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Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Running the New Energy"

(Live Channeling During Spirituality and Sex Teleclass)


Hello my Dear Friends,
What wonder!  What profound interest!  We all lean if you are E.F. Hutton....and it is WE who are getting the great advice this time!

For you have such authority in your being, having lived so many lifetimes in so many contexts of ideas and experience. And now you bring the best of the best of those themes and issues to this great arena called the Reconnection Universe.  And here we all physical flesh, in spirit..........some of us inhabiting various kinds of elemental forces, trees,  flowers,  symbols, pieces of art upon the wall.....leaping from form to form to form, trying them on like coats at a bargain basement!

And so now we would like to challenge you...who have given extra time, and extra focus to ideas such as Spirituality and Sex, playing the Grand Game called "Making Love to God" and also "Making Love AS God".  For it is an important thing to remember that you are phase shifting the energies-- moving from your human to your divine, and from your divine to your human--flickering, as it were, between these states.  And doing it at such a rapid pace that, if you were to monitor it or document it on a computer spread sheet..........the figures, the statistics..... would go off in all directions, as far as the eye can see!

And so...... it is not as if you were just doing it here and there, and there and there, but you are doing it to such a profound, ornate level......and with such clarity, that it makes our souls swell, as we consider all that you are doing and all that you are.

And as we have shared with you this idea of the "God Self," in our transmission by that name, we have this game which we have brought up to you perhaps before, but would like to remind you again as you go through the next week and months of integrating all this material,  where you would allow yourself to change the definition of who you are, of who you designate yourself to be, so that you will be possibly shifting viewpoints even as you appear........and we use the word appear,  very very stay in the same body. 

But your energies will shift, so as to transform yourself very rapidly and often. So the one aspect of the Godself game that we would bring before you is the idea of viewing every person in your universe, as an assignment of "this is me",  "this is myself" , "this is my face", "this is particularly a fragment of my feeling and response", and then to take on,  for a time, the game position on the board of being God, Goddess or Initiator, and let your world be a mirror of your very own responsiveness.

So there would  be times when you feel rising up within you, a particular desire, or an idea, or an initiative that you would then put before those around you.  And you would watch as they spread themselves out like a tarot deck, with each face, each personality, each response, being a fragment of your own emotional  body .....while you hold onto the position of "This is what it feels like to be God, dealing with me."  Do you see?  It is a juxtaposition of energies.........

And so at that point in time, when your intention is clear and your energy field is resonant, to be able to handle that kind of realization.......suddenly it will appear inside your mind "I am God" and "This is me"......allowing every person, every animal, every situation to metaphorically or literally become a reflection of you.
In addition to this, it would be possible for you  to play around horizontally, with the idea of being an energy transposition of another sort........another person, at another time or place.  This would mean that, in your feeling self,  you would take on the feeling or  the view point of some person, some being in history , and you would suddenly find yourself within a situation like that being has experienced,  where  the people coming at him,  are coming at YOU the same way they did that person.  And it would be at that moment when a voice from within, a guidance, will say "You ARE as this person"........ and in that moment of time, you become the womb that is being impregnated by the stimulus of that situation. And if you could be it, if you could absorb that energy as self, knowing that you are really at your core, invincible; that fear needn't cause you to go back into your separation fragmentation;  it then would be possible for you to have all manner of experiences and resonances "this is to this,  what  that is to that" and so you would be a moment of be, for example, as Joan of Arc before the communal that judged her, and threatened her life if she would only deny those holy voices.
Or perhaps you would become your father in the face of your own rebellious teenage self, who is being worn by your own teenager of the same age, and you wonder ...... why is there such rancor there, and you realize "I am not me anymore.  I am my father!".......and........ "This isn't my daughter any more...that's me at 17!"   And, once you get that, once you are able to make that connection, often times, the storms and hurricanes of personal interact will blow over, and you will be able to say "Oh, that's why we did that". 
And so you have your lovemaking in the fact that  you are able to experience  INTO-ME-SEE.....intimacy......  through the eyes of someone else in just a brief moment of time (from the inside out), and all by way of your own perceptual feeling self,  your own shifts and changes in energy.   And so you can experience life as God. You can weep as God weeps over certain things and you can rejoice as God rejoices  over other things, and then in a moment of time,  you can be switched back into your normal, what we call your " everyday: self".
We bring you these ideas, just as a means of practicing, of trying on various aspects of yourself as the ALL, even while you are still  present in physical form. We call these bridge concept s and we've continued to do our best to present them to you at the right time,  and with the right kind of intensity, so that you are not overwhelmed, but always edified and always strengthened. So use this then as your means for making love with your world, with your creator, with your expanded self, with your contracted self,  with your primal self. 

It is  possible for humans to entrain themselves with the earth changes, so you can literally become a volcano, you can become a geyser, you can become a tall tree or a tender plant. Going into whatever it is that seems to be up with you at that moment. You say  "This is the role before me right now; this is the theme (or lifetime) which I'm playing out". 

