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We are currently running a free Research Forum on Yahoo Groups, called (of all things) "Reconnections."  Everyone is invited to participate!   We discuss topics such as the New Paradigm of Universal Oneness, Multidimensionality, Earth Changes, Relationships, Star Children, Physical Transmutation, and anything else that strikes our fancy.    

Miscellaneous Topics:

Women Seem Wicked, When You're Unwanted

Violence and Intimacy

Sexual Feelings and Mom

Money, Power, and Love

Money=Power in Relationships?

Shifts in Attitudes Toward Family

Insights on Jealousy in Relationship

Recon Guide to Intimacy

The Alchemy of Relationships (Tom Kenyon Piece)

The Love Connection:  Integrating Eros and Psyche

Shadow Aspects of Parenting

New Paradigm Parenting (The Imagine Nation)

Imagine Nation, Part 2, Part 3

Shamanic Androgyny

The Power of Three (Triangulation in Relationships), , 2

Androgyny , 2 , 3

The Power of Three (Triangulation in Relationships), , 2

The Way of Relationships

The Divine Masculine/Feminine, 2

"Holy Love" vs. "UnHoly Love"

The Male and Female Aspects of Tantra

Taking A Break In Relationships


Going Down With Yourself 1,  2, 3

Hurt Feelings and Inner Growth  1 , 2 , 3

Relationships That Start Strong and Then Quit  2

Betrayals, Disappointments, "Stupid" Mistakes

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