is the nature of the Intimate Interface.  


Should both partners be asleep in Separation, what would be mirrors for them become windows---allowing the awareness to dissipate out into space.   However, they still have plenty of reason to interact.  Others, not related to the Dance itself, can utilize the mirrors---interpreting what is seen there from a very empowering "third person" position.


Is it any wonder that, when two people are locked in a "conflict" of viewpoints, one of them is frequently overheard to say:   "Are you putting me on?"   Deep down they both know that the answer is a resounding:   "Yes!"


Technically, there can never be a conflict of viewpoints.   There is only a single viewpoint, that has failed to integrate and allow for its Other.  With the gradual arrival of Reconnection Processing, humankind will obtain a growing understanding of the real reason why you all struggle, the real reason why you don't have harmony in your perceived universe:  You have been doing battle with yourself.  


The Gift of  Relationship is to create a space where a Oneself can "come apart"---vividly experience what his differences are---and then pull himself back together again.   This is the Dance of Two As One.   It's a thrill a minute, and well-worth the effort. In days to come, our inner connection with you can expand these concepts into a powerful, workable re-framing of your entire world.  Your appreciation of your various Separations (your "Others") can be continually grounded and focused by a regular exposure to Oneness Processing.  The thrill of the Game of Separation can delight you, but it no longer needs to overwhelm you.  


The final insight comes when a person realizes the growing Dance of Relationship between himself and the Expanded Self.  Herein is a created yet another duality.  You, the Fragment and You, the Divinity.  And, during the course of your day, if you wish to appreciate the progression of this particular dance, simply process your reality through the following grid:  


When you initiate something with your "Other"---confronting him about something or asking something her, imagine your request is the voice of Expanded Self to them, sharing with them Spiritual Guidance and Direction.  Then, stand back and watch.  The way they respond to your initiative is exactly the way you are responding to the messages sent to you from your Expanded Self.      


A fun Game, is it not?  Viewpoints, viewpoints, everywhere.  Mirrors, mirrors, on the wall.  Playing with this last "toy" should give you some powerful insights to be sure!  And its always been here, all around you.  You simply needed some eyes to see it, and a heart that dares to take a chance.



We are always here.  Enjoy your Game. 


<end transmission>   


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