And finally we would like to emphasize to you the idea of what we call DIGITAL living as opposed to ANALOG, and that is a particular challenge and these are some terms we've borrowed from  your technological advancements here.  But what we would define as ANALOG living, would be living that seems tied to past, present future...... that which is connected to linear continuity, chronology, and sequence.
Where DIGITAL always consists of ones or zeros. There is the form (1) and there is the void (0), and there is always this moment and no other.  Every breath you take is a birth,  and every exhale is a death and every moment, every blinking of the eye, every pulsing of the heart, every shift of mind and perspective becomes an entirely new universe......beholden to no other universe but simply itself.  You drop down into it, as one who is dropped from a space ship.  In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, you arrive........and you must orient yourself and ground yourself......SO QUICKLY......and with such as not to blow the circuitry of the tender 3D mindset into which you land! 

In this way, you learn to become what's called the "prime factor" in mathematics, which is a number which would be divided only by itself and one.  And when you are one, nothing can divide you.  You are simply All There Is, and that my friend, IS the Reconnection.

And yet, in order to do that, you must also experience the Recollection, the dance of Remembrance, the visiting and revisiting these various places in consciousness.  And we are here to assist you, and we are committed to be "Johnny on the Spot".........if you are willing, we will be there with insights, with support, in whatever way that YOU require us to be, being called by whatever name that means most to you.  For it's all at the point of origin, it's all at the root.  It is the core of ONESELF, but it does manifest and bloom in so many other ways.



R:  Are there any among you that would like to ask us a question or make comment at this time:
Q:   "Is everything that we have held sacred,  just to be simply relinquished?"

R:  Well it depends on what you would talk about as being relinquished.  For once a thing exists, it always exists, but it doesn't always all fit under the lens of your 3D microscope.  And so within the particular story plots you create, there will be a dissolution of something and a resolution of something, a disintegration and a you fade in and fade out from focus. And yet, you have the clear knowledge  within yourself growing and affirming,  that nothing ever really dies, nothing ever really goes away for there's no "away" left for it to go to.  But you perhaps would  need to experience a time of  dissolving,  of diffusing of one particular representation or attachment , and that appears as a death but in actuality, it is simply a  dropping of the borderlines that separate that particular definition of self, with everything else.  And you will be able to climb in and climb out  of those definitions and experience them as long as you would wish to, and then some!  And that which is held sacred is always sacred, and kept for you within the infinite archives of all that is.
Q:  Are there ways that we humans can do interventions?  Is there such a thing as an intervention with the earth body when it seems eminent that she is needing  to stretch  beyond what's safe for some people to be there
R:  Yes...thank you, dear one. The strongest and most effective intervention anyone can do at this period in history, is the idea of grounding something to yourself.   It is that Reconnection with something or someone as self, which involves visualizing and searching through your personal history, your sense of awareness within yourself......for the time when you were like that situation, or that person that you have before you. And the more vivid is your emotional  recollection and investment in that particular resonance, the more power and strength and recovery is transmitted to that individual or that situation. So if the earth is quaking and the turbulence inside of the planet seems overwhelming, for you to be able to relate that to all those times of turbulence in your own life, and to allow yourself to kind of revisit those times of turbulence. That has an immediate transforming effect to the outward situation.
Q:  "To revisit the turbulence from a calmer place of this now moment?"
R:  Well, in essence, you would might want to say it would be trading your calm for that turbulence, so it would be a transfer, where you would be willing to experience turbulence, so that that other person can take whatever is left, which would be the calm.
In this way, you might say it is anti-ing up for the Game of Oneness. Am I willing to be made foolish, so you can be made wise?  Am I willing to be made poor, so that you can experience a time of richness?  Am I willing to be made anxious, so that you might experience peace?  Knowing then ..... experientially, on both sides of the interaction..... that they are All One. That they're simply different places on the same one Game Board.
Q:  "Oh that's so just know that we can take ourselves there offer...."
R:  To consciously offer to be as that one, but not to do it as a requirement, but as a choice. An offering of love and devotion.

Q:  Thank you.

R:  Realize also that, in these times of particular financial hardship, there are those that are looking for what is the way out for financial hardship, what is the way out for deficits in love.  Many will say "I will take seminars, I will have exercise times, I will have a special diet, I will have special trainings, I will read books, I will do whatever is necessary , I'll start new jobs, I'll come up with new businesses"
And we would of the greatest needs at this point in time,  is the faculty to appreciate that which is before you.  To really, sincerely, deep down.........taste it, appreciate it, and acknowledge it's existence. For ATTENTION is the greatest payment that is made to anyone and anything, and he or she who is able to pay attention to the truly important things in life, will often not be required to pay much else. And in this way, you'll recall that when you place money in the bank and it earns interest, it is also said to appreciate, does it not?  So when you appreciate,  you are within your greatest place of prosperity, for in the greatest Oneness sense, prosperity is defined, not necessarily by how much you have, but how little it takes to make you truly happy.
As you continue to use these energies of Kundalini awakening, awareness of the Magical Inner Child, and the dance and rebalancing of the He and She ....may it all be done surrounded and bathed in this air of appreciation, so that the storehouse of your finances, your ability to be able to pay attention, will always be full like the granaries of old.
And we thank you so much for your attention, for your devotion, your continuation in these studies with us. Personal alchemy, transformation of base metals and base ideas into the gold of the philosopher's stone, and the universal catalyst of love.

And on that note, we thank you for your attendance...we look forward to seeing you again, and we wish you a lovely, beautiful, prosperous day.

<end transmission>


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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